November 1, 2009

Review on Cuci the Musical

Last night me, Mr. Chenta and my collegues went to watch Cuci the Musical at Istana Budaya.

It's my first theater (yeahhhhh...can u believe that?) and i didn't know what to expect... or what to wear (IB has the dress code and all)..

At the very last minute i chose to wear a NafNaf dress and H&M jacket..

And as for the musical, two words, bebeh:

Insanely funny, highly entertaining, beautifully created.

Okay, i can't stop at two words. even these 6 words can't do the musical justice.

The musical is about four kampung-boy brothers who are working as cleaners at their own company. Led and guided by the eldest brother, Fairil, their ultimate dream is to enter Window Washing Olympic (WWO) and be the champion so that they'll win a contract to clean the Petronas Twin Towers.

But big dreams always come with big hurdles. To be on top, they have to overcome the other 3 brothers (C'tan, Jojo, and Khai) lack of enthusiasm and face a bald badass, Wira of Wiramaju (4 years champion of WWO).

However, it's not all competition in this story. Romance is in the air when CJ, the hot boss who's company organizes WWO (who's also Wira the badass girlfriend) falls for Khai and Farah (CJ's secretary) falls for Jojo.

Cast includes Hans Isaac (director cum actor - as Khai), Afdlin Shauki (Fairil), AC Mizal, (C'tan), Awie (Jojo), Vanida Imran (CJ), Adibah Noor (Farah) and Harith Iskander (Wira).

Seriously, this musical is well directed. Great story line, well-picked actors, and good sound system. And i really admire the dancers. How i wish i could dance, sing, and act like them :p

In fact i think i should be doing theater, intead of being in this Oil & Gas industry. Hahaha... JOKING!

Sadly, i didn't bring my camera.. It's my first ever theater and i forgot to bring my camera!! Hurmpf!

2 comments on "Review on Cuci the Musical"
  1. ape lagi teefa, back up la jadi pelakon theater hehehe

  2. hahaha...malas laaaa...nanti takde sape lak nak review static model :p


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