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November 12, 2020

Hello After Two and a Half Years!

Hello readers!

i just remembered that i used to have a blog. i mean.. technically, i still have a blog.

Well.. this is weird.

OMG it's just so weird to write. Do people still read blogs? Honestly, i have not been blog hopping in years. i don't know which blogs are cool, informative, and in right now. Please, if you have suggestions, drop in the comment below because i'm so rusty at this.

Anyway, a lot happened in the past 2.5 years. The obvious one is COVID-19. God, i miss our normal lives. i miss going out mask-less and not worrying about catching deathly disease. It's a shitty time. i hope ya'll are okay.

Some other things that happened to me - the good and the bad - in the past 2.5 years that i can recount on top of my head:

 1) I'm a mother of 3 now! 

Afif and Dhani have another baby sibling now and it's a BOY! Yes, people, i have 3 boys! Haha. His name is Nuh Haris, he's a year and 5 months old now and he is an ultimate sunshine, mashaAllah. With these boys, there rarely are quiet moments in this house. But i feel so lucky, so blessed. Alhamdulillah.

2) We had a major house renovation

So we've been living in this house since forever. Hubs grew up here since he was 5 years old and he's 35 now. Understandably, a 30 year old house needs a lot of maintenance. A lot of things were broken. Leaky roof, frustrating plumbing, heaps of stuff that we hoard over the years, outdated furniture, broken tiles.. Just to name a few. So we decided it's renovation time, moved out for 6 months and moved back in in January this year. Alhamdulillah the house is in a much better condition and we have more space.

3) Went to my first ever Taylor Swift Concert!

One day in 2018 i had this urge to see Taytay Reputation Tour and one venue that is considered close to KL is Melbourne. So i dragged my hubs, kids and in-laws for a trip to Melbourne and watched the rep Tour on 26th October 2018. IT. WAS. BREATH-TAKING!

4) Had a fall-out with a dear friend

i'm never one to do confrontation or burn bridges. God, i hate to cut ties with people but sometimes shit happens. Two years ago, a dear friend was going through a hard time. i understood that. i felt her pain. i tried to be there for her. While we can control our own actions, what others do are out of our control. When she made a decision that is against my principle, i just didn't have the strength to be there to support her anymore. It didn't help when people kept asking me questions about her, asked me to tell her to do this and that. At the same time i found out i was pregnant. I felt that everything is too much for me to handle. Work, kids, this drama that is not even mine. So i decided to take a step back, not wanting to be involved or know anything anymore. That costed me our friendship. As far as i can tell, she's in a better place now. Looks happy. I'm also in a better place. I'm happy and content with life. But sometimes i do think about her and wish that we are in this better place together. Any how, life goes on..

5) I lost my sister-in-law to cancer

My youngest brother's wife, Munirah, found out she had nasopharyngeal cancer right after she gave birth to her second child in 2016. Since then she went for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, got cancer-free, then the cancer resurfaced, chemo and radiotherapy again, had to be intubated, had a tumor growing in he abdomen that pinched her nerves and caused her to be paralyzed. Sadly she passed away. She was a good wife, a devoted mother and a great daughter. Her death leaves a mark in me but that's nothing compared to a hole she left in her sons' heart.

6) I have a Bookstagram!

I'm an avid reader, always have been. So a few months ago i created my very own Bookstagram! I seriously don't know why i didn't do this sooner. It's amazing! Bookstagram is a very positive community. We talk about books, places we store books, where to buy books.. All things bookish. I made friends, and have even received a few Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) where i get to review soon-to-be published books. I'm telling you if this is a paid job, then i'm living my dream life! If you're into books, do follow me at @teefaandherbooks on Instagram.

Okay so that's it!

6 things i can recap right now. I'll try to post more IF i have the time haha.

Til then!

-Teefa xoxo