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May 30, 2010

The Best Thing i Never Thought i Needed.. HIM.

He makes me laugh like no one else could.

Teman menangis, bergurau, mengadu, bergelak-ketawa, bergadoh, kutuk-mengutuk, makan-makan, jalan-jalan, pemberi nasihat, personal stylist, driver terhormat, pengkritik tetap..

i hope our relationship will be upgraded to hubby and wifey SOON. InsyaAllah. Amin.

May 29, 2010

Work Attire Makover

i always have difficulty to choose what to wear to work. It just gives me headache every single night to figure out what to wear tomorrow. My main problem is ironing them. i really, REALLY hate ironing. Especially cotton shirts. Degil! Susah sangat nak smooth. Grrrr!

Staring at my uninteresting bursting wardrobe just give me this huge urge to shop. Online window shoping is a good start. These gorgeous little things caught my eyes:

Colorful tops!
Clockwise: McQ, Donna Karan, Diane Von Furstenberg and Issa.
All from Net-a-Porter

Chic Outerware!
Clockwise: Belmont, Debenhams and Christian Dior

Classy Dresses
Left to right: Michael Kors and Topshop

Of course la saya tidak sekaya itu sampai mampu membeli baju-bajuan seperti DVF, Michael Kors, dan Dior. Wish i can though.

May 22, 2010

Just Dance!

Nowadays i dance after work. Almost every working days. 5pm-7pm.

It feels good dancing with friends. We laugh. Make fun of each other. Forget about work. :)

Not Feeling Well

Finally i get to blog! Still no Streamyx connection at home cause apparently TM is installing high speed wire thingy in my area. Pchfttttt!

Anyway, i got sick last Thursday. Sick with utterly crazy diarrhea!

i went to work fine that morning. Then i had serious pain in the abdomen. The usus-tersimpul-berpusing2-filled-with-acid kind of pain. Followed by 4 times visit to the one hour time!

Then i went to the doctor (dengan bersusah-payahnya.. i swear i walked like a lady about to give birth) and got a shot!

 My poor arm got shot by the doctor.
Perot yang sakit, tangan kene cucuk!

At home, i fed on Bubur Aayam McD and repeated a routine of trying to sleep-toilet-sleep-toilet-trying to sleep-toilet. Exhausting. It drove me mad! The tummy pain is so intense that i was convinced it was colon cancer! Not to mention being nausea-ish :(

Me: Bb.. what is this pain? Tak pernah sakit camni.. Do u think i have colon cancer? Oh Godddddd...
Mr. Chenta: Are you out of your mind? Baru cirit-birit sekali dah kene colon cancer? Drama queen lah you!

Anyway, the diarrhea was gone by 6pm but only to be replaced with fever. This time i was convinced i have H1N1. Thankfully after taking some meds, the fever's gone. Then i got a why-are-you-paranoid-it's-just-diarrhea-and-normal-fever-don't-say-bad-things-nanti-betul-jadi-baru-tau lecture from Mr. Chenta. Adoiii..

It was concluded that 1) the diarrhea was caused by extra kerang in mihun kari that i had for lunch on Wednesday (ugh.. i'm not gonna eat any kerang anytime soon!); 2) Diarrhea will dehydrate you, which is why  fever is common in diarrhea. Superhydrate yourself when have diarrhea to avoid fever (and worse, fatality!)
May 15, 2010


Mr. Chenta and i are two completely different person. 4 years of relationship and we still have so little in common.

i love reading but he loathes it. i love fashion and he only wears short khakis and t-shirt. i'm IT illaterate but he's superb at it. He plays various musical instruments but i can't even sing in tune. i love being active and he wouldn't move a muscle.

Hehe. We couldn't be more different. The only things we have in common are the love for good food, movies and ogling at hot chics.

In a way, this difference works fine for us. In fact, it's good. Mesti lah bosan kan kalau semua pon same je.

Recently, we discovered paintball and tadaaaaa!!! We both love it!

So far we only went twice and both times at Bukit Tempur, Hulu Langat. In Bukit Tempur they have 5 (if I’m not mistaken) battlefields. Battlefields dalam hutan, battlefield open space (yang ade banyak2 bunker tuh), and battlefield yang ade pondok ala-ala Bukit Kepong.. First time and first game we went, kami adalah seperti anak ayam yang diburu oleh musang. Lari bertempiaran dan menyorok di belakang pokok/semak samun. Memang tak menembak langsung. Culture shock kejap. Dah name pon first time kan. Round two tu baru lah berani. Biler pegi second time memang kamikaze lah. Mak siap merangkak, menonggeng, dan meniarap nyahhh.. Kelassss gitew! Kalah Angelina Jolie dalam cter Wanted.

Nah, enjoy our piccas (yes, Bukit Tempur memang menyediakan photographer tersendiri everytime ade game):

 Getting ready.. Pkai harness, pilih pistol..

Menuju medan perang..

Mr. Chenta. Shoot 'em to kill 'em!

Err.. Main nyorok-nyorok..

Kem Bukit Kepong (konon laa)

Goofing around.

Happy shooters!

 Kawan-kawan.. Kalo berminat nak main paintball camni ajak la saye. Huhu.

For more info on Bukit Tempur, do visit their webbie at
May 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Bestie!! (Part 2)

First of all, i'd like to apologize to Shaf, for the lateness of blog birthday wishes to her. Sorry babe!!! Lappie i rosak! But we had a nice time at Monte's rightttt??

Here goes..


Thanks for being a good friend.
 i love you and you know that right?
Stop buying MIU MIU or other designer stuff. (Haha.. ok kidding!)
Cepat la beli kereta. It's about time you drive us around. (i mean this)


 Used to be gym junkie but now she prefers Adamaya to the treadmill!

Doing what we do best - CAM WHORING!!

Lost Connection!

Hey friends..

i havent been blogging for a while and IT FEELS WEIRD!!!

The reason why is because:
(a) i want to switch from Streamyx combo ape ntah to Streamyx student combo so that it'll be cheaper and dapat HP Mini (menggunakan nama Mr. Chenta yea sebab dia masih seorang student.)
(b) dah settle pasal Streamyx ni, tibe2 laptop saya pulak rosak. Adoilaaaaaa... Dier takleh on okehhh.. Nak format sayang sebab gambar-gambar holidays tak sempat transfer gi external hard disk. So kene tunggu Mr. Chenta saya repair/fix/manual transfer ape2 yang patot.

It feels weird not to be able to use my lappie. i'm so attached to it. Lappie lah tempat saya berinternet, menonton movies/series, dengar lagu... Sekarang terpaksa lah berinternet di iPhone (yea bebeh... saya sudah ada iPhone!~ ketinggalan zaman i know, but still!),  mendengar lagu2 di iPod, dan menonton TV instead of movie di lappie. Bluerghhhh!

Tolong doakan lappie saya sihat kembali. This is the first time she fell ill since 2007. Poor lappie..