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January 24, 2010


My latest baby has arrived. 

Meet my house, the Mansion. (okay, poyo, bukanlah mansion pon and her name is not Mansion).

Hi! Welcome to my house!

Inilah pintu rumah saya. Malu lah nak post gambar didalam coz it's still bare. No furniture, grilles, curtain.. Even the lights haven't been installed. Kunci baru amek okee.. Once i'm done 'dressing' it, i'll post the pictures.

p/s: Oh, rupanya banyak duit nak pakai to make a house a home. i'm broke.

January 21, 2010

Oh Jimmy Choo!

Siapa tak kenal Jimmy Choo?

If you don't know Jimmy Choo, you must've been living in a hole for the past two decades :p

Ahh.. Jimmy Choo.

Delicious shoes, Gorgeous handbags. They make me drool.

Devilicious Quito

As much as i love the shoes and the bags i must admit that i don't own even one of them. Nada. My pockets are too empty for them. One day, i'll own at least a pair :)

With all of these gorgeous-ness, let's not forget the man behind it, Dato' Jimmy Choo himself:

Yeah.. That's Dato' Jimmy Choo and myself.
*huge grin*

Yes, i met the great man at KLIA, at the luggage carousel.Turned out we were on the same plane (London-Kuala Lumpur)! If i knew sooner, i'd search the whole aircraft for him. LOLz.

We talked a bit (i was embarrased by my sloppy appearance and so-not-Jimmy Choo flip flops.. Flight 12 jam okee) and naturally i was obviously excited. i babbled something like "Gosh, i totally ADORE your shoes!" and managed to stop before "Please,please give me a pair of your latest gorgeous heels!!!!! i'm begging youuuuuuuu".

Okay, saya memang over.


No, cekodok is not my favourite food. This entry is not about cekodok the food, or cekodok recipe. It's about health management.

Sorry to disappoint you. Hehe.

i'd like to share with you about (Cekodok dot com)

Recently i've been obsessed with my weight. i changed the way i eat, what i eat, the timing of my snacks and meals, i workout. Don't get me wrong, i'm not on a strict diet. i'm just extra careful now.

*thinking of Megan Fox's body*

It was hard being a Malaysian you know. All those nasi lemak, char kuey teow, mee kari are IRRESISTABLE. And it's hard to track down how many calories there are in those foods.

It was hard until i found this:

A website dedicated especially for us Malaysians. It has a database of Malaysian foods complete with calorie, fat, carbo, and protein contents. For example let's say i wanna know the nutrition facts of spaghetti Carbonara, i'll type "carbonara" in the search box, and choose one result i think best suits my search. The result will appear like this:

Not only that, the website has an application where we can actually plan our daily meal. That way we can see what we will get out of that meal.Trust me, it'll make you lose appetite when you see how much calorie you put in your body every single day. As an example, this is my meal today and how much calories i consumed.

Clearly my meals don't have balanced nutritions. More fat than protein.
*cry blood*

It also teaches us to calculate our Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Daily Calorie Requirement (DCR). These two alien things are calculated based on our weight, height and age. Thus, we can determine our calorie needs per day and makes us don't wanna eat.

Though it doesn't have information on every single food on Earth, it can helps us improve the way we eat. i'm determined to watch what i eat, but at the same time still enjoy and indulge myself with sinful yummy things. Everything in moderation, bebeh!

For more info, visit

Have fun counting calories!

January 18, 2010

Salah Satu Impian

Is to grow old and in love with this guy on a land like this, living a simple life in the countryside as farmers.
A simple, non-materialistic life.
Totally carefree.

*Wujudkah kehidupan begini?*
January 17, 2010

This is Why i Hate The Scale.. showed that i gained 1 kg after my 1 week Labuan trip!

The scale is evil but i trust it anyway.

How the hell did that happen?

Well, i'll tell you how.

1) Seafood meals every freaking day. Our faces were stuffed with crabs, prawns, fishes, baby lobsters.. *Cholestrol and fat alert* Thank God we managed to find chicken rice and KFC on our last two nights.

2) Chocolates. Labuan being duty free and all.

3) No exercise. The hotel closed their swimming pool for 3 freaking days. Hancur harapan untuk berenang sambil membuang lemak. Nak pegi gym, kasut tak bawak.

Isk.. Looks like i have to hit the gym more often. Shaf and Chuna have recently joined Fitness First. Now that i have my workout buddies, there's no reason for slacking.

Girls, if i refuse to go, please smack me in the ass!!

Homaigowd i want her body
i probably have to starve, muntah darah, workout 24/7 at the gym to have a body like this.
Megan Fox, i heart you!

January 16, 2010

Menjadi Orang Kuning Selama Seminggu!

i've been away for a week. i went to Labuan!

A few chosen geoscientist from my department was invited to join a familiarization course in Labuan. Nothing interesting, just warehouse visiting, technical stuff looking at logging tools, pumps, cables.. Yawn! ZzZzZz..

i wish it was warehouse sales familarization. :p

i've been cut out of internet world for a week. Fine, saya tiada BlackBerry atau iPhone untuk beronline di telefon. Telefon zaman tok kaduk Samsung Pixon ni je la yang aku ade.

It was a good experience, this trip. i learnt and see the tools and technology behind oil and gas exploration. Tidak la dungu sahaja menunggu result di office. To the service companies (Schlumberger, Halliburton, Expro, BJ, Baker Atlas), thanks for your cooperation and hospitality during our stay. Banyak gler makan seafood i dont even wanna see ketam or eat seafood for a month!

Hehe..anyway, mari melayan gambar.

Dah jadi orang DiGi pon nak posing :p

Saya berjaya mengangkat budak "gemok" ini!

DGAs kuning!

 Ketam yang tak abes

Ketam lagi..masak kari.. And baby kailan.

Butter prawn yummeh!

Sayang mereka!
Linda and Yoga da Bitch

Muka happy setelah melantak

Ok, back to work.

Is this heart or kidney??

Mengajar Nadz cara2 posing sambil lompat

 At work!

Orang kuning!

Officially berjaya mengajar Nadz menjadi gediks!

With all these technical stuff and seafood i had, i'm so glad to finally be home. But of course, a visit to Labuan is incomplete without these:

1st day chocolate shopping

Hasil pemborongan cokelat

Ok, that's all from Labuan. Daaa~!

p/s: Dunhill dan Marlboro itu org pesan oke. i dont smoke. 

January 5, 2010

Paramore Live in Singapore!

Oh my God.

i'm gonna see Paramore live in Singapore.

Oh my God.

It's Paramore.
i've been waiting for this all my life. Well, not all my life. Since their album Riot.


Photo Credit : Source

i bought the tickets already!

*Huge grin*

Now all i have to do is wait for March 7, 2010.

p/s: kawan-kawan.. sesiapa lagi nak pegi, jom laaaa... Nani, i know u want to :p

Going Nuts Over Pistachios

Yesterday, almost everybody returns to the office with a heavy heart after that long year-end break they had. As for me, I didn’t feel anything coz I didn’t take any leave *holiday? What holiday?

Ok, fine! Cuti dah habis sebenarnye :p

One of the Iranian expatriates brought pistachios back to the office. A sack full of delicious pistachios! I’m in heaven. This green-purple nut has always been my favourite! I ate and ate until my fingers red from kopek-ing the pistachios. I don’t blame Dr. Amir if he hides the pistachios from me.

In the midst of eating I wonder what’s in this pistachios. The benefits, the bad effects? I did some research and this is what I found:

Pistachios – The Food For Your Heart

There is growing evidence that shows a diet that includes tree nuts, such as pistachios, is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease.
- Lowers total cholesterol, LDL (bad fat) and increase HDL (good fat).
- Pistachios are rich in the nutrients like arginine that are thought to reduce hardening of the arteries. Arginine helps make nitric oxide in the blood, and nitric oxide can prevent build-up along your arterial walls. Meaning it helps to keep your arteries from clogging, thus helps prevent heart disease.
-pistachios can actually lower your absorption of dietary cholesterol from other foods. That means pistachios are looking out for you and helping to keep your cholesterol at bay.
- Pistachios contain high levels of the antioxidants lutein, beta-carotene, and gamma-tocopherol, which can help reduce your cholesterol

Pistachios – The Food For Weight Watchers

Mau kuruskan badan? Sila baca..

- people who eat nuts tend to have lower amounts of body fat. This fact is proven by a study in UCLA; patients who substituted pistachios for foods such as candy bars, dairy products, microwave popcorn, and potato chips, for a total of 20% of their total calories, did not gain weight or increase their calorie intake
- Pistachios make us feel full and satisfied. Pistachios have a significant amount of protein, healthy fat, and dietary fiber, all three of which can increase your feeling of fullness and the length of time it takes to get hungry again. When you’re feeling full, you tend to eat less throughout the day, which can lead to weight loss.
- pistachios are amongst the highest fiber nuts, providing 12% of your daily requirement per serving and giving you a delicious and easy way to help meet your daily goal. Fiber has been shown to help control blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and possibly help with weight management and reduce the risk of some types of cancer

Pistachios – A Smart Snack

Hungry? Choose pistachios. Among nuts, pistachios are one of the most nutritious varieties. A one-ounce serving of pistachios, with 49 kernels and 160 calories, gives you more than 30 different vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients.
-Good for bones: Pistachios are a great source of copper, manganese, and phosphorus, which help build strong, healthy bones
-Good for heart: Contains significant amounts of potassium and magnesium, which help regulate heart rate and blood pressure.
-Source of vitamin B6 and the other B vitamins, pistachios can help you fight infections, build muscles, and give you a boost of energy.
-Eye saver:  contains Lutein and zeaxanthin which are great for our eyes. Pistachios are the only nuts to contain a significant amount of these powerful antioxidants, which help reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of blindness in adults over 65.

 Yummy pistachios
Photo credit : Source

That’s a lot of nutritions huh? If it’s up to me, I’d eat pistachios every single day instead of those unhealthy chocolates, potato chips and ice cream I always crave. Malangnya pistachio adalah mahal di Malaysia ini. Dah lah mahal, kadang-kadang beli tak sedap pulak/masuk angin/over masin. 

Ape-ape pon, I’ll try my best to include this healthy little thing in my diet. And Mr. Chenta’s diet. God knows he needs it, looking at the size of his tummy!

Information credit to  PistachioHealth

January 3, 2010

Hidden Passion

Looking at me, people never thought i could cook. Let alone think i LIKE to cook. Do i look THAT bimbotic?

i have to say i'm no Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson. i'm not an excellent cook, but i can cook. Nobody's ever throw up or pull a funny face or choke while eating my cooking. That's good right? Hehe.

Seeing that i have some time at home this weekend, i decided to cook for my brothers. This old skill needed some sharpening.

Ikan tilapia masak lemak cili api

Sotong goreng tepung (home-made tepung goreng okeee)

Kangkong goreng belacan

That was our lunch on New Year's Day.

i was hungry late at night so i made some sauteed mushroom with the limited ingredients i have at home. Hasilnya..

 Sauteed portobello mushroom. Sedap dicicah dengan roti.
(ok, it looks kinda yucky but it tasted good)

Itulah serba sedikit tentang hidden passion ku ini. It needs some sharpening. Loads more have to be learned.  i'm getting there. Baby steps, bebeh!

January 1, 2010

Welcome, 2010!

Happy New Year!

Phew... it's 2010 already.. 2009 went by without me realizing it. Seriously, where did 2009 go?

Like other people, i have my ups and downs in 2009. Good memory, bad memory. Achievements, mistakes made. Laughter shared, tears shed. All of these make me who i am today.

i hope 2010 will bring more good than bad.

Seperti tahun sebelumnya, saya tidak mahu berazam apa-apa yang spesifik. i just wanna be happy, wanna stay healthy, and most of all, i wanna be a better person that i am today.

i wish you all a happy year in 2010.