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January 18, 2012

Post Wedding Random Babbling

a) i really miss blogging. Like seriously. For a few days now i wanted to blog but i found myself having so many things to do. So bye bye blog.

b) Took an 18-days wedding leave. Preparation kahwin. Kahwin. Lepak dulu. Gi honeymoon. Those are the best 3 weeks of my working life.

c) Started working last week. To tell you the truth, i still can't get the hang of things. i forgot some workflows, menjadi malas dan melengah-lengahkan kerja. Haishhh.. Thank God i'm on a 3-day course starting today. Boleh la get away from the office.

d) Kami ber- hornymoon di Langkawi. Got a good deal from AirAsia, booked 2 hari sebelum berlepas and off we go. Love everything about our hornymoon. Love the room, love the location. Love that thing people do on honeymoons.. Muahahaha. Okay, that's all i'm revealing. For now.

e) Semenjak kawen ni selera makan membuak-buak. Contoh jadual makan harian adalah; breakfast at 9.15am. Kol 10.45am lapar nak mati lalu makan biskot. Kol 12.30pm lapar lagi lalu lunch. Kol 4pm lapar lagi tapi tak makan takot gemok. Kol 6.00pm makan lagi. Kol 10.00pm lapar balik lalu menerjah dapur cari makanan. Dahsyat bukan?

f) Banyak makan but the strange thing is i lost weight. People have been saying i look thin. Ada kakak yang namanya dirahsiakan kata "Teefa ni makin kahwin makin kurus. Apasal?" sambil buat muka nak korek cerita. Duh! i dunno whether this is an insult or what but i'm not complaining. Ko hengat senang nak kurus secara tiba-tiba? i better enjoy this while it last.

g) My favorite thing to do now is watching movies on the bed with Hubster sambil makan jajan.Tak payah keluar memana. Lepak berdua je pon rasa best.

h) Sebenarnya ada a few blog post sudah ditulis pasal wedding vendors review. Tapi tak ter-post sebab takde gambar or tak cukup info or malas or ketiga-tiganya. Nanti-nanti lah ye.

Ok bye.

Ijab Qabul Moments...

Almost a month being Hubster's wife. i couldn't be happier. And i still remember everything..

It's just a simple majlis..

The moments leading to our ijab and qabul was terrifying for me. VERY nerve-wrecking. To be honest, i think i'm more nervous than my now-husband.

In my room..
..i was pacing, i jumped around, i danced.. Basically i did everything but sit still. My friends who were in the room semua pening tengok aku tak keruan camtu. i can't help it. i'm nervous. i'm shaky. Face it, ijab and qabul is life-changing!

And then there's this issue of 'berapa kali lafaz laaa nanti'.. Let's face it. Jumlah berapa kali lafaz tu menunjukkan ke-terer-an dan kemachoan suami kita. i once witnessed a man lafaz nikah sampai 7 kali. 7 kali! i know la no matter how many lafaz, ijab qabul tu memang sah. But you know, sekali lafaz tu la yang kita mahu. Anyhow, i know berapa kali lafaz pon i'll love him forever *sedapkan hati suami kita*

Upon arriving at the mosque, i saw him with his friends. Strange thing is, he looked so calm. He looked so HANDSOME. My nervousness partially melted away.

i saw my family. Aunts, Atok, Nenek, cousins, friends.. Adam, my 4-year-old cousin was running all over the mosque hall (that Rugrats even climbed on the mimbar!). My then-will-be-mother-in-law cum aunty walked with me into the masjid. Our hantarans are all perfectly made up and being carried by our loved ones. Everything seemed to be in place. i felt calmer.

As i sat on the bantal nikah, the nervousness crept in. i squeezed nenek's hand. i recited all the dzikir and selawat that i could think of.  My aunts sat behind me, forming a curve. My girlfriends formed a line, sitting a few meters to my right, some behind me. Shaq and Shaf stood a few metres to my right. And a few feet in front of me, Mr. Chenta sat. With Atok and Faizal on both side of him and the Tok Qadi in front of him.

And it went on like a dream..

The Tok Qadi didn't ask any question. You know how grooms are scared of those questions like "Sebutkan rukun nikah", "Baca doa Qunut", "Apakah maksud ijab dan qabul?", "Baca ayat Qursi".. No, our Tok Kadi didn't ask Mr. Chenta any of those questions. That is like every groom's dream. He gave us the usual Khutbah Nikah, baca selawat beramai-ramai and then practiced the ijab and qabul with Mr. Chenta..

..and straight to ijab and qabul.

i can hear it quite clearly. First i heard the Qadi recite the Ijab. i held my breath as i watched their hands shook and Mr. Chenta recited the Qabul calmly. Time seemed to stopped right there.. Before i know it, all the witnesses said "Sah!". With that two magical sentences, i'm a wife! i felt like crying, i felt like laughing, i felt like screaming. So laughed. Behind me, Cik Ella, Angah and Cik Idah was smiling and then were sobbing, all teary. Emotional bunch, they are.

Hubster came to me, bringing the papers that i need to sign. Can't remember what we said but we laughed a little. That relieved and happy feeling, knowing that you are married. That's all that matters. Him and i. Married. Alhamdulillah.

Then came the lafaz ta'liq. For Mr. Chenta and i, lafaz ta'liq is the most emotional part of our solemnization ceremony. He started to read the ta'liq calmly and clearly. But when he recited my name, and looked at me and got to the part "sama ada saya meninggalkan dia dengan sengaja ataupun paksaan,..." dia jadi sebak and ALMOST cried. i saw the tears in his eyes. There were tears in mine. It felt like we're the only people there..

Anyway.. Here are some pictures, all captured by Mahadhar Photography.

 Ijab qabul..

 Sah! Alhamdulillah..

 From him to me..

This is us.

Ya Allah, thank You for your kindness. For creating him for me. For making our journey smooth. For the endless rezeki you've showered us. Thank You Allah. Bless us with a happy family and ever lasting marriage. Fill our heart with patience and imaan. Ameen.

January 10, 2012

My Wedding Video Highlight is Out!

Hamboiiii.. Sejak kahwin ni memang dah tak layan sangat belog ni haa.. Memang ada teringat nak meng-update tapi busy hornymoon, busy berkeluarga, busy berchenta, busy berkepit dengan suami sampai tak teringin nak ber-belog..

Anyway, i'm back!

i'll update soon pasal majlis kawen dan vendor-vendor majlis perkahwinan. Sekarang, sila tonton video highlight solemnization and reception kami yang berlangsung pada 24 dan 25 Disember 2011 (bajet artis laa kan tulis ayat gini). i don't know about you, but i love love LOVE our video!

Thanks Maze Lensa Studio for your professionalism and kecepatan menyiapkan video ni. We like it to the max.

We have yet to receive the full length video but so far we are very satisfied with Maze Lensa's work. Great equipment, creative ideas and the fact that they are funny makes the filming enjoyable. Great price too! Would recommend it to any of you brides-to-be.

Okay bye nak tengok video ni untuk kali ke dua ratus tiga puluh lapan!