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October 31, 2010

You Bila Nak Kawin?

Hehe.. It's been more than 2 weeks i didnt blog. i'm kinda busy. Sebenarnye, taklah busy sangat pon. Just malas. Penyakit malas adalah pembantut segala aktiviti.

Anyway, i always get the occasional "Teefa, when are you getting married?" question. Orang akan tanya soalan ni especially during wedding season. But that's not the case this week.

This week is the let's-ask-Teefa-when-she's-getting-married! week. i swear i get this question almost everyday, up to three times a day. It's funny! Macam korang sume berpakat je tanye ramai-ramai secara berperingkat.

Dulu-dulu rasa annoyed jugak bila diajukan soalan ni. Tapi sekarang dah tak heran. Orang bertanya tandanya orang amik berat kan? Amek berat tandanya sayang! Hehehe..

Just to make things clear, of course i want to get married. Siapa lah tanak kawen kan? But so far there's no firm plan. Berangan sikit-sikit tu ada lah! Kami pon tanak la kecoh sana sini last2 tak jadi. Malu mak! Saya harap kamu-kamu yang membaca ni doakan jodoh kami smpai ASAP yea? Hehe..

My favorite photo of us.

Teambuilding Yeay!

i always look forward to department's teambuilding.

This is the time when i get to see my colleagues, especially the bosses, let their guards down, let loose, chill and have fun. Working in an office full of geologist and engineers can sometimes be too much for us.

We went to Selesa Beach Resort in Port Dickson last few Mondays for this year's teambuilding. i had an ah-ma-zing time!!

Teambuilding is teambuilding lah kan? Unlike in previous years, we didn't have any KPI-related, job-updates briefing or presentations. Yay! i guess even the bosses are sick of those. What we had was Pure Fun, with capital 'P' and 'F'.

We had indoor and outdoors activities. The ones that i love most are beach soccer (hilang gian beb! Dah 3 tahun tak main beach soccer..), building sand castles, making and flying our own kites and of course, the grand finale Gala Night! But seriously, the little girl in me came out and went out of control when we built the sand castle and fly kites. i didn't give a damn to the fact that my pants is wet, my body is sweaty, my hair's a mess, my skin is burning and that i have sands in my mouth. i was out there, running around, laughing and jumping. Just savoring the moment.

 With our team's Wau Bulan.

And you know what the best part is? My team, the Peach Pirate team (yeah, lame name, but whatever..) won the overall challenge! Yay!!

We also have 'Durian Eating' session on the first night. i dont know why, but somehow aku yang memang benci gler durian ni ended up makan sampai 4 ulas that night! Kawan-kawan saya pon terheran. Heeeee!

Durian girls!

i didn't bring the camera all the time. So tak banyak la gambar.

We had a Gala Dinner on our last night. The theme was "Fairytale, Legends and Myths". Coolio eyh? Guess who i dress up as that night?








Err.. Can't guess?
i was Juliet!

Memang ramai yang tanya "Teefa what are you exactly? Which princess eh?". And i'll be like "i'm not a princess laa.. Don't even have crown. i'm Juliet. Juliet without her Romeo!"

Of course la i don't have a Romeo. Mr. Chenta wasn't there. Hehe. But i got this colleague who wore purple and his outfit kinda match mine:

Joker Romeo!
Why so serious?

Anyway, here are some photos from that night:

 Bersama Bos yang sporting!

 Genie, Robin Hood, Sorcerer, and Juliet

 The winning team, Peach Pirate!
Aye aye, Captain!

 With Hamim the Harry Potter

 Juliet, Dewi the Pregnant Angel, Chuna the Snow White and As the Puteri Kayangan.

 Kami jugak ade Pirate Girls, Witch, Grim Reaper, Hellboy, dan Permaisuri Raja Melaka.

Kesimpulannya, i LOVE teambuilding!


October 14, 2010


There are two physical difference between an almost-25-years-old Teefa and a 22-years-young Teefa.

Physical Difference #1 : Body Weight

March 2007
The slim 22-years-young Teefa.
i was 48kg.

September 2010
The a-few-inches-thicker Teefa at 25.
Don't ask about my weight.

Physical Difference #2 : Forehead Pimples

October 2007 
Almost no pimple on my forehead.

September 2010
Jerawat beranak pinak dengan jayanya terutama di dahi
*gambar tak clear. Dah low self-esteem sangat nak amek gambar (T_T)*

i am so stressed with my weight and skin right now.

No matter what i do, it's really hard (or never?) to get the body and skin i once have. Maybe it's because of the aging process. Or maybe dulu student, selalu tak cukup makan, keding lah jadinye. Belajar pon kat Sabah, no pollution so less pimple. Now dah keje, ade duit sendiri melantak je ape nak, and the skin is irritated by the pollution/aircond/stress. Tu lah begini jadinyer..


Any advice on what to do to get rid of these pimples? Makin menjadi-jadi kat dahi ni. Kalau pasal berat badan, saya tahu memang salah saya. Makan tak control, gi gym pon 2 kali je seminggu. Ini lah akibat.

October 12, 2010

Open Houses and Work

Saya memang sudah lama tidak update pasal berita diri sendiri. Heeee..

It have been hectic few weeks, that's why.

On weekdays i was busy with office stuff. On weekends busy with open houses. i can't even have 'me' time. ('_')

Sekarang baru lapang sikit. Alhamdulillah.

Speaking of open houses, i attended so many. 5 invitations a day is too much for me to handle. i tried as much as i can to attend, tapi yang tak ter-attend tu mintak maaf sangat-sangat yea. InsyaAllah kalo korg buat lagi next year, saya akan datang. See, Malaysians are very generous. Tak kedekut buat makan-makan untuk menjamu kawan-kawan dan sedara-mara. i loike! But then, maybe we should spread the open houses, instead of everyone hold their open houses at the same time (in the month of Syawal), why not some of us do it in other months? We can still call it open house what? Hehe..

Anyway, here are some pictures of open houses. Tak dapat lah letak semua coz tak banyak bergambar. Banyak makan je. Huahua.

Bermaaf-maafan lah!

 Aren't they cute?
My little cousins - Balqis, Jiha and Adam.

These not-so-little cousins juga suka bermain bunga api!

Thanks for making me fat guys!

On a different note, work has been HECTIC! On top of doing technical geological works, i have to handle data reviews and do managerial works like drafting memos, letters, etc. Multitasking is not easy. You won't find me at my desk early morning til lunchtime. i'll be too busy running here and there (sometimes back and forth between Tower 1 and Tower 2), handling the data reviewer's endless (and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE) requests, chasing bosses for signature (to the point they'll sigh and say "Oh no.. It's you again!") on top of doing geological tasks. i feel bad because sometimes it seems like i neglect my technical works. How am i gonna improve my geological knowledge and capabilities if i'm too tied up with not-so-technical tasks? Tsk. Tsk.

Strangely, i LOVE this hectic work style. It keeps me motivated, keeps me going. i just wish i have endless energy that i won't feel like i'm running a marathon in the office!

Oh.. Oh!! This year i got the chance to lead two office Raya-related events: Deco Raya for my department and department's open house! Alhamdulillah, both event went well. We got 3rd place for Deco raya (compared to no placing at all last year!) and the bosses are very happy with the Raya open house (ahem.. Jangan tak tau, saya buat air bandung soda and beli 500 cucuk sate itu ohkay!). Through organizing these events, i learned how to be a leader, how not to lose it to a i'm-great-i-know-it-all guy, how to listen, when to speak up, and when to just shut the eff up and stop bothering. i learned that even the smallest events like these require a lot of sacrifices. i'm glad that in the end, everything's ok. Heeeeeee!

 My first ever ketupat, hasil ajaran Mariah!
My mama and grandmas are gonna be so proud if the know this.

 Behind the scene.

 We stayed back sampai kol 10pm ok. Balasan buat keje last minit!

Welcome welcome!

  The hasil. One of the sections we decorated.
Elements of multiracial Malaysian, and rumah kampung are combined together.

 Giving a tour to the judges.

Open house yay!
We had lemang, chicken rendang, nasi impit, lontong, laksa, and satay with various pot luck-ed foods!

 Klasik sangat kan?

p/s: super massive thanks to my friends merangkap committee member for both events. Tak lupa juga kepada pembawa potluck.. If you're reading this. :p

p/s: i think i gained weight. i don't really dare to get on the scale to confirm this but yeah, i think i'm a few inches thicker. But last weekend i put on a jeans that i bought seven years ago and it still fits perfectly. So now i'm confused. Did i gain weight or not?
October 11, 2010

Forgetful (Doesn't Mean i Don't Remember)

Have you ever found yourself getting to a place with a purpose, but when you're there, you forgot why you are there?

Have you ever went to the pantry and back to your desk with a drink, but when you want to take a sip, you can't remember where exactly you put that drink? So you ended up going to the pantry again to look for the mug but it's not there and it's actually right there on your desk just beside the phone.

Or your things keep missing and you swear it's stolen and 3 days after that they're there, in your bag/closet/wallet/on the shelf.. And wonder "Ehh.. Did i put it there?"

And your friends/family need to constantly remind you to buy/bring/make/do things and yet you forget over and over again..

All of these (and more) constantly happen to me. i know i am forgetful but lately it's getting worse! i'm so scared that i'll lose every single memory and go senile. OMG what if i got Alzheimer's disease?? Okay, okay.. Maybe terbawak-bawak cerita A Moment To Remember. But still.. This forgetfulness is driving me mad!!