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June 5, 2017

Teefa Doodles

i have always had this creative side of me that loves art, specifically in doodling and sketching. When i was little, i did these cute little drawing of myself and my family, of castles, princesses and mermaids, and i always draw stuff and hide notes for my dad to find.

Fast forward to adulthood, nothing really changed. i still draw but less princess, more doodles of women. Sometimes, when i'm bored or when i'm stuck in a long meeting, i found myself doodling random stuff. Friends who sees my doodling would say that they are nice but i just shrugged it off. i never thought of it seriously.

Until recently.

i found myself obsessing over sketching and coloring. i'd Google stuff like "how to draw face expression" or "watercolor for beginners". i'd watch videos on Youtube on watercoloring and lettering. i even bought a proper tools for sketcing and coloring. i started with a sketchpad (200gsm instead of the normal A4 paper), a set of brush pens that could be used as watercolor (Sakura Koi Brush Pen), and various brushes.

Slowly, doodles, illustration and letters started to fill my initially-blank sketch pad.

i'll show you but don't laugh okay? These are very rookie/newbie/amateur/whatever term for a beginner.

 A sketch of my friend, Shaf.

 My new Hershel backpack that i bought on sale

A gorgeous, gorgeous pair of shoes that i so want but can't afford.

 This little card i made for my Mama-in-law on Mother's Day but didn't send out. Bad menantu! Will present it to her on Hari Raya.

Guess who?

A late-night doodling when the boys were asleep and i wasn't. i drew this girl and on the last moment after i painted her lips, the sleeve of my t-shirt spoiled the still-wet paint. Menangis mak! But it kinda looks like the girl had her lipstick ruined by a really good kiss lol

Afif and Dhani's current obsession is Wall-E.


And then i got interested in flowers, leaves and wreathes. i began finding my way into them..

There you go, a peek into my sketch book. All of these are sketched using pens and colored with Sakura Koi brus pens. Banyak la lagi tapi tak cantik langsung especially my lettering. Ni buku dah nak abes mukasurat, kene beli buku baru haha.

Watercolor Workshop by The Craft Crowd

Last Saturday i attended a watercolor workshop for the very first time. Semangat takkk? Because i still have so much to learn, might as well i go out and learn from professionals. This workshop is the perfect one for my first proper class. We're painting tulips!

i thought i'd do okay as i'm quite familiar with brushes and colors but boy, i am wrong. First of all, real watercolor is so different than these colors from brush pens. Second of all, i found it hard to 'budget' the water and color ratio. Like how much should i dilute? Ehhh why la my colors don't shade as beautifully like the girls in front of me? i panicked and convinced that watercolor is not for me, i might as well give up now. Third of all, it seems like people come with friends and the instructor knows some of them quite well. i did make small talks but at a workshop like this, everyone is engrossed with their work. How to properly talk laa? i feel lonely with no one to talk to.

Anyway, at first i hated my painting but the more i look at it the more i feel like they're not too bad. Ada lah rupa tulips, tak la jadi rupa rumah ke rocket ke kann..

At the start of the workshop. We sketched our tulips.

The end results.
Not too bad but definitely need improvement.

Now i have a set of real water color. i can't wait to explore and create beautiful things. These things definitely need lots and lots of practice which means i need to spend time on it. Time is not really a luxury for me as i have a full time job, house to manage with two kids to look after and grow. But it's okay. Will take it slowly and no giving up!

Wish me luck in my arts journey. i have a goal and a plan for this but it's still so premature. Will share with you from time to time. In the meantime, you can check my doodles out in Instagram account @teefadoodles and hashtag #teefadoodles.