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October 30, 2012

Not-so-surprise Baby Shower!

The last weekend before becoming a mom is a memorable one for me.

That weekend was especially dedicated to girlfriends. i had this feeling that i HAVE to go out with my girlfriends because God knows if that will be my last outing with them before i have kids.

So on Saturday i went out with Linda. It turned out to be a surprise baby shower party for In (expecting her second child and only found out she's pregnant when she's 5 months along!) and i.

Sweet gilaaaaa diorang ni. Memula Jia and In amek aku kat rumah (kat situ dah kantoi something is up sebab janji Linda yang nak amek) pastu si Jia ni konon nak culik orang, tapi taktau jalan. Last-last aku yang tunjuk jalan gi Lake Garden muahaha.

And there they were; Linda, Lina, Tim, and a picnic spread complete with baby shower decorations, cake, lotsa foods (pizza, berbotol fruit juices dan beraneka buah-buahan). Walaupon tau dah memang ada surprise party, but seeing all the efforts they put in membuatkan aku rasa terharu nak nanges. Tapi mak maintain cool nok. Gila dilabel pompuan hormonal kalo nak berair mata disini.

Kami berdua di crown-kan (In pon terkejot dia di-celebrate sebab dia pon one of the shower planner. Muahaha) siap ada sash. Pastu bermula lah acara makan-makan. Best gila sebab picnic style. Completely different from the usual makan-dekat-restaurant celebration.

Nah tengok gamba yang di-snap kat phone. Gambar lain kat kamera diorang hihi.

Si perancang dan penculiks.


 Mak-mak buyong yang diraikan

36 weeks 4 days preggo.
One of the last photos of me being pregnant with Afif!
*dicurik dari Instagram In. hehe*

To Linda, Lina, Jia, In, Tim, and Ahya..
Seriously you made the end of my pregnancy memorable. Aku sangat-sangat terharu dengan effort korang. Thanks yang tak terhingga. Sayang korang banyak-banyak!

October 20, 2012

Meet Afif Haiqal!


At 10.36am, October 11, 2012 on a Thursday i have officially became a mom.

i gave birth to a tiny but definitely healthy baby boy (2.34 kg!). He decided to come three weeks early. It was unexpected.

People, meet my son, Afif Haiqal bin Mohd Idzwan Asyraff.

 Will update my birth story later. Ni Afif dah start rengek-rengek. Ok Bye.

October 7, 2012

Parentcraft / Antenatal Class at PCMC

September 22, 2012. For the first time ever hubster and i went to antenatal class at PCMC. First time parents-to-be khennn, wajib lah excited nak gi kelas beranak ni.

The programme started at 8.15am until 5pm. Like always, we're late. Sampai kol 8.30am, kelas dah start. Because the first talk is about nutrient in pregnancy, Mr. Chenta and i took our time pergi breakfast dulu (breakfast provided). Being almost 9 months pregnant, macam dah terlambat je nak tau foods dos and don'ts in pregnancy and besides, the info are the same with what we can read in books and the internet. Kol 8.45am baru masuk kelas and kami duduk depan sekali sebab tu je seat yang ada.

Flow of the programme:

Registration & Breakfast

Eating Your Way through Pregnancy
We missed half of it. The talk is really basic. Boleh je baca dalam buku.

i was looking forward to this particular subject because people say breastfeeding is hard for first time moms. The speaker is very experienced. She speaks from experience, not reading through the slideshow. Demo with baby dolls and a breast model helps us to understand further. And boy, i'm so glad we sat on the front row. Senang nampak segala demo. After this talk, hubster dah tau segala term colustrum, hind milk and fore milk and know the challenges of breastfeeding. Tak payah susah-susah aku nak explain heheh.

Newborn Hearing Screening
Apparently there are a small percentage of baby born with hearing problems. The babies may not be entirely deaf, but might have some degree of hearing loss. This talk explains about the test conducted for newborn and what can be done to mitigate hearing loss. Good to know that all babies born at PCMC will go through hearing test  for early detection. This subject is new to me because tak pernah la pulak come across this subject in pregnancy books or Google. Mintak dijauhkan.

Pain Management
i need to know about this so badddd! To be honest, i still don't know nak amek epidural ke tak time beranak nanti. Rasa cam tak nak. Konon nak merasa the beauty of labour pain. At the same time i'm thinking "What if it's unbearable that i'll instantly die coz of the pain? What if nyesal nanti kalo tak amek?" and instantly i wanna opt for epidural. Aaaahhh.. What to choose? The anasthetist explained the different method of pain management; laughing gas, injection kat buntut, epidural, spinal, etc.. Dia tunjuk jugak camne perform epidural, tulang mana affected, the pros and cons of each method.

Baby Bath and Baby Massage
i didn't know there are so many steps to bathe a baby! i always see my nenek/makcik mandikan budak cam senang je. Now i'm paranoid about how slippery the baby will be. And the baby massage! i thought gosok-gosok manja je budak tu. Rupanya ada jugak steps and points dia. An eye opener though i'm sure i'm not gonna follow the steps 100%.

Antenatal Care/Labour & Delivery/Puerperium
Haaaa kelas ni konfem la eye opener gak kan. i've read books and articles about this but trust me, it's not the same with an actual doctor explaining the details to you.

Exercise in Pregnancy/Breathing and Relaxation Exercise/Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy
Breathing class! Selalu tengok dalam movie omputih orang kalo nak bersalin mesti bernafas yang over. Pastu kalau baca kat buku camne la nak tau betul ke tak teknik kite tu kan? i love this class because hubby and wifey work together. Dia demo stretching exercise good for pregnancy and ease labour, how to breathe during the contraction (bukaan 1-7cm lain cara nafas, 8-10cm lain pulak nafas dia), etc. Mr. Chenta and i were laughing throughout the entire breathing exercise coz we know we look ridiculous.

Labour Room/Ward Tour
Lastly at about 4.30pm, we were brought to visit labour rooms and the wards. Best gila PCMC punya labour room ada tv, wifi, toilet, etc. Kalo lama sakit siap boleh tengok movie lagi. Tingkap dia pulak ada view KL. i warned Mr. Chenta to make sure the curtains are shut when i give birth. Tak pasal-pasal orang kat condo depan tu dapat free show (eventhough the windows are heavily tinted.. Paranoid jugak hokey!)

All in all, i'm so glad we went for this class. The fee of RM250/couple might be a bit pricey compared to what other hospitals offer but dah alang-alang bersalin kat situ, it's best we go there. Yes, some information can be obtained from books and internet but going to antenatal class means involving your babydaddy in the process. Dah la laki aku malas baca buku. So it's a good experience laughing at ourselves and being in awe about baby and pregnancy related stuff.

There were 26 couples in the class so it was pretty crowded. i really do advice you to sit in the front row! At first i was dreading it but Mr. Chenta insisted we sit in front. True enough, neither of us fell asleep during the talk (let's be honest, talks tend to drift you to sleep no matter how interesting the subject is), we got to see everything clearly and have more interaction with the speakers. Kalau dok belakang confirm laki aku yang terkenal sebab tido dalam kelas time skolah akan berdengkur kembali.

The foods provided were delish (breakfast so-so, lunch sedap, tea break sedap!). Parking, surau, toilet segala dekat dengan kelas. The speakers are well experienced in their respective fields. Tapi rasanya goodie bag dia kureng sikit. i expected to get samples of diapers, wipes, and other baby stuff. Instead there are brochures about stem cell, samples of baby and mother skincare, CDs on baby bathing and massage, a magazine and two boxes of dates.. But it's okay. My friends say we'll get a truckload of freebies lepas bersalin nanti. Muahaha.

 The goodie bag

The content.

p/s: At last week's checkup doctor said i could give birth in one-two weeks time. Scared!

October 1, 2012

Crazy Chocolate Cravings

For the past few days i've been having chocolate cravings. It all started when i see pictures of Dip n' Dip's many variety of chocolate dishes.

Tapi sampai skarang tak sempat gi Dip n' Dip. Sobs.

To compensate for it, my husband has been feeding me with chocolate milk, Flakes, Crunchy, Magnum ice cream.. Tengah malam pon dia keluar mencari kat 7-11.

Today, after lunch sanggup beratur panjang-panjang kat Aunty Anne's nak beli Eclair Stix. Imagine soft pretzel sticks dipped in melted milk chocolate.. It's orgasmic OMG!

Have to control la these cravings. Kang tak pasal-pasal kene diabetes.

P/s: lepas makan Eclair Stix terus muak. Maksudnya dah puas la chocolate cravings. Pasni ntah la crave apa pulak :D