October 1, 2012

Crazy Chocolate Cravings

For the past few days i've been having chocolate cravings. It all started when i see pictures of Dip n' Dip's many variety of chocolate dishes.

Tapi sampai skarang tak sempat gi Dip n' Dip. Sobs.

To compensate for it, my husband has been feeding me with chocolate milk, Flakes, Crunchy, Magnum ice cream.. Tengah malam pon dia keluar mencari kat 7-11.

Today, after lunch sanggup beratur panjang-panjang kat Aunty Anne's nak beli Eclair Stix. Imagine soft pretzel sticks dipped in melted milk chocolate.. It's orgasmic OMG!

Have to control la these cravings. Kang tak pasal-pasal kene diabetes.

P/s: lepas makan Eclair Stix terus muak. Maksudnya dah puas la chocolate cravings. Pasni ntah la crave apa pulak :D

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