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August 30, 2010


Like it or not, we have to admit that we are who we are because of the people in our life. Everybody who exists in our life somehow, are responsible for the way we behave, act, and think. We are happy, sad, depressed, angry, demotivated  and inspired by them. I’m not saying we’re 100% affected by people alone, but maybe the way we develop is 30% because of our friends and most importantly FAMILY.

As I grew up, I realized the importance of family. How lost I feel without them, how incomplete I feel if I don’t share a good news with them. And I must say the person I look up to is my grandmother, who we call WAN. She’s my Papa’s mum. Sangat Jawa oke!
Wan is a strong, incredible and selfless woman. She turns 89 this year. 89 years old and yet she can still cook, sew baju kurung, laugh at every single P. Ramlee movies, go shopping, and remember things that happened 50 years ago. How she does that and be 89, I don’t know.

 Us with Wan, Hari Raya 2009.

As i'm writing this, there are a few things about Wan that cross my mind:

1) She LOVES handbags. When I get home and yell “Wan!! Teefa beli handbag baru!!!” She’ll be like “Mana? Mana? Beli kat manaaa? Ade sale keeee?” But when I get home and yell “Wan!! Teefa beli kasut baru! Ade saleeee!” and she’ll frown and be like “Kasut baru lagi?? Buat apa kasut banyak-banyak? Sepah-sepah je.. Jangan beli kasut dah!”. So my conclusion is Handbags=Wan’s gene. Shoes=Mama’s gene.

2) She used to follow my aunt to London and lived there for a year so she can speak a little bit of English. But somehow her favorite phrase are "You're so stingy" "Are you hungry?" "Expensive lah!".
3) She's an excellent cook but as she ages, she lost appetite to eat her own cooking. So we always tapau for her. She has phases for favorite foods. Dulu suka KFC (she eats KFC every single day without fail), then suka satay pulak, now she craves for HONEYSTARS every single day.

4) She likes to shop. Mostly grocery shopping so every week we'll take her to the wet market or Carrefour. 

5) She's incredibly generous especially with her 3 favourite grandchildren (i am NOT one of them.. Sedih je).

6) Because she always watches TV with us girls, she has become a fan of Kimora, Giuliana Rancic,  The Kardashians, and Fran the Nanny!

7) Wan has fair skin, and small frame but somehow i inherited her nose (iyer, hidung Jawa yang penyek itu yang aku dapat!)
8) She likes the idea of eating out (that's why she tags along when Mr. Chenta and i kuar makan) but she NEVER finishes her food. Getting her to eat 7 out of 10 satay was my greatest accomplishment ever.

Wan is not getting any younger. Lately her health is declining. Yes, she can still cook, bake, walk, and shop but she's not as strong as before. i pray with all my heart that her health will improve. Saya mahu selalu dapat membebel dengan Wan di dapur, hear her laughter everytime Fran the Nanny does something funny, and walk around Carrefour with her. 

Oh happy time!

August 24, 2010

What to Wear To Work?

i don't know about you guys but this is the question i always ask myself every single night:


This question is always followed by frustrated grunts.

It's not easy being a woman you know. Kene fikir nak pakai baju ape, matching ngan kasut/tudung/brooch/handbag yang mana, rajin nak gosok ke tak.. 

My biggest problem is to iron the clothes. I HATE IRONING LIKE I HATE RUNNING MARATHON! So i try as much as possible to wear clothes that require  minimum effort to iron. Most of the time i stick to  knitted wear (don't require ironing but makes you lok fat), sleeveless with blazer (no ironing needed but you look too professional.. Plus panas la pakai blazer) and satin blouses (my favourite! Easy to iron and makes you look gooood!). i try to steer clear of cotton blouses as it's hard to smooth out the creases.

i promised myself i'm gonna buy a steam iron one of these days! The ones yang diorang pakai kat butik-butik tu. Macam senang je pakai!

Speaking of work clothes, i'm tired of mine. Seriously, aku dah lame gler tak shopping okay! It's hard to find what i like nowadays. Dah jumpa yang berkenan, harganya tak best lak.. Adoi laaaa... So i did what i can afford; online window shopping!! Here are some outfit that i assembled (and will definitely buy if i'm effing rich!):

Blue Baby
Top: Coast, Pants: John Lewis, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Dolce & Gabbana, Ring: Dorothy Perkins, Watch: Dolce & Gabbana, Earrings: Miss Selfridge.

Red Delicious
Top: Michael Kors, Waterfall Cardigan: Karen Millen, Pants: Dabenhams, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Bag: Marc Jacobs 

Okay, okay.. i better stop now. Looking at all those gorgeous tops and dresses and shoes and bags online makes me wanna rob a bank and shop! Not good, not good...

Double Standard in The Modern World

Hello Peeps!

i have received an interesting email a few days ago about how Islam is greatly misunderstood by majority of people worldwide. i know, i'm not the most religious person alive, but i can't help but feel sad and angered when everytime a Muslim does something wrong, people will say "It's Islam's fault. Islam teaches them to be violent/evil/stupid/etc". It is NOT Islam's fault okay? 


i can't really preach about Islam because i'm not perfect. Tudung pon tak pakai, takkan la nak melebih-lebih berdakwah. But i'm working on being a good Muslim. Friends, please pray that i'll be a better human being and most importantly a better Muslimah :)

Okay, mari baca email ini. i hope we can all benefit from it.

 * * * * *

Double standards of the modern world!

Rasulullah (sallAllahu alayhi wasalam) bersabda:
“Islam bermula sebagai sesuatu yang asing
dan akan kembali menjadi asing sebagaimana permulaannya,
jadi berilah khabar gembira kepada orang asing itu!”
(Sahih Muslim, #145)

This beautiful artwork is courtesy of:

August 22, 2010

Awesome Threesome Luncheon

i know we're all fasting. But i wanna torture you guys. i wanna talk about FOOD.

Yes. Yummy, filling, warm food. Too bad if you're reading this before Maghrib. Hehe.

Have i told you that my bestfriend Shaq is back for good? Shaq, the one yang banyak menepek kat gambar UK trip tu.. Hehe. SHE'S BACK FOR GOOD!! Yayyy!

We had our besties day out a few days before Ramadhan. Did normal girly stuff. Kecoh car ride, kecoh kat restaurant, kecoh cam whoring, kecoh eating.. Minah kecoh sungguh.

On our way to Bangsar for lunch

Cafe Barbera
It has been said that this is Pak Lah's restaurant. Dunno la whether it's true or not.

My Napoli
Coffee with ice cream i think. Absolutely heavenly!

Our appetizer: Creamy Mushroom Bruschetta.
The verdict: So-so. San Francisco Pizza's mushroom bruschetta is better.

My Fettucine Alfredo
The verdict: Yummy! i just wish it comes with more gravy.

Shaq's Spaghetti Marinara
The verdict: i didn't try it. Hehe

Shaf's Stuffed Chicken or something
The verdict: i had a pinch and it was lovely!

The lepak area.

We're the awesome threesome!

Mak sempat menggedik sebelom balik, noks!

Grabbing some desserts at Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt (Shaf's latest obsession)

A few days after this outing, this restaurant was featured in Jalan-jalan Cari Makan and my dear Wan (grannny) saw it and was like "Sedap ke makan sini? Nanti ko bawak la aku..". Hehe.. Ok, Wan. Lepas Raya kite gi oke?

August 16, 2010

Taman Negara Wo0t Wo0T!

We girls went to Taman Negara Pahang last few weekends. Again, i had so much fun!

i needed to be in the greens and breathe in pure air, needed to live anything but city life for a weekend, needed to feel those adrenaline pumping when i'm off hiking, needed some girl time yo~!

So on a beautiful Saturday morning (pukul 6 pagi dah gerak okeh! Gi keje pon tak bangon awal camtu), all 10 of us started to make our way to the east. All girls! i like girlies trips like this.

*Girlies trips translation: hours of being gedik, cakap macam nyahs, gossiping, laughing and whining how fat we are*

 Us, winding road and the sun.
So early sampai matahari pon malu-malu nak tunjuk muka!

Singgah sebentar di R&R.
My girls In and Linda. And Lulu the car!

Alhamdulillah kami selamat sampai kat motel yg di-book, TRV Motel tepat jam 10.30am. We booked a 2 days 1 night package for only RM165/pax. This package includes accomodation for one night (can fit up to 4 pax per room), meals, Orang Asli visit, night walking, rapid shooting, canopy walking and hiking to Bukit Terisik. i think it's a reasonable price!

TRV Motel
Motel biase je.. Kate nak adventure kan?
We started our activities at 2.30pm, after we've all gotten some rest, gulped down lunch, and performed our prayers. First activity is RAPID SHOOTING. Sounds scareeeee right? But it's actually a mandi manda session. Basically we sat in the speedboat and splash water at each other while the boat is moving. Sounds harmless but all of us were soaking wet!

Bak kata tour guide kami, "Hah, basah macam mandi wajib!!"

Our speedboat journey brought us to Perkampungan Orang Asli Kaum Batek. And what an experience that was! It opened my eyes and for the 15 million times i realized how lucky and fortunate i am to live the way i am living right now. The Batek people barely even have basic necessities. No water and electric supply, no real house, no TV, no proper kitchen, no fancy clothes (they're barely clothed!), they don't even have mattress and pillows! They live like that by choice, of course. They choose to live the way their ancestors live and have no intention to move or get better life. In a way i respect them for that. Kalau semua orang nak maju ke hadapan dan hanyut dalam dunia moden, siapa lah nak kekalkan budaya nenek moyang kan?

 Their kitchen area
Unhygienic.. This is the only thing i wish i could change on the way they live.

One of their houses

They light up fire from scratch!

Cara-cara membuat sumpitan dengan betul

Another one of their houses
They don't have living room, mattresses, pillows, not even sturdy walls!
Mari belajar menyumpit!

 Peluru sumpitan.
Macam cotton buds je kan? ;p

Bergambar bersama pakcik
Pulang ke pangkal jalan.
Dah macam pelarian ropernyer!

That night's activity was night walking. What we did was walking on the trail and observe insects and flora as we made our way to observing tower to see some deer in action. Too bad we only managed to see only one deer that night. Better than nuthing la kan? But i was hoping to see tiger or tapirs or elephants!

Starting our journey.
Disebabkan saya bertocang bagai diorang sume panggil saya SITI. Ha ha.

When we're done nightwalking, we were surprised with a karaoke set by the motel people. How sweet are they menyediakan karaoke untuk kitorang when we only asked playfully. So my friends sung the night away while i said my goodnight and headed to bed. *GASP!!* Yeah surprise surprise, i didn't join. i was too beaten to sing. Plus my head was aching like mad. i'm getting old!!

We began our activity the next day at 8.30am. We went hiking! How i missed hiking.. The last time i actively did this outdoorsy activities was when i was in uni. So anyway, we ended up hiking for almost 6 hours. SIX FREAKING HOURS of hiking up and down the hill. Termasuk lah hiking ke Canopy Walk and Bukit Terisik. Penat gler weh!! i think we lost 50 000 calories in that 6 hours. Hehe.

Welcome to Taman Negara!

Memulakan perjalanan

Only one way to go

 The trek
 Rase comel sangat mushroom ini!

Our pathway

Time trekking pon wajib posing-posing..

... dan posing lagi!

Magnificent roots.

i got so excited when i saw THIS!

Blurry photo thanks to the rocking canopy :p

 Wajib posing ala-ala gadis dalam Mangga kan??

 Continued our journey up and down the hill to Bukit Terisik

 Tadaa!! i'm finally on top!

 Love being among the lush greens..

 Taman Negara's Next Top Model!

 Got here after 4 hours of hiking!

 Selepas puas bergambar di atas bukit, all 11 of us (termasuk Khairil si tour guide) made our way down and straight to the motel. i tell you, the journey down is HARDER! Memang tak sepenat mendaki tapi penurunan bukit itu menyebabkan penggegaran otot melampau, pelonggaran sendi di lutut dan kesakitan jari kaki sebab kaki dan kasut saling berhentakan. Bler sampai bawah, memang rase bergegar sangat kaki ini!

Upon reaching the motel we had our last lunch, mandi-mandi and terus bergerak ke KL. Memang penat babe. Aku respect gler si kecik Linda yang gigih drive all the way to KL. But there was never a dull moment on our drive home because all 5 of us didn't get a wink of sleep. Instead we talked, gossiped, and joked around that we laughed our ass off the entire 2 hour and a half drive. Talk about insanity! Sampai kat Genting Sempah kami singgah McD, time tu pon gelak macam orang gler! Aku lah paling huduh perangai gelak sambil minom sampai air terkeluar dari hidung! GROSS but i like it. Huahua..

Thanks for the wonderful trip, girls!
Sayang korang!
*From left: Kak Yulie, Chuna, Anna, Linda, In, yours truly, Pip, Shim, As, and Sipi*

If you are interested to go to Taman Negara, visit You can discuss your travel itenerary with Mr. Laili Basir and maybe will have a BLAST like we did!