August 12, 2010

Of Princess Cut Rings..

i was lepaking with Shaq at Pavillion the other day when we decided to check out Tiffany & Co. i fell in love with this Princess cut ring:

2.3 carat Tiffany Lucida ring.
Isn't she gorgeous????

i was breathless and practically jumping inside out when the sales assistant handed me the ring, and i practically DIED when i see it on my finger. It's a perfect fit i was convinced it's MINE!! Automatically  i saw my perfect wedding right in front of my eyes (and Mr. Chenta smiles as he slipped the perfect ring on my finger..Oh what a perfect day that was!) Then the SA just had to burst my bubble and told me it costs RM120 000.

Freaking RM120 000 for a wedding band!!! 
i could hold three weddings with RM120K!!!

No wonder the SA used a glove to take out the ring and handed it to me VERY reluctantly.

Mr. Chenta said yeah, he can get me the ring. Tapi kawen lagi 10 tahun okeh~! Mati aku!

So just like that, i saw my dreams shattered and destroyed. Sobseb.

But a girl can still dream right?? 

Here's another favourite of mine:

Tiffany Legacy
Lagi cantekkk! Nak jugak!

*images are from Tiffany & Co.*
2 comments on "Of Princess Cut Rings.."
  1. cantik n simple. ble nak kawin? hihih

  2. huu...dah baik demam ke bile sarung cincin?!!hakhak...hepi ramadhan teefa :)


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