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May 22, 2012

Are Those Baby Movements?

For the past week, i have been feeling these strange little thugs, pokes, kicks -like movement from inside my tummy.

At first i thought they are just gas, or isi-isi perut sedang dihadamkan.

Tapi makin lama makin selalu pulak. Tapi tak kuat. Bila pegang perut, tak pulak rasa movement kat tangan. Tu yang confuse..

Is that the baby?

Or is it just my wild imagination?

Experienced mommies or mummies-to-be, tolong lah jawab. i'm going crazy here!

Btw, i'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. Time flies!
May 20, 2012

A Short One


Our Kuching wedding reception went on smoothly.

i must say it was exhausting for me.

Dulu masa kerja kahwin di KL memang penat tapi okay je. Tak lah rasa nak tumbang or pengsan. Sekarang time pregnant buat kerja kahwin, memang ada rasa tak larat.

Okay la penat. Nak tido. Bye.

Sneak peek taken from Mahadhar's Facebook.
Yes, we're wearing royal blue!
May 13, 2012

Bump Photo : Almost 16 Weeks

My baby bump at 15 weeks 5 days.
i look fat instead of looking pregnant (-_-)

Good news is no more nausea and vomitting! Well at least for the past 3 days. Selera makan juga bertambah (except pagi.. Kurang sket).

Bad news is malam-malam mesti kaki lenguh.

4 months (almost) down, 5 months to go!