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July 29, 2012

Parenthood Expo 2012, Mid Valley

Today hubs and i went to the Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley!

Sampai rumah, excited belek barang lalu bersemangat nak berbelog.

Last time (was it in May?) i went to the Mommy and Baby Expo in PWTC and it was a BIG dissappoinment. A lot of little shops selling maternity & nursing wear, baby wear but lack of big names company. Tapi sempat la jugak beli baby wipes, breast pads, and some baby clothes.

However, i heard great reviews about the ones held at Mid Valley so i was excited to go. i had the event in my calender two months in advance! And i'm so glad to say that this Parenthood Expo at Mid Valley is much better!

Among vendors that participated are Stroller World, Pureen, Hallmark, Mamours, Medela,Avent, Drypers, Diapex, Whoopee, Pigeon, Graco to name a few. We were aiming to buy diapers, baby clothes detergent and some basic necessities so those are what we got. 

Ade jugak cuci mata tengok strollers (MacLaren Techno XLR jadi RM1190, MacLaren Quest 2012 jadi RM999. Brand lain tak usha sangat sebab tak minat hehe), Ferrari car seat idaman Mr. Chenta jadi RM599 from RM750++ (tak dapat pakai kete Ferrari, car seat budak pon jadi lah katanya), baby cribs/cots pun banyak tapi more to high end range (harga RM750 ke atas) so tak lah beriya men-survey.

Enough talking. Meh layan gambar.. Tapi gambar kat expo tak banyak amek sebab excited shopping haha.

 Parenthood Expo 2012 - Guide Book
Guests are advised to register at the registration booth to get goodie bag full of goodies.

 In the goodie bag; samples from Fiffy, PetPet, Carrie Junior, Kleenex, Lifebuoy, Comfort and a full-size S-26 Mama maternity milk.

What we bought!

Here are the prices of the stuff we bought, mana lah tau boleh membantu perbandingan harga;

Drypers Newborn 64: RM24/pack
Drypers Small 58: RM26/pack
Diapex Small 48:  RM18/pack
A-B-D Liquid detergent: RM20
A-B-D powder detergent: RM15
Madame maternity pad (30s): RM18
Simple Dimple Play Gym: RM69
Baby King storage bottle (8 pcs): RM29
Assorted Fiffy clothes: From RM6/pc

Kami tak beli sangat baju tadi sebab saya yang excited telah membeli sikit-sikit sejak preggo 16 weeks. Keje kat KLCC hoi gila ko tak tergoda tengok Mothercare sale, GAP sale, Parkson sale, Isetan sale bagai. Maka telah ditegah membeli baju lagi. Beli kat pasar malam takpe kata suami saya.

Okay lah bye nak tido. Para ibu atau bakal ibu, sempat lagi gi expo ni esok. Last day!

Saya yang semakin membesar dan membulat at 26 weeks.
i feel so huge and fat :(

July 27, 2012

Article: 10 Biggest New-Mom Surprises (and How to Deal)

Nearing to delivery day (OMG 96 days to go!) i'm more and more concerned about labour (pain) and baby care. Being a first time mom, this is a whole new world! Mau kau tak cuak. Memang excited nak ada anak but i can imagine sleepless nights, being covered in vomits, splashed with poops, interpreting cries..

So i was browsing The Bump today when i came across this interesting article;  10 Biggest New-Mom Surprises (and How to Deal). Thought i'd share..

* * * * *

No matter how many books you read or how prepared you feel, babies have their own special way of throwing you for a loop. From your breastfeeding troubles and postpartum bleeding to baby’s colic and indecipherable crying, we asked Bumpies to give it to us straight on their most unexpected, unforgettable moments as a new parent.

The surprise: Breastfeeding isn’t always easy.

"No one prepared me for how hard breastfeeding was or how much it was going to hurt. I even took a class, and the woman basically sugar-coated breastfeeding. Someone should have just given it to me straight. That's what I do now for anyone that asks me about it." -- Jen1231

How to deal: If you’re not getting the hang of breastfeeding right away, don’t beat yourself up. Despite what you may have heard, it doesn’t always come so naturally. And whether baby’s not latching right or you can’t seem to boost your milk supply, there are tons of potential frustrations -- and they’re all totally normal. But before you throw in the towel, make sure you’ve read up on possible solutions to your breastfeeding problems; you may find that a small change to your routine is a real lifesaver. It’s also important to realize that you’re not alone. Head to our breastfeeding boards, chat with other new mamas or join a support group like La Leche League International for advice.

The surprise: Most newborn clothes will go to waste.

"The biggest surprise for me was how quickly my son grew in those first couple of months. Unfortunately there were many clothes that got little to no wear." -- JesykaC21

How to deal: Yep, despite all the sleep deprivation and constant exhaustion, those first couple months sure do fly by. And the likelihood that baby will get a decent run out of every newborn outfit in his closet? Pretty slim. Here’s a tip: Don’t go crazy registering for or buying up tons of adorable outfits in newborn sizes. And whatever you do, don’t go nuts with newborn shoes either (cute as they are). Baby will likely spend a lot of those first three months in and out of onesies instead of fancy outfits, and you’ll be changing him so much thanks to spit-up and diaper mishaps that most of them will hardly see the light of day.

The surprise: Newborns poops are noisy.

"The way a newborn poops really surprised me. It's this explosive sound, which often made my husband and me laugh. I had no idea such a tiny little thing could make such a noisy mess!" -- sakidavi

How to deal: Noisy, smelly, and yes, sometimes explosive, newborn poops are certainly not for the weak-stomached. But hey, it’s all part of the job. Something else to keep in mind: Baby’s poop will be pretty liquidy in that newborn stage, meaning it won’t take much to send it flying. Our advice? Always carry a change of baby clothes.

The surprise: Going back to work is hard.

"I was not at all prepared for the separation depression I felt (and still feel) about working. Work has always been a big part of my life. I loved my job. But now I wish I could spend every day with my son. We can’t afford for me to stay home and I still can’t believe I even want to, but I dream about it." -- amr

How to deal: Heading back to work is rough on every mama, and missing the little guy when you’re away can be overwhelming. But it does get easier. Before you head back to work, make sure you set up a childcare situation that makes you 100 percent comfortable, whether it’s a live-in nanny, a daycare system, or a friend or relative. Then do what you can to stay in the loop during the day by asking your nanny to give you certain updates or calling the daycare periodically to check in. Keeping the lines of communication open will make you feel less disconnected from baby.

The surprise: "Getting to know" baby takes a while.

"Maybe it was just the baby blues, but I did not have that overwhelming love for my baby until one to two months. Eight months later I am amazed how much love I have for her." -- homebody2

How to deal: It’s totally normal to have a hard time adjusting to motherhood at first -- not everything comes naturally and not everyone snaps into “mom mode” the second after they give birth. Same goes for feeling that instant connection to baby. Give yourself a break, and remember your body is going through a lot of hormonal shifts after delivery that will eventually pass. But if the feelings don’t go away, or if they’re too difficult to handle on your own, consider talking to a professional who may be able to get to the root of the problem.

The surprise: You will bleed postpartum.

"I was shocked by the size of the pads you have to wear for weeks post-delivery. It's basically like mommy and baby are wearing matching diapers." -- sasky

How to deal: We know, donning those life-raft-sized pads in the weeks after delivery is no picnic for anyone, but at least you can take comfort in the fact that they’re only temporary, right? Your bleeding should last only for a few days max. (And if it doesn’t, it’s time to call your doc.) After that, it may change to a discharge that will last up to several weeks. Those baby diapers on the other hand? You’ll be changing those for a lot longer.

The surprise: You won’t have time for anything else.

"I had no idea how draining it can be to take care of a child 24/7. I wasn’t prepared to only take care of a child -- I really thought I would be able to keep my housework up and do other stuff. Nope, taking care of baby is all I do all day long." -- asickles98

How to deal: While having a baby definitely sucks a lot of your “me” time in the beginning, you need to be able to set up a system with your partner for doing things like basic chores and running errands. Try devising a plan of attack well before baby arrives and vowing to stick to it as much as possible. Sure, it may be easier said than done before baby comes, but you need to make sure that some semblance of routine is kept up -- if for nothing else than your own sanity.

The surprise: You won’t always know what your crying baby wants.

"How absolutely helpless you can feel when your baby is crying and you have no idea why [was a huge surprise]! It took me about three months to figure out what the different cries meant." -- Mrs. Erin

How to deal: It’s definitely frustrating and emotional when you feel like you’ve tried everything to calm baby and nothing works. The good news is that you’ll eventually come to learn exactly what baby wants the more time you spend with her. A hint in the meantime? Pay attention to the way she cries. A low-pitched cry often means she’s hungry, whereas a high-pitched one means she might be in pain. If her cries build in intensity, she may be tired. And if she’s just plain bored, her cry may sound like a passing whimper. Learn more about how to decipher baby’s cries.

The surprise: Baby might mix up night and day.

"I didn't realize that so many newborns get their days and nights mixed up in the first few days. The first two nights home from the hospital, our son barely slept at all. I remember saying to my mom that I knew new parents were tired, but I thought that was because the baby woke up to eat at night -- not that the baby never went back to sleep!" -- trackchik6

How to deal: It can take a few weeks (or, sorry, even months) for baby to sort out the difference between night and day. In the meantime, try this trick: Take baby outside for at least an hour each day -- the new experiences will stimulate her. Then, at nighttime, avoid any stimulation at all (that means no light, no singing, and no talking).

The surprise: Colic is a nightmare.

"I wish I’d known how to be prepared for colic/acid reflux! I even read some books on the topic beforehand just in case we ran into trouble -- but nothing really prepared me for the reality of caring for a crying baby for hours on end." -- bchap122

How to deal: The dreaded colic actually affects between 10 and 25 percent of infants, though no one’s really sure what causes it. Although baby’s incessant crying can be maddening, there are things you can do to help calm him down. Spring for a white-noise machine and run it while you rock baby to sleep. Let baby suck on a pacifier, swaddle him, or lay him flat on your chest, which will release any built-up gas.

-- Laura Schocker

July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 26 Weeks Today!

July 24, 2012

Salam Ramadhan!

Sedar tak sedar, dah masuk hari ke-4 umat Islam kat Malaysia ni berpuasa. I hope it's not too late to wish you Ramadhan Kareem! Semoga ibadah kita sama ada kecil atau besar diterima Allah. Amin!

So far, alhamdulillah saya larat dan bertenaga berpuasa these first 3 days of Ramadhan. First day siap masak for the whole family (cuma dlm kol 5pm tu rasa nak pitam sket sebab lama berdiri memasak kot huhu). Second day siap jalan-jalan kat MidValley lagi. Third day (on a Monday) masuk kerja mamai dan ngantok but other than that, tak lah penat or lapar secara kronik.

Hari ini lain ceritanya. Dari bangun kol 8am tadi sampai la skang dahaga yang teramat. Nak kata tak minom, bergelen dah air ditelan sepanjang malam tadi. Ikot hati nak je teguk air sejuk dan sambung puasa. Tapi ini puasa Islam hoiii bukan puasa Hindu! Tahan je la. Ni lah dugaan. Terbayang orang kat Somalia/Africa/Burma yang berpuasa tak cukup makan minom. Insaf kejap.

Harap-harap baby kecik dalam perut tahan la ye lapar kejap. Dia bukan sedar pon kita puasa. Segala zat kat badan mama, dia curik :p

July 20, 2012

Why Being Married is Awesome

After the wedding, i didn't blogged much about being a wife. i babbled about the receptions, videos, and being pregnant that i forgot the thing that matters most; being the love of my life's wife.

Alhamdulillah, so far so gooooooooooooddddddd.. Maybe because we're still in our honeymoon period but i really really REALLY hope that this honeymoon period lasts for as long as we live. In no particular order, here are 12 of my favorite things about being married that i can think of right now..

1) Having a guinea pig to try my cooking. i don't usually cook (thank God for Wan) but when i do, the only person i'm trying to impress is my husband. So nasib lah sedap ke tak. Kalau sedap, baru offer kat orang lain. Kalo tak, well, i'll force him to help me finish it. Tapi selalunya licin je dia makan tanpa paksaan. Hehe.

2) Pillow talks. This is my favorite part. Every night we'll lay in the dark and talk about nothing, anything and everything until we fall asleep. i'm so used to it that i can't sleep if we don't have our pillow talks.

3) Having an imam. Solat berimamkan suami adalah benda paling menenangkan. Even shopping can't beat that.

4) Dropping the word "husband" and "laki aku" in conversations with friends/colleagues. Like "you know, my husband always do bla bla bla.." maybe at times i sound annoying but i have a husband! Kasik chance la hokay ;)

5) Days spent in bed. Mr. Chenta and i are not really a mall person. On weekends, we spend more time at home than going out. Paling-paling pon gi minom kat mapley or watch movie je la. Kalo kat rumah tu we do chores, cleaning, do laundry, etc. Tapi bila datang mood malas tu, kami boleh dok dalam bilik dari pagi sampai petang like we did last Sunday. Celik dari tido, took some light breakfast kemudian berkurung dalam bilik marathon cter Desperate Housewives sampai habis season 8. Sedar-sedar dah kol 6 petang. That is my definition of bliss.

6) Having my very own driver. Dulu pon dia memang lah driver saya. Now dah kahwin lagi la menjadi tanggungjawab dia to escort and drive me around. Hehe.

7) Doing chores together. Dia basuh and jemur baju, saya lipat dan gantung. Saya memasak, dia tukang basuh pinggan. Dia menyapu, saya mengemop. Saya sakit kaki, dia urut. Eh.

8) Gaduh & merajuk tak lama. Biasa lah, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, suami isteri ada lah gadoh dan rajuknya. Kalo zaman boifren gurlfren, time marah tu kita je yang betul. Orang lain semua salah. Susah betul nak beralah dan mintak maaf. Tapi skang kalo gaduh ke merajuk ke, automatic hati ini akan berkata "Sudah-sudah la tu. He's your husband. Bukan nye besar pon isu nya.. Gi hug dia gi. Hug cepattttt.." Hubby has been the same too. Ye lah nok, ko nak majuk banyak mana la ha. nanti malam tido sekatil jugak :p

9) Being parents together. He's my babydaddy! i get all warm inside when i think of it that way. i know he's good with kids so i know we're (my baby and i) will be in good hands. And having someone to clean the baby poop and boogers is a plus. Aku tak tahan bau berak budak sebenarnya. Muahaha..

10) Not having to face problems alone. Now every problems (and of course, good things) are shared. Tak lah menanggung beban sorang-sorang. i got your back, baby, and you got mine!

11) Having that one person for to annoy for the rest of our lives. Us calling each other fat, fart in each other's faces, finish each other's favorite foods, leave the toilet unflushed for each other to find the 'treasure' in it..
12) SEX! Duhhh.. Of course. i don't need to elaborate more on this kan? *wink*

July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : When i Don't Have Appetite..

July 10, 2012

Shit Just Got Real..

..when i received this yesterday!















Medela Freestyle.

Yup, it's a freaking BREASTPUMP!

In (InsyaAllah) 113 days, i'll be breastfeeding.

It seems so real now that it's scary.

Bought from a friend of a friend of a friend who went to the US. i received it in the office so naturally, As and i who are both pregnant were excited! We dragged our colleague (nama dirahsiakan demi menjaga keselamatan beliau) into an empty room and begged her to show us how to use it because all the wires look so complicated. When she showed us, we were like "Nahhhh.. So easy!" and when the pump starts working, we all laughed. OMG breastpumps make the funniest sound!

i can already imagine As and i going to the mother's room in the office for pumping sessions where we'll laugh looking at our boobs and hearing the funny pumping sound.. And bragging about our babies.
Seems like it's just yesterday that all i care about were clothes, shoes and Paramore concerts. Now i'm obsessed about breastfeeding, labor pain, and wondering if the baby inside of me will grow up to be a good person.

i guess that's just how we grow :')