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September 27, 2012


Minggu ni banyak betol mimpi beranak/berkaitan nak beranak.

One dream i saw my baby, berselaput dan berdarah atas cleaning table kat labour room tu. Selamat dilahirkan. Semalam mimpi gi check-up, doc kata dah 7cm dialated but i dont feel any pain. Terus masuk labour room tunggu beranak.

Most dreams menunjukkan senangnya beranak. Cuakkkk sebab mimpi kan selalu terbalik?

Maybe i think too much.

P/s: i know mimpi adalah mainan syaiton but i couldn't help being scared!
P/s lagi: adakah perlu air selusuh? Ada orang kata syirik, ada pendapat kata tak. For me bergantung pada niat. Kalau takde pon, cukup sekadar amalkan solat hajat, berdoa di mudahkan and amalkan ayat-ayat Quran insyaAllah ok.
September 20, 2012

Mixed Emotion


i'm at the stage where i think about labour and childbirth every freaking second of the day.

Will my water break? Will i be able to have vaginal delivery? Will the contraction hurt? How much will it hurt? Will i die in the process? What if i need C-section? Will my "tuttt" tear? Will i be one of those unlucky women who were in labour for more than 24 hours?

These and lotsa other questions in my head.

Last night i fell asleep. Almost immediately i dreamt that i'm in labour, on a hospital bed. Nobody's around but my husband. It was painful, but not painful enough to make me cry and i remember thinking "Kalau camni je sakit beranak, insyaAllah i'll be okay..". i was pushing and pushing and pushing..

Then i woke up.

It felt so real. Instantly my hands reach for my tummy, so glad that my tummy is still big and round and the baby is kicking. Most importantly, no contractions whatsoever..yet!



Despite freaking out about childbirth, i can't wait to see my baby boy (insyaAllah a boy!). i secretly hope he'll come out 2-3 weeks earlier than EDD. My EDD is on November 2, 2012 but to anyone who asks, i'd say i'll give birth in mid-late October. Kata-kata itu adalah doa bukan?

i can't wait to breastfeed him, hold him in my arms, see hubster holding him, force hubster clean his poo, see his first smile.. i know we'll be facing sleepless nights, pounding heads, frustration when the baby cries for God-knows-what reasons. Not to mention sore boobs, painful bottom, makanan tak sedap tengah pantang.. But it'll be worth it. That's what most parents say la. Hehe. So baby, please come out fast!


Call me vain, but in all of these baby stuff, i can't help but think will i ever get rid of all these pregnancy weight and get my pre-pregnancy body back? i've been listening to my friends whining about their stubborn bodies who can't seem to lose those pounds even after breastfeeding, dieting, exercising, corset, and supplements. But i have also witnessed friends who effortlessly bounced back to their old self (some are even skinnier) simply by just breastfeeding. i desperately pray that i belong to the latter group.i desperately NEED to belong to the latter group!

A little more update : we'll be attending the Parentcraft/Antenatal Class this coming Saturday (excited!). Current weight gain at 34 weeks is a whooping 9kgs! i'm officially in the 6 Series category now :(
September 6, 2012

Smooth Sailing Second Trimester

i'm well into my third trimester. The things that come with third trimester (hello heart palpitations, back pain, fatigue, constipation OMG!) make me miss the second trimester so much.

My second trimester experience in a glance:

- still had morning sickness up until week 24 but it wasn't as bad as in first trimester. Loya-loya tu confirm lah tapi tak lah muntah pagi petang siang malam. Huhu

- felt more energetic! Siap babymoon+girly vacay ke Phuket lagi. Island hopping, snorkeling, semua dibuatnya.. That was when i'm in week 13. Baruuuu ja graduate first trimester. Agak penat. Ada jugak lah risau (hotel atas bukit, bayangkan naik tangga yang tinggi.. Adalah 100 anak tangga camtu.. Cuak la jugak kalo penat sangat apa-apa jadi..) but all went well Alhamdulillah!

Babymoon + girlfriends gateaway in Phuket!

- Excited shopping barang baby dan baju mamanya. Hoiii.. Masuk je minggu ke 16 segala kedai baby dimasuk, survey-survey, beli yang mampu.

- Sempat kahwin skali lagi! In my case, our Kuching wedding reception. Ohoiii.. Penat okeh kerja kawen masa mengandong. Kepada adik-adik diluar sana, kalau majlis kahwin belah perempuan dan lelaki adalah jauh jaraknya (in our case, 5 months apart) silalah merancang keluarga jangan termengandong dulu.

- Back pain started at about 24 weeks. Sakit tulang paling bawah sebelum tulang punggung tu, especially kalau duduk lama kat opis. Every half an hour gi jalan-jalan tawaf keliling opis untuk stretch kononnya.

- Selera makan adalah tidak wujud sampai lah week 25 camtu. Makan asal kenyang dan tak lapar je. Lepas 25 weeks baru okay.

- Siang energetic, lepas office hour terus melepet. Paling best kol 10pm dah tertido. No more insomnia weehooo!

- Orang kata dah ada pregnancy glow. Ntah la tang mana glow nya tapi jerawat pupus, bibir tak pucat dah. Glow la kononnya tu.

- Orang kata lagi baby bump adalah kecik. Dah 6 lebih bulan baru perut jelas kelihatan. Kalau naik LRT, jarang sangat la orang bagi duduk. Mula-mula rasa seronok gak orang dok kata kurus lah, perot kecik lah. Tapi bila dah hari-hari dengar orang cakap camtu (siap kata aku diet lagi.. Ko hengat aku bengap ke ngandong-ngandong nak diet?) rasa sedih because i feel like i'm not doing/eating enough for my baby. Alhamdulillah monthly check-up doc kata baby saya sihat, in fact, he's a few days bigger than actual age. Baru lah lega. Lantak pi la orang lain kata apa. Lagipon kan memang kalau first baby perot kecik? (tapi sekarang perot saya dah besar weehooo)

September 3, 2012

Baby Checklist!


i can't imagine that i'm in my 31 week almost 32 weeks already. 9 8 more weeks (or less if he decides to surprise us) and i'll be holding our son in my arms!

This is surreal.

Anyway, i thought it'd be fun if i could list down things i already have/bought and things that i need..


i believe i'm well sorted in this department. Sejak dari 20 weeks da start beli sikit2 time sale (or when there are cute lil' things i thought my baby can't exist without). Not to mention a bag full of used baby clothes my aunt gave me.. Alhamdulillah. Tak semestinya semua kene beli baru kan? Si suami dah suruh stop beli baju budak!

Long sleeve/short sleeve/sleeveless rompers Checked! Around 50pcs of these, size 0-9 mths.

Sleepsuits  Checked!

Bootees/Socks Checked! 6 pairs excluding the hands-me-down. Tak cukup nanti leh beli online. Muahaha!

Scratch mittens Checked! 10 pairs excluding the hands-me-down.

Hats Checked! 2 helai cukup ke?

Receiving blankets & swaddle Checked! I especially ADORE the JJ Cole swaddles..

Barut Checked! I think we got about 15 of these, all hands-me-down from my lil' cousins.

Baby laundry detergent Checked! 

Drawer/Wardrobe for clothes In progress. Lepas kemas2 bilik baru decide which kind we need.


Alhamdulillah almost 100% ready. Did i miss anything apart from listed below?

Breast pump Checked! Remember this post? Heee..

Feeding bottles + teats Checked! A set of 4 newborn bottles from Avent and 2 Tommee Tippee.

Storage bottles + storage bags Checked! 8 bottles plus 25 bags for a start.

Sterilizer Checked! We decided to soak in hot water plus sterilizer pill as people say the sterilizer machine is not really useful.

Bottle & teat brush Checked!

Bottle/food warmer Not buying i guess. See how la when baby comes..

Bib Checked! We got 6 pcs.

Burp cloths Checked!

Bottle drying rack Checked!

Bottle cleanser Checked!

Bathing/Baby Care:

Bath tub Checked! i can't believe these plastic tubs costs more than RM50! We ended up buying at Ikea's for RM20.

Baby shampoo/baby bath Checked! i bought Bubchen's travel pack. Try dulu kalau baby ok and tak allergic baru beli besar.

Baby lotion/oil Checked!

Diaper rash cream Will buy! Which brand is good? Anyone tried the Earth Mama Angel Baby cream? Checked! got in a set of Bud's Newborn travel kit

Cotton buds Checked!

Cotton balls What are these for? Checked!

Hooded towels + towels Checked! 1 hooded towel and 2 non-hooded ones.

Changing mat Checked!

Baby wipes Checked!

Brush & comb Checked!

Nasal aspirator Do we really need this? Please help!

Baby nail clipper Checked!

Thermometer Checked!

Disposable diapers Checked!

Minyak telon Checked!


Baby crib Still deciding whether or not to buy. My aunt gave us a baby cot/playpen but i really want a wooden new one!

Mattress (latex) Will buy once we decided on the baby crib.

Blankets Checked! We have 3.

Bedding sets Checked! Got a set from Aussino for RM99, normal price was RM349. Good buy heh? i also bought a seperate quilt (for golek-golek) and bantal karipap from a lady in Kuantan. Will review once i got it.

Mosquito net for crib Will buy! Checked!

Baby bouncer/rocker Is this useful? Do we need these from newborn or can we wait until baby is 3 months old? i really like Bright Starts Rock in the Park Rocker. So cuteeeee...


Part travel ni adalah masalah sikit. We still haven't bought the stroller and car seat. Hubster and i want to be really sure because these two things are expensive. Tanak tersalah beli lak nanti. We decided stroller tak rushing sangat. Lepas baby lahir pon still boleh beli. Car seat memang kene beli cepat sebab nanti nak balik dari spital nak letak baby kat mana? Tak selamat woooo pangku. Diaper bag pon still in survey. Hehe.

Stroller Undecided whether to buy before or after Lil' Munchkin arrives.

Car seat Will buy soon!

Baby sling\carrier If we have a stroller, do we need this? Kalau beli stroller lambat of course la kene beli..

Diaper bag + travel changing mat Need to buy soon! Checked! A Carter set of two bags bought from Supermak Shop

Head support cushion for stroller Pending on stroller

For Mommy:

Disposable/washable breast pads Checked!

Nursing bras Pending. Tunggu final size nanti. Muahaha.

Nipple cream Checked! Bought Lansinoh because of good review. Harap-harap okay lah.

Maternity pads Checked!

Nipple shields Perlu kah? Help!

Set berpantang Checked! Nona Roguy paling banyak di-rekemen maka Nona Roguy lah akan dicuba.

Confinement lady Checked! i have booked a makcik berpantang setelah di-rekemen oleh kawan. Harap-harap lah okay dan mudah kurus kembali. Amin. 

Warm socks i have a few. Kene beli lagi 1-2 pasang. Boleh ke pakai ankle socks pegi gym tu? Checked!

Indoor slipper Checked!

Nursing tops Pending

Disposable briefs Checked!

Bengkung  Checked! Confinement lady kata dia sediakan. But i'll buy/make another one for when her 2-weeks service finishes.

That's all i got in my list. Did i leave anything out? Do i need anything more? Help!