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June 29, 2010


i love looking at photos. Even random photos on the net take my breath away sometimes. Gambar-gambar sendiri apatah lagi. Hoho.. That's a vain statement!

So i've added an additional page to save and share with you whatever photos that get my attention, whether they're my own, my friends, or delicious photos i find on the net.

For the time being, adalah beberapa keping gambar sendiri. More photos will be updated whenever i feel like it.

You can find the link at the top, sebaris dengan "Home", "Bits About Me" and "Contact Me" links.

Hope you enjoy it.

June 28, 2010

Rain and Sunshine

i was alone. Waiting for my friend.

It was a sunny, gorgeous afternoon. Surrounding people seemed to enjoy the good weather. Even the birds are singing beautiful songs. i myself was immersed with joy, seeing this beautiful moment was enough ti make me happy.

Suddenly it rained.

Calmness of the people disappeared, replaced by a sense of dread and rush. Pretty birds fleet for shelter. Gone was the beautiful golden sunshine, all around were now fat drops of rain. i see plans changed, good spirit vanished.

This little nature change somehow makes me feel all touchy and emotional inside. It reminds me that life can be all sunny, perfect and beautiful at one time. Then without a warning, the perfect life turns upside down. Leaving us in pain and agony. It reminds me that nothing lasts forever.

Allah is great. He is fair.

Alhamdulillah for this beautiful life that i am blessed with.

Current Read

i'm a self-proclaimed bookworm.

Not really self-proclaimed la. People dear to me know that i love to read. When i was little my Grandma used to membebel because i spent berpuluh-puluh ringgit buying books and magazine. Sweet Valley, Disney, R.L Stine thrillers, Nancy Drew, fairy tales books, and magazines like Top of The Pop and TV Hits. Papa pulak memang tak kedekut berbelanja buku. He'll generously give me money for books. Kalau nak beli mainan, sampai esok menangis pon tak tentu dapat!

Growing up, my book genre transformed to chic lit and i like magazines like Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. i have to have a book to read all the time. Being a bimbo that i am, i LOVE chic lit books. All those women with good career/hot crushes/designer clothes makes me high. i can finish a 300-pages book in one night (if the book is gooooddd). Sorry, not to brag. Just describing my love for books.

Anyway, lately i don't read that much. i feel bad about this. Like i'm cheating on books or something. It's just that i've been busy and i can't really find an attractive-enough book. Takde buku yang dirasakan sangat sangat best sampai buat aku tak tido malam.

So i made an effort to read. And this time i try to steer away from chic lit and read more grown up books.

From left:
Things Your Mother Never Told You by Olivia Lichtenstein
The Visible World by Mark Slouka (tak start baca pon lagi. i bought it coz it was on sale at Carrefour. RM5!)
The Book Lovers Appreciation Society (a compilation of short stories by various authors)

From left:
How You Can Become a Multi Millionaire REI by Milan Doshi (baru beli, tak start baca lagi)
How to Become a Millionaire Landlord by Azizi Ali (finished this before i rent my house out)
Jerusalem in the Qur'an by Imran N. Hosein (it opened my eyes on the situation in Palestine. Tak habis baca lagi. i have to read it slowly as it is quite heavy for me.)

As much as i like these books, i still love chic lit the most. Bimbotic, i know. i can't wait for this:

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Ohh.. My favourite author with my favourite series. i can't wait!! This book will be released on 16th September 2010. Long wait, ladies!
image source here

Marilah memupuk amalan membaca demi Malaysia tercinta!

June 27, 2010

Tagged by Ayu :)

Nama samaran Kamu
Name sebenar adalah Siti Fatimah. Tapi dari kecik mama and family panggil Tifa sebab terbit dari nama penuh siTI FAtimah.. Timbul lah name Tifa, or Teefa tu. Besties panggil Teef. Linda panggil Si Gler or Tifa Lala. Ade sedara mara panggil Kakak or Kak Long. Mr. Chenta saya panggil Gurl, BB, Princess, Oncet or ape2 lagi dier nak panggil.

5 Tarikh Penting Dalam Hidup Kamu
24/12/1985 Was the day i was born (Hehe jangan lupe bagi hadiah!)
2/9/2007     Was the day i graduated ( Bachelors Degree in Geology - With Honors)
12/12/2006 Was the day he finally confessed he loves me (Hehe..)
7/2/2007     Is our official Couple Day.
?/?/?           Will be my wedding day (InsyaAllah with Mr. Chenta saya)

5 Perkara Yang Buat Kamu Gumbira
1) Hanging out with my FAMILY
2) Being with Mr. Chenta
3) Girls day out with my girlfriends
4) Biler banyak duit and boleh shopping banyak2.. Huhu
5) Have a sense of achievement (job-wise, financial-wise, life-wise)
5+1) Makan makanan gumbira dan tidur puas-puas (patot lah badanku SEHAT begini.. Huhu) 

5 Tempat Percutian Idaman Kamu
1) Umrah di Mekah (InsyaAllah.. ada rezeki nak g ngan family)
2) UK in Summer (tak puas pegi last year.. and tak puas shopping.. and bawak kete jalan2 kat countryside!)
3) Milan (nak merasa jadi orang kaya and shop designer stuff! huhu..)
4) US (Especially Grand Canyon, NYC, CA and Orlando - ade Disneyland and Universal Studios - Harry Potter themepark!!)
5) Mediterranean countries (sebab tempat dier macam lawa-lawa je)

5 Sebab Kenapa Kamu Jawab Tag Ni
1) Excited first time kene tag
2) Sebab Ayu tag.. (thanks Ayu!)
3) Bosan.. takde bende nak buat
4) Errr.. Suke2..
5) ???

5 Orang Yang Nak DiTAG
First time di-tag and first time nak tag orang. Nah korang.. Sila jawab!!!

1) Nani one of the girls
2) Mawai the bride-to-be
3) Iman the hot Mama
4) Zarith my fellow geoscientist
5) Kerol the long lost skoolmate
6) Semua yang rasa mahu men-tag diri sendiri (jangan malu-maluuuuu)
June 25, 2010

If It's Worth Having It's Worth Fighting For

Let me ask you people… Is there any relationship where two people never fight? Never mind what that relationship is (friends, hubby n’ wifey, siblings, bf-gf), I believe a fight (if not fightSSSS) will always present.

Tipu la kan kalau dah kenal bertahun, berbulan, berhari even, tapi tak penah bergaduh/terasa/merajuk langsung.

I admit I had a fight/merajuk session with even my best friend (ahem, Shaq *cough*). What I love most about our fight is that we were VERY vocal about our ke-tidak-puashatian, yell at one another there and then, get our issue/s resolved, then the anger vanished like thin air, and we kiss and make up and apologize endlessly on the spot. Lepas tu sambung gelak-gelak/shopping/makan/gossip. We girls and our PMSes. Pschfttttt..

Fights with brothers lagi lah tidak terkira. Pernah bergaduh dengan Faizal sampai aku telah menggigit tangannya sampai berdarah. Kalau bergaduh dengan Redha lagi la. Segala perkataan “Bodoh, bangang, giler, cacat” keluar dari mulut kami.. Heh, itu mase kecik. Sekarang saya sudah bersopan lagi ayu tanak la geget-geget dah. Maki-memaki pon sudah kurang. Now we fight mainly for TV remote control and the car. And who gets the chicken drumstick.

In a lurvey-dovey relationship, fighting is VERY essential. It shows that these two people have their own mind and not afraid to speak up about what they believe in. Tidak la menjadi Pak/Mak Turut dalam segala hal. Through these fights, we can know our partner better. His likes/dislikes, his way, his preferences. Besides, a relationship will get VERY boring if the couple does not have any argument. Sepanjang masa ok je, tak argue, tak merajuk. Tidak bergaduh/merajuk, maka tiadalah adegan pujuk memujuk kan? Tak sweet lah kan? How boring! 

i observed that Mr. Chenta and i always fight when i'm having or about to have my period (even though not every month la). Hehe. See, it's not really my fault. Blame the hormones!

Walaupun pergaduhan dan rajuk-merajuk adalah penting, jangan lah sampai putus kawan, putus sedara, dan break up pulak yea.. Yes, healthy arguments are important but being patient is much more important than that. Dan bergaduh pon jangan lah sampai pukul-memukul dan dera-mendera. Itu bukan healthy arguments namenye!  

Let it out, it's better than memakan hati selama bertahun-tahun.
(Err.. but if possible, don't scream and shout like this la. Hodoh benar rupenyer)
Photo credit here

June 20, 2010

Weekend Bliss


Sudah bersawang blog ini. Busy-ness kept me away from the World Wide Web. Sampai terlupa saya punya blog :D

Anyway, i was involved in KKP 2010 as part of the performance team. Had intense training for two weeks, weekends included. Itu belum termasuk the after work training sebelum intense 2 weeks training ni. Sebulan jugak la berpulun. Otot-otot di kaki sudah terasa kepejalannya.. Siapa kata menari tak penat? "p

i'll tell more about KKP in the next post.

But yea, the training got me exhausted. So i spent the weekend sleeping til 11am, wake up for lunch, basuh baju, and continue napping from 2pm til 5pm. Ahhhh... Complete bliss! Sudah tidak peduli bilik bersepah. All i know is that i need to sleep.

Anyway, i'm gonna watch Toy Story 3 after this. So many great movies nowadays. Summer is the season for good movies!

Disamping itu, saya juga tidak sabar untuk menonton movies-movies ini:

Twilight Saga - Eclipse

Knight and Day


p/s: Since the opening of TGV Wangsa Walk, i don't bother to go to Pavillion for movies. Sekangkang kera kot dari rumah!
June 11, 2010

i'm a LOVER!

i love so many things. Clothes, bags, traveling, food, jewelries, books, my family, my friends, money..

But in this particular post, i wanna declare my love for COFFEE!

Oh yes.. Heart warming, blood pumping, aromatic, addictive coffee.

My day is incomplete without them. Gotta have at least one a day or i'll be coffee sick and terbayang-bayang sampai malam. And not more than two mugs or i'll start having headache, delusion and insomnia.

My favourite type is the 3-in-1 ones. i can't drink Nescafe though. i dunno why but somehow this particular brand gives me the worst migraine in the world. So i opt for G'day Coffee (they have 3 flavors, my favorite is Vanilla Latte. Heavenly!), or Old Town 3-in-1 White Coffee or Ali Cafe Kacip Fatimah (i dunno why people act funny everytime they see me drink Kacip Fatimah. i like it for the flavor oke coz it's bitter sweet - not because sebab keperempuanan ke hapa..Hishhhh!). i have extra fund for coffee every month so that i can treat my tastebuds with Coffee Bean/Starbucks/San Francisco coffee. Sekali sekala ok la. Kalo everyday pokai jugak aku.

 Don't say i didn't warn you!
*Photo source is from Google image*
June 3, 2010



This is the first time i blog from my phone.


Let's try uploading a picture..

Ok, tak berjaya.

Let's just stick to typing for now ;)
June 1, 2010

Pretend, it might work.

These past few days are not good for me. Not NOT good.

i was practically lifeless on Monday. Didn't get enough sleep. didn't have enough motivation at work. Plus i'm depressed by the way i look. i feel fat. Menstrual pimples are everywhere on my face. Terasa busuk semasa berpeluh-peluh menari. Ugh! i hate this feeling. This ugly feeling.

Tuesday came. Despite going off to bed early on Monday night, i still had difficulty to wake up. i was late. And i feel all grumpy inside. i guess it shows on the surface. As i walked to the office building, an acquaintance (not really an acquaintance.. i don't even know her name!) said "Teefa, put on some makeups!!". Shit, i must've looked THAT bad. Selama ni tak pakai mekap pon tak penah orang tegur macam tu (T_T)

Definitely NOT a good start.

So i decided to turn it around and be POSITIVE! i've read somewhere if we pretend to be cheerful, we'll absorb that cheerful energy.

So i put on some eyeliner, mascara, cheek tint and lipstick (OMG first time pakai lipstick gi keje!). Yeah bebeh, i look less miserable.

Smile a BIG smile. Ok, i look almost cheerful.

Grabbed some coffee..

...and i'm as good as new!

 Lipstick-stained vanilla latte

Kesimpulannya jika anda bermuram durja dan miserable, cubalah untuk menghepikan diri. Senyum kepada orang sekeliling, bergelak ketawa dan buat-buat ceria. Biar orang kata anda gila. At least nampak lah hepi. Kerja pon boleh dibuat dengan senang hati, orang pon takkan suruh anda pakai mekap. SELAMAT MENCUBA!