June 28, 2010

Current Read

i'm a self-proclaimed bookworm.

Not really self-proclaimed la. People dear to me know that i love to read. When i was little my Grandma used to membebel because i spent berpuluh-puluh ringgit buying books and magazine. Sweet Valley, Disney, R.L Stine thrillers, Nancy Drew, fairy tales books, and magazines like Top of The Pop and TV Hits. Papa pulak memang tak kedekut berbelanja buku. He'll generously give me money for books. Kalau nak beli mainan, sampai esok menangis pon tak tentu dapat!

Growing up, my book genre transformed to chic lit and i like magazines like Cleo, Cosmopolitan and Glamour. i have to have a book to read all the time. Being a bimbo that i am, i LOVE chic lit books. All those women with good career/hot crushes/designer clothes makes me high. i can finish a 300-pages book in one night (if the book is gooooddd). Sorry, not to brag. Just describing my love for books.

Anyway, lately i don't read that much. i feel bad about this. Like i'm cheating on books or something. It's just that i've been busy and i can't really find an attractive-enough book. Takde buku yang dirasakan sangat sangat best sampai buat aku tak tido malam.

So i made an effort to read. And this time i try to steer away from chic lit and read more grown up books.

From left:
Things Your Mother Never Told You by Olivia Lichtenstein
The Visible World by Mark Slouka (tak start baca pon lagi. i bought it coz it was on sale at Carrefour. RM5!)
The Book Lovers Appreciation Society (a compilation of short stories by various authors)

From left:
How You Can Become a Multi Millionaire REI by Milan Doshi (baru beli, tak start baca lagi)
How to Become a Millionaire Landlord by Azizi Ali (finished this before i rent my house out)
Jerusalem in the Qur'an by Imran N. Hosein (it opened my eyes on the situation in Palestine. Tak habis baca lagi. i have to read it slowly as it is quite heavy for me.)

As much as i like these books, i still love chic lit the most. Bimbotic, i know. i can't wait for this:

Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella
Ohh.. My favourite author with my favourite series. i can't wait!! This book will be released on 16th September 2010. Long wait, ladies!
image source here

Marilah memupuk amalan membaca demi Malaysia tercinta!

1 comment on "Current Read"
  1. ohh teefa i have to say something on this one. aku juga cannot wait for 'mini shopaholic'. aku sudah pre-order kat mph online, ader discount (x ingat brape byk) and deliver ke umah :D


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