June 1, 2010

Pretend, it might work.

These past few days are not good for me. Not NOT good.

i was practically lifeless on Monday. Didn't get enough sleep. didn't have enough motivation at work. Plus i'm depressed by the way i look. i feel fat. Menstrual pimples are everywhere on my face. Terasa busuk semasa berpeluh-peluh menari. Ugh! i hate this feeling. This ugly feeling.

Tuesday came. Despite going off to bed early on Monday night, i still had difficulty to wake up. i was late. And i feel all grumpy inside. i guess it shows on the surface. As i walked to the office building, an acquaintance (not really an acquaintance.. i don't even know her name!) said "Teefa, put on some makeups!!". Shit, i must've looked THAT bad. Selama ni tak pakai mekap pon tak penah orang tegur macam tu (T_T)

Definitely NOT a good start.

So i decided to turn it around and be POSITIVE! i've read somewhere if we pretend to be cheerful, we'll absorb that cheerful energy.

So i put on some eyeliner, mascara, cheek tint and lipstick (OMG first time pakai lipstick gi keje!). Yeah bebeh, i look less miserable.

Smile a BIG smile. Ok, i look almost cheerful.

Grabbed some coffee..

...and i'm as good as new!

 Lipstick-stained vanilla latte

Kesimpulannya jika anda bermuram durja dan miserable, cubalah untuk menghepikan diri. Senyum kepada orang sekeliling, bergelak ketawa dan buat-buat ceria. Biar orang kata anda gila. At least nampak lah hepi. Kerja pon boleh dibuat dengan senang hati, orang pon takkan suruh anda pakai mekap. SELAMAT MENCUBA!
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