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April 29, 2010

Senang Hati

i'm currently on leave. A 3-day leave! Weeeee!

It's a umm... hardship leave to compensate the 2-weeks labor i contributed in Marudi. 2 weeks hard work and we got 3 days off. i'm thankful. Terima kasih oh Employer!

i spent 2 days with my bestfriend Shaq. She only have 2 weeks to spent in KL before jetting off to London. Only Allah knows when she'll berlembut hati nak balik lagi. Sobseb.

Anyway, she taught me to try this chinese herbs called Gui Ling Gao (betul ke spelling ni??). It was said that this herb will make our complexion beautiful, kesihatan dalaman bla bla bla.. Tapi tak cantik pon biler bangun pagi tadi?? :p

Gui Ling Gao bersama gulanya

Your Majesty, Queen Shakinah.

Yours truly.


Today i have a serious period cramp that the intense pain woke me up from sleep. Sakit okehhh.. But dah alang-alang kat rumah takkan nak berlingkar je kan? So saya menabahkan diri bangun dan mengemas rumah. Menyapu, membasuh, dan mengemas bahagian penyimpanan kasut. i found my old shoes!! They bring memories. Poor shoes dah berhabuk-habuk. And rupa-rupanya saya ada 43 pasang kasut okeh. i'm confused to decide 43 tu banyak ke sikit. Kalau banyak how come i always found myself not having any shoes to wear?
April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bestie Part 1!!

Today is one of my bestfriends' birthday!!!

She surprised us by coming home to Malaysia a day before her birthday.. After 2 years of refusing to come home.

And now she's claiming 2 years worth of birthday parties, celebration and presents from us!!


To my girl, Shaq..

Happy 25th Birthday!!!!!

Admit it, you're old.
 Old but GORGEOUS !

To Shaq:

Happy birthday darling!
Remember that i LOVE you and i MISS you when you're in London.
i wish you a lifetime of HAPPINESS, HEALTH AND WEALTH and CEPAT LA KAHWIN!!
Thanks for being a GREAT friend. Please forgive me for all my wrongdoings and the times we fought.
i LOVE you!

Us being US!

April 22, 2010

Bebelan dari Airport

Hey-ho ya'll!

Haha.. Hati riang gumbira.. Dalam perjalanan pulang ke Kuala Lumpur.. Tapi stuck di Miri airport. Lalalala.. What to do, what to do? Kami mintak earlier flight (instead of flight sebenar jam 6.30 petang) dan dimasukkan ke dalam WAITING LIST. Harap lah dapat flight jam 4.10 petang.. Tak sabar mau pulang ke pangkuan keluarga. (Ceh, macam la sudah 5 tahun tidak pulang).

Kami kebosanan di sini. Transit 6 jam kot. Pschttt! Lalu saya pon mengambil kesempatn ber-belog sambil tergedik-gedik cam-whoring. Tergelak-gelak Zarith melihat diriku yang shamelessly posing bajet comel. Huahaha..

 Oke.. Tolong jangan gelakkan bangs saya :p

Buat-buat busy

Travel companions.
Make-up bag kaler pink tu bukan berisi mekap okeh. Gler ke masuk utan bawak mekap? Dalam tu ade safety boots dan sebagainye :p

Zarith with her sexy Vaio

Killing time

Lately i'm so crazy over this song by this new band, TILU. Not so new, they're formed in 2008. Yea, the band name is weird but it means "3" in Sundanese. Members of the band are from 3 different country; Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. Cool eh? 

i like their song "Ku Bukan Aku" so freaking much. Relax je lagu dier. Videoclip dier pon sangat comel. Ala-ala Alice in Wonderland. Hehe. Nah, sila enjoy videoclip mereka.

Ku Bukan Aku by Tilu
April 21, 2010

Buh-Bye Marudi!

i'm on my last  day  in Marudi  *PHEW!!*

It's a nice place. i finally feel how it's like to have an actual kampung halaman (Errr.. saya tiada kampung. Atok, nenek semua di KL. Mak bapak lahir di KL. i spent the past 24 years in KL. Owh memang tiada life). Memang jakun berada di tengah-tengah pekan kecil, lalu jalan tanah merah, melawat rumah panjang, naik bot merentasi sungai, pergi memancing buat pertama kali, berkelah di dalam hutan, belajar bahasa Iban. It was truly an amazing experience!

But two whole weeks is more than enough. In fact, i was screaming my lungs out on the 7th day. i can't take it anymore..

Call me a whiny baby or a stuck up city girl i don't care. i need my girlfriends, i need good and fattening food, i need to go to the cinema, i need E! channel, i need malls, i need to see the traffic jams, i need the 24 hours mapleys, i need normal cars instead of those pick-up trucks i've been using here and i need Mr. Chenta!
April 16, 2010

Being Imperfect is Perfectly Fine

It ain't easy being a girl.

Everyday we are shoved with images of beautiful women. Women who are so perfect they hardly have any flaws. Everything about their skin, body, teeth, hair, nails (yeah, we women do get jealous of another women's shiny nails) are perfect. In our great little minds we'll wonder "Why can't i have that beautiful hair? How come her skin's flawless when she doesn't even wash her face? Why is she so skinny when she eats more than i do??"

Ladies, news flash; LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

i admit i am vain. i wanna be perfect in every way possible. But for the past 4 years i've learnt that no matter what you do, you're not gonna turn into Jessica Alba, Gisele Bunchen, Siti Nurhaliza or Aishwarya Rai. You will always be you.

So i accepted my fate. Frizzy hair checked. Badan berlemak-lemak checked. Gigi yang pelik checked. Dahi berjerawat checked. Of course i try as much as possible to mitigate these imperfections. But i learnt to love these very much flawed body, skin, teeth, and hair of mine. Besides, what really counts is who you are deep inside. People will love you more if you have a good heart, tidak dengki mendengki, dan berbuat baik dengan orang. Apalah guna muka cantik, badan seksi jika hati sebusuk loji kan? Teehehe..

i'm not done babbling.

To make myself (and also you, darlings!) feel better, i googled some "flawless" celebrities (i always knew they're not flawless anyway. They have airbrush to make themselves look perfect). Enjoy these pictures and keep in mind that even they need help to look beautiful ;)

See how tiny her waist and arms are in the "after" picture? Her legs are leaner too.

Tadaaa... Cellulite removed!

Edited to perfection; bustier and slimmer waist.

 Hurm.. i think she looks hot the way she is.

Grandma Madonna looking younger!

Bottom line is, nobody's perfect. Love yourself the way you are, only then others will love you.

Pictures credit: Source1, Source2, Source3
April 13, 2010


i did something utterly foolish today.

My bangs have grown that they don't look like bangs anymore. So i decided to get it cut. Here in Marudi.


The stylist cut my bangs TOO SHORT! i look ugly and ridiculous. i can't even look in the mirror anymore!

i feel like crying all the time.

Believe me i look worse than this.

April 12, 2010

i'm Missing a Certain Someone

Have you ever miss someone so terribly bad?

It makes you count every single day till you get to see him.

It makes you replay every sweet moments you spent together.

It makes your heart pound like jet engine everytime you see his name on the phone, calling you.

And your eyes start to water everytime you hear a sappy love song.

Then you find it hard to breathe knowing the fact that he's just not here with you.

Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

i keep replaying this song over and over.

10 days to go. It just seems too long. i love traveling but i hate this part. Ugh!
April 9, 2010

Dress Fetish!

i'm currently in Marudi, Sarawak. i know, people are like "Maru- what? Where in the world is that?" when i tell them i'm going to Marudi for work. It's a nice place. Haven't got time to explore as i've only been here for 24 hours. Will tell the world more about Marudi once i'm through exploring.

Nowww... let's get into girly mode.

i was wandering in the world wide web when i stumbled into these dresses:

Aren't they the cutest?? 

i've always had this unexplainable fetish for colorful flowy dresses. i like bright colors such as these. Rainbow-y!
April 6, 2010

Iye.. Saya Jugak Broke!

Money, money, money..

As much as we’d like to  believe in “Love is all we need to be happy” and “material things don’t matter”, I have to admit that money matters in making me happy.

Macam mana nak happy bila dapat je gaji every month terpaksa fikir 20-60 kali on how to manage them. Rumah, kereta, family, PTPTN, bil tepon, bil internet.. Tak campur lagi hutang kredit kad buat beli perabot rumah aritu.. Keje lak kat KLCC, harus lah mata ini berhabuk tengok pelbagai jenis baju/kasut/handbags ditayangkan di setiap cermin kedai. Mestilah tak happy kan sebab takleh shop? Sobs!

Iya, sudah beberapa bulan saya tidak shopping. Kalo membeli pon, bende yang penting je (seperti sabun, groceries, makeup remover, yada yada yada). Diriku ini sudah berbulan-bulan tidak merasa the thrill of purchasing a brand new handbag ( I miss the smell of leather on handbags!)

“Alah, ko tipu lah Teefa. Ko gi Krabi tu ape?
Krabi tu last year nyer plan la weh.. Pakej dah beli takkan tak pegi?
Habis tu ko gi Singapore sape suruh?
Well, itu sbb nak tengok Paramore! Aku tak shopping pon!
Yang ko gi beli wallet Cole Haan tu kenape? Mahal tau..
Erk.. dah alang-alang Marissa gi Houston, kene la kirim.. kire murah la wallet tu wehhh..”

This kind of conversation selalu terngiang-ngiang di kepala saya. (T_T)

I am thankful for what I have. Alhamdulillah. At least cukup makan, mampu berzakat, membantu keluarga dan dah ade rumah sendiri kan? Berapa kerat je orang berjaya membeli rumah sewaktu berusia 22 tahun? Ececeh ayat untuk menyedapkan hati. Tapi sebab membayar rumah ni jugak la saya broke. Hurm… Cepat la orang menyewa rumah saya. Amin! Saya perlu start menyimpan balik. Sudah lama ASB saya takde pertumbuhan. Static begitu sahaja. Macam mane nak kawen kalo duit tak cukup? Oooppsss!

Bottom line is, we humans will never be satisfied with what we have. Gaji 1000 nak gaji 3000. Yang dah ade bag Charles & Keith nak Marc Jacobs. Yang dah ade Marc Jacobs  lak nak Hermes Birkin. Memang tak puas tak kira lah berapa banyak pon wang di bank. Peringatan kepada diri sendiri: Bersyukur lah dengan ape yang ada. Kang Allah tarik semua baru tahu!

p/s: ohhh..Ramai pulak rakan taulan berkahwin tahun ini. Tiba2 terbayang-bayang baju-baju kurung dan kebaya cantik-cantik untuk dipakai ke majlis mereka :p
April 5, 2010

New Layout!

Okay people!

As you  noticed, i've been changing my blog background and layout. Heck, i've been changing it a lot these past 3 days.

In the process, i learnt quite a lot about HTML, blog tools, bla bla bla... i'm kinda proud of myself because i'm not really IT literate.. Having accomplish this is like a HUGE achievement for me. Sila tepuk tangan! Huhu.

So do you like it? To be honest, i would like to make MORE changes and have different layout but i have to settle for this as i'm out of energy to try this and that. But don't be surprised if you see more changes after this.

Ugh.. My shoulders are already aching. Later!
April 3, 2010


i'm so very new in blogging, so i like to experiment with background layouts/buttons/blinkies/header/links (as you already noticed).

But i made a HUGE MISTAKE tonight..

i was searching and found this layout that i like and i installed.

The next thing i know all of the widgets/gadgets/links/whatever you wanna call it disappear!!!!!!!


So stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 1, 2010

Ou Mai Gosh!

Okay, this is hilarious.

Maybe not all of you know that i like super high heels. 5-inch stilettos are my absolute favorite. People often wonder how do i walk in those but really, it's easy.

One of my (straight) guy friends badly wants to know how it feels like to be in those heels. Thanks to my gigantic feet (Giant Feet post), his dreams finally came true.

Ou mai gosh, he strictly told me not to publish this, but it's too cute to be kept to myself!


Geological Fieldwork for Dummies

A friend once told me "Ko ni ber-blog macam bukan geologist. Cuba la ketengahkan sket elemen ke-geologist-an"


i'm gonna talk about geological fieldtrip or fieldwork.

Correct me if i'm wrong but a friend once told me in her line of work, a fieldtrip consists of "a hopping trip from one company to another company to observe/study/survey the way the said company work". She was like "You're soooo lucky coz you get to go to fieldworks!!!"

Boy, you couldn't be more WRONG!

In a geologist's dictionary (according to me lah), a fieldwork can be described as "Endless hours outdoor looking at, examining, touching, smelling, drawing, and even tasting rocks under the merciless hot sun (if we're lucky) or pouring rain (if we're cursed). This process takes hours if not days."

In addition to all of the above, you have to think of why the rock is there, why it is the way it is, why it's muddy instead of sandy, how it got there, where else will you find the same formation of rocks, what brought it there.. The list of whys and hows seem endless!

Cakap banyak pon tak gune. Maybe i should show you what we actually do on a fieldtrip - the geologist way.

Batu apakah ini?
Why is it like that?

Why is the beach full of corals instead of sandy yang cantik-cantik?

What kind of structure is this?
How did the mini cave form?

Panjat memanjat perkara biasa.

Why this rock appears to be fractured?

 Why is this formation like this...

...instead of tersusun cantik begini?

What structure is this? What caused it?

Now do you get the picture? We have to answer all the above questions. The answers vary from one geologist to another. It depends on your own interpretation.

Memang leceh sikit bler gi fieldwork. Start pagi, habis lewat petang. Panas tak ingat.. sampai migraine dibuatnye. Kalau hujan pon harus diredah untuk mengelak pembaziran waktu. Bekalan air, sunblock, sunglasses, dan baju hujan harus lah cukup. All for the love of geology. 

However, tidak lah semuanya buruk-buruk belaka. In our trips, we'll get to discover hidden places. Beauty of nature that has never been discovered by outside world. i am lucky to get to discover/see them. Kita juga boleh bersuka-ria dan berfoya-foya semasa membuat kerja lapangan ini. Jumpe tempat cantik, harus lah berposing kan?

Gorgeous trees.

Stunning river in Tandek.

Sungai mengalir tenang with a long, long jetty di Sulaman, Sabah.

Fooling around with friends. Rindunye diorg!

Ride on a pick-up truck. 
Haruslah berangan kami sedang membintangi filem Bollywood!

The effect of a geological fieldwork can be seen after the trip. Fieldtrip participants appear to be smarter than before and ability to answer field geological questions increases. But the most obvious after-effects are pertumbuhan jerawat yang maha pesat, penggelapan kulit yang amat nyata, dan kepenatan yang melampau.

Tough task but i'm loving it.