October 13, 2017

Long Silence

It really has been 4 months since i last wrote in this blog.

Really, it has been months since i wrote anywhere online. i didn't even manage to submit anything to Zalora online magazine. Wouldn't be surprised if they remove me from the list of writers lol.

Nothing life-changing happened in the last few months. The usuals: i am struggling to keep with being a working mom with a deaf child and a demanding 2-year-old, trying to get at least 2 exercise sessions a week and practicing my watercoloring weekly.


Work has been crazy. Most days i'm drowned in the pile of things to do at the office. And then there are situation of re-organization at the office. But i couldn't complain much. i'm grateful to have a paying job that i actually like. With the current situation, having a job is a lot to be thankful for. Praying that it'll all turn up okay for the end of year rating.

i just got back from a two-week course and geological fieldwork in Bintulu - Miri - Kota Kinabalu. Our schedule was hectic (8am - 2pm in the blazing sun doing fieldwork) then 3pm - 10pm of desktop and presentation work. It's tiring but it's nice to be back in the hotel room at night with a roomie who is also a good friend and not having to mother the kids. Being able to sleep through the night without Dhani waking up 2-3 times to breastfeed is also a HUGE relaxation.

The Kids

God, what can i say? The boys drive me crazy all the time. One minute they're playing nicely, all laughter and hugs. The next minute they're smacking each other and crying their lungs out.

Afif turned 5 yesterday! He is at the stage where he loves school, loves his teachers and friends. Everyday he would have things to say about school happenings. Speech-wise, he is way better than before. Clearer pronouncation of words, especially after his second implant ( sorry, didn't even get to update that he got his second cochlear implant on the left ear in March).. Even the teachers say so! Alhamdulillah. There's still a lot to catch up, a lot to do til he can be at par with typical children his age but we shall not worry too much about it.

Dhani is 2.5 years now and being the typical Terrible Two toddler. When things don't go his way, he will throw tantrum like nobody's business. It drives me mad! But God, i love this guy. He is a kisser. Always ready with a big wet kiss when he sees me, always asking "Mama, are you okay?" when he sees my tired/angry face. He is at the stage where he questions every 'what'. Bunyi apa tu? Mama buat apa? And yes, he still breastfeeds. No idea how to wean him off.

The Husband

My Mr. Chenta remains the best husband in the world. At least in my eyes la haha. Not to say we have the perfect marriage. We have our ups and lower ups but alhamdulillah we are still us. We go for dates as often as we can (1-2 times a month), all day texting just to catch up on each other, shared chores and do things together as a team, 'I love you's are always said, he still laughs at my clumsiness and his farts still amuse me.. The usual husband-wife thingy. Alhamdulillah, everyday i thank the Almighty for my husband and i pray that we stay like this, if not better, in the years to come. i loove you, baby!

Other Things

i'm fat guys. I don't know whether it's because of aging or what, it seems so hard to maintain my weight and even harder to lose weight. Back then, i barely weigh 55kg, now it's a battle to keep it under 60kg. In an attempt to be healthy and maintain a healthy BMI, i sign up for monthly running event in the hope that it'll make me jog/exercise regularly. So far it works laa.. i go for twice a week Zumba session at the office and go running around the neighborhood in the weekend. But yeah, i'm not losing weight. Mungkin sebab nafsu makan yang tak dikawal hahahaha. Sis cuba lagi okayyy.

It has been almost a month since i last hold my watercolor. Haih, sis busy, memang tak sempat. Last sebelum gi fieldwork haritu. Gerammm je tengok artwork orang. i'll restart soon, i promise. Mr. Chenta said he notices that i get moody or anxious when i haven't paint in a while. i guess painting is some sort of therapy for me.

i guess this is all for now.

Oh, we're going for a HOLIDAY real soon. Tomorrow!

We're nervous about it since it's the first time we're traveling for a long duration (13 days!) and we're gonna be road-tripping. Roadtrips and toddlers don't exactly go hand in hand but if we don't do it now, i don't know when. Will update soon. Wish us luck, guys!

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