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February 20, 2011

Bridesmaid Duties

November, December and January are 3 kinda-busy months for me. Ada 3 orang kawan yang agak rapat kawen, and yours truly was one of the bridesmaids!

Punya la lama tunggu diorang punye official wedding photos, tapi tak kunjung tiba. Last-last membebel pakai gambar simpanan sendiri. Ai ni memang sangat pelupa orangye so kene la jugak blog pasal weddings ni. Buat ingatan di hari mendatang.


i'm honored to be a part of their wedding, even though it's small part. Walopon hanya menjadi dayang/pembagi bunga telur/penolong last minutes preparation/penggedik di gambar kawen orang/penggubah bunga, i had lotsa fun and learnt a lot. Boleh la saya praktikkan di hari perkahwinan saya kelak [ahem]. Bila lagi kita berkumpul ramai-ramai, had a perfect reason to tempah baju cantik-cantik, watch the girls drama live, cam whore mcm orang gila kan?

Nah gambar. Dicilok dari FB mereka and camera sendiri.

Ekin+Souffy's Wedding
November 28, 2010

It was held at Dewan Dato' Siti Hasmah (located belakang Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka) and was a simple and beautiful wedding, tapi agak kelam kabut for us the bridesmaid. Upon arriving we were busy arranging the bridesmaid bouquets that we didn't realize that the bride and groom were already at the entrance, waiting for us to walk down the altar. Kelam kabut. Ekin was practically in tears. It went well in the end. Phew~!

 The joy of being a bridesmaid: Gambar extra-gedik with the bride and groom!

 Guess who caught the bouquet?
But the myth that says the bouquet-catcher will wed next is so untrue coz Awin was the one next in line!

 With my favourite flower; Gerbera daisy.

The only decent picture of the happy couple and i.

In+Boi's Wedding
December 10, 2010

Wedding yang traditional, sederhana tapi meriah! 
Living in KL, i've always been to weddings that are held at a hall, restaurants and hotels. Not a traditional Malay wedding. In's wedding was held at her parents house, in her hometown in Merlimau, Melaka. Her wedding is a complete traditional affair with bernikah ceremony, malam berinai, and majlis bersanding all at her house. It was a breath of frseh air for me and i was so jakun and excited! Memang terasa kemeriahannya. Orang kampung gotong-royong, pelamin buatan sendiri, and her nikah ceremony was the MOST EMOTIONAL ceremony that i've been to. 

 Emotional moments.
In Melaka, it's a tradition that the bride's mom give a short speech/advice to the bride. Percayalah ucapan itu adalah sangat mengharukan. Contoh ayat adalah "Mak dah jaga kamu baik-baik, sekarang mak lepaskan kamu. Jadilah isteri yang solehah...". In return, the daughter will make a short vow to be a good wife and mother and say her thanks to her family. Sedih wooo. Hampir semua tetamu menangis. Pengantin lagi la meraung. 

 Gamba takleh kaver eksaited.

 Two bridesmaids and a bride.

 Double duty: bridesmaids dan penggubah bouquet!
Excuse our messy room.

 Our oversized corsages.

 Lesbos moments.


Uni mates! Linda, Siti, Mawai and moi!

Awen+Rizal's Wedding
Early January, 2011

It was held at Dewan Perdana Felda. We wore a maxi dress for this ceremony. Sukaaaa! Bukan senang dapat pakai dress gi Malay wedding kan? i brought my camera but i FORGOT TO CHARGE THE BATTERY! How stupid could i be? *hantuk kepala kat dinding*

Fret not, i managed to take photos using my phone. Specifically with my LomoLomo application. i ADORE this application! 

We're almost ready..

Me in a modest purple maxi dress.
Bridesmaid bouquet gubahan saya *nak jugak interframe!*

She help designed my purple maxi dress.

 Elements of me..

Happily gedik bridesmaids!

If you notice gambar pengantin memang takda! Official wedding photo pulak tak dibagi lagi (-_-)

Begitu lah serba sedikit cerita jadi bridesmaid. Seronok, penat, girly dramas, gediks all mixed together to create sweet memories. Nanti aku kawen ntah la macam mane keadaannye. Hehe.

Ok lah. Tomorrow is Monday. Keje!! *sigh*


February 17, 2011


You can't see how happy i was in that picture coz my hair was all over me. But i'm HAPPY!

The climb was one hell of a time. Cursed myself all the way up.  Kenapalah ko gatal menyusahkan diri sendiri. But when i see the beautiful view and the flawless scene in front of me, i know it's worth it. Subhanallah, cantiknya ciptaanNya.

Will tell you the story mory when i feel like it. But yeah, i conquered Mount Kinabalu TWICE. i'm a superwoman.

February 9, 2011


It's just Wednesday. Just last week we had a long weekend.
The road trip was GREAT as well as TIRING!
As i sit here in front of the PC i couldn't help feeling worn out and jaded. i realized that i need a vacation.

Just me, the beach, and a book. 
image by inslee

p/s: Cant wait for our all-girls Bali trip!!!
p/s lagi: My Mount Kinabalu trip is 3 days away. Scary!

February 2, 2011

When You're the Only One Working While the Others are on a 1-Week Leave... blog!

It's February 2, 2011. A Wednesday. Those who work in KL got a one day public holiday yesterday and tomorrow those who work in Malaysia will get a 2-day leave to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Naturally, ramai yang amek cuti 2 hari to get a straight one-week holiday. Ramai tak termasuk aku.

i'm the girl who will always be in the office on festive holidays. Hari Raya pon tak amek cuti. Raya Cina apatah lagi. Yes, i'm so devoted to my work. *keep a straight face, trying not to smirk*

The office is freakingly empty!!!!

If it wasn't for the fact that my boss is here, i swear i'll put on a loud music, order Domino's, throw a food fight party, and paint the office wall bright green.


i'm too much of a cow for that. And the color green is revolting. And i love my office the way it is. Told ya i'm devoted.


As we're gonna have a super long weekend, me and a few friends are going to Terengganu. To Siti's wedding!! You know what this means, right?


If only that is Linda's car and if only we look half as hot.

To be honest, roadtrip takkan semudah ini kan? Musim-musim perayaan ini, harus lah jem. Musim hujan ini, mungkin banjir.

Happy Chinese New Year all!!
Hope the year of rabbit will be good to us :)

February 1, 2011

Celebrating Baby Azka

A creepy thing happened on January 23, 2011:

On Sunday night i dreamt about Dewi...
In my dream, i flew to Jakarta, burst into her house (like the drama queen i am) and shriek, yell, and hug her. Her tummy was huge but she was glowing. We were so happy to see each other. Then she asked "Babe... Ko buat ape kat sini? Tibe-tibe je datang niii.." Aku dengan konfiden nye cakap "Babeeee... Aku rindu ko! So aku datang nak lepak ngan ko laa.. Nak tunggu sampai baby ko lahir. Pastu aku balik k.." All the while thinking 'Her due date is on 25th, tak lame lagi ni beranak. Heeee!' Pastu ntah macam mane dalam mimpi tu, boleh pulak fast forward and there we were, lepak minom teh tapi muka dah bengang+anxious and i said "Babe.. Ko taknak beranak lagi ke? Dah dua minggu aku tunggu ko ni.. Bler nak beranak?" She looked scared and confused. 

On the very same Sunday night, my friend As, dreamt about Dewi...
She was in the labour room with Dewi. Dewi nak beranak tapi tak beranak-beranak. She looked calm and siap gelak-gelak lagi. People come, beranak, and go tapi Dewi tak beranak-beranak. Dewi cakap "As, apsal aku tak beranak-beranak eh? Aku takot lahh.."

We exchanged stories about our dream on Monday morning at work and got so freaked out!! Kalau Chuna pon mimpi Dewi, memang freaky la wehhhh.. Luckily Chuna tak mimpi Dewi. But we're freaked out anyway. Her due date is supposed to be on the 25th, and we dream the same dream of Dewi takleh beranak, mesti lah risau kan? So we called her. Guess what? She said "Korangggggg aku bleeding ni, perot sakit. Aku tengah siap-siap nak gi hospital!!"

We were like "OMG!!! Ko nak beranak ke bukkkk?"

She said maybe. And laughed about our same dream thing. "Keep dreaming about me, bagi aku cepat beranak!", she said.

It turned out, that wasn't contraction or any signs of nak beranak. Yes, she was dialated 2cm that day and it remained that way for almost a week! i was anxious so i called her almost everyday! Dah tak kesah international call mahal ke hape. Tapi tak beranak-beranak jugak. Haishhhhh! We pingchat everyday jugak. Dewi, As, Chuna and i :D
On January 28, 2011.. She was 3 days past her due date. Sedang aku on a date tengok wayang cter Paranormal Activity 2 bersama Mr. Chenta, i got a ping! It's from Dewi saying "Babe.. air ketuban aku pecah.. Takot laa". Oh God, i swear i felt like flying off to Jakarta straight away. As, Chuna and i kecoh-kecoh dah kat Ping tu. After movie i called her but she can't hear me as she was in the hospital. We Ping-ed a few times. She's in labour and still Ping-ing away!!!!! Pompuan ni gler betul. It felt like we're there with her. i really wish all three of us were there with her. 

Pastu lame senyap.












Senyap. i swear i wanted to call but Mr. Chenta said "Jangan lah kacau! Orang sibuk nak beranak, ko sibuk lak nak call-call. Just wait k. Everything will be alright"





Finally, at 5am, she Ping-ed us back. Baby Chairunnissa Azka was born!!!

Beautiful baby Azka. 
Dewi and Syahrul's bundle of joy.
Alhamdulillah, mummy and baby are both safe, healthy and happy surrounded by their loved ones 

i can't express how happy i am. Tak pernah aku se-eksaited, se-anxious, se-terharu ini for a friend's baby. i guess Dewi's not just any friend. She's my bitch! i know i crazy love this little baby even though i haven't met her yet. Can't wait to see them. 

You gotta admit, it' creepy the way that As and i dreamt about the same thing, about the same person on the same night.. And memang betul pon mimpi tu, Dewi lambat beranak. Creepy kannnnn?? We women are really in tune with each other. Chuna tak mimpi sebab it's a stressful week at work for her. Nanti aku nak beranak, dier mimpi jugak. Hehe. 

Maybe that's the power of friendship :)