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August 26, 2011

Victoria Beckham Sans High Heels..

Victoria Beckham and high heels are like isi dengan kuku. You can't see her without her at-least-4-inch heels (except for that ONE trip to Disneyland with her sons last year). Naturally, i was shocked seeing the headline "Victoria Ordered to Wear Flats" on Yahoo! Shine. It's practically the end of the world!

Heelly mommy

How can she walk in these heel-less boots?

When will i ever own a pair of Louboutins and Birkins?

Pregnant and being a soccer mom. Mrs. Beckham can do it in high heels.

It turns out that Mrs. Beckham has slipped disc. Man, years of being in those platforms and stilettos must've really taken a toll on her.

Hope she'll recover soon. Slipped disc is not fun. i've seen my friends suffered from it. Nau'zubillah Minzalik.

i don't know whether i've gotten older, wiser or pure malas-nak-berglam-glam, i've been laying off the high heels for the past few months. Paling glam pon wedges je lately. Kalau boleh gi keje pon pakai FitFlop je. Maybe sebab insaf tengok kawan-kawan and sedara-mara kene slipped disc, sakit tulang kaki, sakit pinggang, etc. In a way, it's good for my wallet too. Takde bernafsu sangat tengok kasut cantik. Huhu.

Back to Victoria, this is her latest photo, shortly after giving birth to her first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham:

Click here if you wanna know more

Photo sources: The Daily Mail and Google Image

p/s: How the hell did she get that skinny lepas beranak?? i think lepas beranak nanti i'll be one of those moms who'll take years to get the kilos off :(

August 24, 2011

i've Had a Makeover!

Not me.. The blog!


It's been a while since i did facelift or makeover to this blog. It's getting lame boring. So i gave it afresh change.

i even change the blog title. Feel too old to be called a princess. A girl has got to move on, right?

So..... Do you like it?

August 23, 2011

Buka Puasa Buffet at Marche, The Curve

Last Sunday was Raya cleaning for us at home.

If you've been INSIDE my house, you'll know how messy it it. Try having 6 twenty-sumthing people under one roof, then you'll understand. 4 of them recently finished uni/college, 1 of them is a permanent resident, another one is crazy for shoes+clothes. So the house is full of stuff. Books and notes in the kitchen cabinets, countless shoes under the stairs, even the family space upstairs have been transformed into an attic coz we don't have enough space for our junks. Tak campur lagi dengan Wan yang super hoarder. Tsk tsk.

So on Sunday we threw out some shoes, rearrange the 'attic', clean up our backyard, threw out some furniture, polish the vases, sweep, mop the floor, polish the furniture, threw out two mattresses.. The list goes on and on. Sudah la puasa. And i'm super allergic to dust. Sepanjang masa hingus meleleh dan bersin-bersin.  Demi Raya, tabah kan jugak hati.

To reward myself yang gagah melawan alergy dan gagah berpuasa, Mr. Chenta and i went to Marche for our Iftar date.

Yeay! Marche!

Iftar at Marche is our annual thing. We've been going for three years now (thanks to Linda yang promote kat aku). This year, it's kinda special for us coz it's our first iftar date. And mungkin kah ini our last iftar date as a couple? Tahun depan as hubby and wifey pulak kah? Hehe InsyaAllah.

The price has increased AGAIN this year (surprise, surprise!). In 2009, the price was RM45/pax. Time ni sumpah rasa murah gilaaaa. Ye lah, buffet at RM45, murah kan? Then last year it increased to RM58/pax. Still okay. But this year, harga sudah mencecah RM65 lah. Haiyooo. Itu buffet makanan aja. Drinks tak campur lagi ye. Tapi sebab terkenangkan makanan dia yang sedap-sedap belaka, tutup mata ajaa.. Name pon setahun sekali kan?

 On our way there on DUKE Highway.
Weather was nice. The sun shone after a heavy rain.

 Our first round.

 Mushroom soup Marche yang menjadi pojaan hatiku.. Dia adalah pekat, creamy and full of flavor!

Muka tak sabar nak berbuka.

 Okay boleh buka.
Ini bukan lakonannnnn!

My obsession ;)

Our reserved table <3

 Our second round and more. Tak larat makan, tak larat amek gambar dah!

All in all, Marche's Buka Puasa Buffet was good. More selection compared to last year. My favorites are the crepe, mushroom soups, all the desserts, pizzas, sauteed mushroom, rosti, and the grilled lamb. Yang lain-lain tu biasa je. For buka puasa, it's advisable to make a reservation as Marche's always packed. Request for a table inside the rooms (for example Locanda) as it's more comfortable.

Last year we came for iftar with Linda and Butet. This year tak sempat nak janji-janji for double date. Kami pergi berdua je. Masa on the way gi The Curve, Mr. Chenta kata "Haaaa.. Ntah-ntah terserampak ngan Linda jap lagi.." Guess what? Memang masin mulut Mr. Chenta. Linda was there with Butet and anak buahnya, Kimi! Gaaahahaha.. Mr. Chenta and i couldn't stop laughing over it.

Great tummies think alike. That's why we chose to go to Marche at the same time UNPLANNED!

Dah nak kawen dah diorang ni. So happy for them! 
*wipe tears*

Dah abes makan, Mr. Chenta and i jalan-jalan kat Ikea pulak. Needed to buy a few things for Raya deco. Strangely i was in a cam whoring mood that night. Ini adalah jarang berlaku bila saya berusia 25 tahun ye. Agak pelik di situ.

 Kerusi ni selesa gila. i was gonna buy it for Wan tapi pengsan bila tengok harga. RM969 (if i'm not mistaken). Tak jadi beli. Sorry Wan. Lenkali ye..

The couple with weird faces.

My dream walk-in wardrobe. i don't ask for much. i only want a wardrobe like this..
*Mr. Chenta terdiam lalu buat-buat tak dengar*

That's the story of our iftar date.
That night, i came home happy. Little did i know that i'm gonna have a baddddd fever. 

Monday morning i woke up to a pounding head, my left ear is throbbing and body temperature was high. Went to the doctor. Rupanya my sinus worsen (thanks to the habuk masa mengemas rumah). Throat and ears are infected as well. My left eardrum has swollen! i was given two days worth of rest and 6 types of medicine to finish. i'm never gonna mengemas rumah ever again!! *diva mode*

 Sicko's medicine.

Ok before i sign off, one more self-absorbed, camera-crazy photo:






Ok bye.

August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : My Latest Obsession

August 15, 2011

You & i

Don't you worry there, my honey
We might not have any money
But we've got our love to pay the bills

Maybe i think you're cute and funny
Maybe i wanna do what bunnies do with you
If you know what i mean

Oh let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France
Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
Let's get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
Way up there

Well you might be a bit confused
And you might be a little bit bruised
But baby how we spoon like no one else
So i will help you read those books
If you will soothe my worried looks
And we will put the lonesome on the shelves

 Oh let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France
Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance 
Let's get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
From way up there

Oh let's get rich and buy our parents homes in the South of France
Let's get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
Let's get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
From way up there


Somehow this song shows up when we're facing a little bump on our journey.

But i believe that however big the obstacle, as long as we're in it together, we'll get through it.

Semoga segala dipermudahkan Nya.

August 14, 2011

City Hunter

i can't resist blogging about this.

i took Friday off just so that Mr. Chenta and i can go to MATTA fair in peace. i mean, boleh je pergi on Saturday but fasting and bersesak-dengan-orang-gila-ramai kat MATTA fair is not a good idea. We're looking for a travel deal for us to go in January. Tetapi hampa. Most deals offered are up until December. Dengan sedihnya, kami pulang. MISSION FAILED! Penat je amek cuti.


Upon reaching home i continued watching City Hunter sampai habis.


Look at that smile. How could you NOT fall in love with that mischievous smile?

i love how City Hunter is not like any other typical Korean drama. Not all about sappy teenagers love drama. It's more to action drama.

It's about a man, Lee Jin Pyo's mission to avenge his 20 friends who are elite soldiers who were killed by the Korean government after they completed a mission ordered by the government itself. He was the only survivor. So he went home, kidnap his friend's (that was killed) 1-month young son and train him to be an assassin to help him get his revenge. That son is later named Lee Yoon Sung, who's played by Lee Min Ho!

 City Hunter Poster

So after years of training in Thailand, they moved back to Korea to begin their mission to kill the 5 people (who are now ministers) who ordered the killings of the 21 soldiers 28 years ago. But of course la, watak hero adalah baik. Mesti lah Lee Yoon Sung ni tanak bunuh the five people. Instead, he reveals their corruption, bribery, scandals, etc. That how he became the nation's hero, City Hunter. It gives hope to the people. Tapi bapak angkat dier ni degil jugak nak bunuh 5 orang ni. So there were conflicts.

Tapi Korean dramas adalah tidak sah kalo takda adegan chenta. Di Korea, Lee Yoon Sung berkenalan dengan Kim Na Na (tapi sebenarnya dia dah jatuh chenta ngan Na Na ni masa kat Thailand lagi, when he saw her photo). It was hate at first sight. Tapi lama-lama sayang. Heeeee...

 The scene where Yoon Sung washes Na Na's hair. Because she's been shot, takleh basuh rambut sendiri.
Sweet takkkk??? :)

Ok, it was bullshit if i say i watch City Hunter just for the actions. Aside from watching and drooling for Lee Min Ho, of course it was for the romance too! Comel kan tengok scene couple Korea bergaduh, mahu tapi malu.. Yoon Sung and Na Na relationship grows and evolves from the second episode up until about the 13th-14th episode. After that, the focus is mainly on the killing mission. So it wasn't as much fun anymore.

Now that i've finished watching, i don't know what else to look forward to. Apa lagi cter yang menarik eh? How I Met Your Mother tak keluar lagi season baru. That's the other series that i'm addicted to. Anyway, i've found another website that host Korean drama aside from and It is called i think epdrama is better than the other two. All the episodes are clear, fast-loading and okay. Hehe.

Cupid by Girl's Day

First shown to me by Linda. Dia pon gila kan Lee Min Ho. But i saw him first!! So we decided to share Lee Min Ho. Mr. Chenta and Butet masing-masing punya, takleh share!

August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : The First

August 9, 2011

*Insert Title Here*

i've lost momentum to blog.

What can i say? It's Ramadhan. Don't have much to babble or to update. These days i go to work, came home, masak kadang-kadang, terbungkang kadang-kadang, buka, and malam gi terawikh (kalau larat and rajin :p), kalau malas i'll watch City Hunter. OMG LEE MIN HO IS A HOTTIE I COULD YELL EVERYTIME I SEE HIM ON THE SCREEN! But i prefer his looks in Boys Over Flower though.


i'm busy preparing and planning a few things. Hehe. Will tell you more when i'm confident enough to tell the world. For now, it's my (and a few other people)'s little secret ;) Doakan semuanya okay ya?

Hope it's note too late to wish you, my Muslim reader, Ramadhan Mubarak. Semoga segala amalan kita diterimaNya.

p/s: On the 7th day of fasting i found out i've lost 3.3kg! Gahaha.. 2 more kilograms and i'll get my desired weight. But knowing me, i'll gain all the kilos (and more) during Raya. Pschftttt!