August 14, 2011

City Hunter

i can't resist blogging about this.

i took Friday off just so that Mr. Chenta and i can go to MATTA fair in peace. i mean, boleh je pergi on Saturday but fasting and bersesak-dengan-orang-gila-ramai kat MATTA fair is not a good idea. We're looking for a travel deal for us to go in January. Tetapi hampa. Most deals offered are up until December. Dengan sedihnya, kami pulang. MISSION FAILED! Penat je amek cuti.


Upon reaching home i continued watching City Hunter sampai habis.


Look at that smile. How could you NOT fall in love with that mischievous smile?

i love how City Hunter is not like any other typical Korean drama. Not all about sappy teenagers love drama. It's more to action drama.

It's about a man, Lee Jin Pyo's mission to avenge his 20 friends who are elite soldiers who were killed by the Korean government after they completed a mission ordered by the government itself. He was the only survivor. So he went home, kidnap his friend's (that was killed) 1-month young son and train him to be an assassin to help him get his revenge. That son is later named Lee Yoon Sung, who's played by Lee Min Ho!

 City Hunter Poster

So after years of training in Thailand, they moved back to Korea to begin their mission to kill the 5 people (who are now ministers) who ordered the killings of the 21 soldiers 28 years ago. But of course la, watak hero adalah baik. Mesti lah Lee Yoon Sung ni tanak bunuh the five people. Instead, he reveals their corruption, bribery, scandals, etc. That how he became the nation's hero, City Hunter. It gives hope to the people. Tapi bapak angkat dier ni degil jugak nak bunuh 5 orang ni. So there were conflicts.

Tapi Korean dramas adalah tidak sah kalo takda adegan chenta. Di Korea, Lee Yoon Sung berkenalan dengan Kim Na Na (tapi sebenarnya dia dah jatuh chenta ngan Na Na ni masa kat Thailand lagi, when he saw her photo). It was hate at first sight. Tapi lama-lama sayang. Heeeee...

 The scene where Yoon Sung washes Na Na's hair. Because she's been shot, takleh basuh rambut sendiri.
Sweet takkkk??? :)

Ok, it was bullshit if i say i watch City Hunter just for the actions. Aside from watching and drooling for Lee Min Ho, of course it was for the romance too! Comel kan tengok scene couple Korea bergaduh, mahu tapi malu.. Yoon Sung and Na Na relationship grows and evolves from the second episode up until about the 13th-14th episode. After that, the focus is mainly on the killing mission. So it wasn't as much fun anymore.

Now that i've finished watching, i don't know what else to look forward to. Apa lagi cter yang menarik eh? How I Met Your Mother tak keluar lagi season baru. That's the other series that i'm addicted to. Anyway, i've found another website that host Korean drama aside from and It is called i think epdrama is better than the other two. All the episodes are clear, fast-loading and okay. Hehe.

Cupid by Girl's Day

First shown to me by Linda. Dia pon gila kan Lee Min Ho. But i saw him first!! So we decided to share Lee Min Ho. Mr. Chenta and Butet masing-masing punya, takleh share!

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