August 9, 2011

*Insert Title Here*

i've lost momentum to blog.

What can i say? It's Ramadhan. Don't have much to babble or to update. These days i go to work, came home, masak kadang-kadang, terbungkang kadang-kadang, buka, and malam gi terawikh (kalau larat and rajin :p), kalau malas i'll watch City Hunter. OMG LEE MIN HO IS A HOTTIE I COULD YELL EVERYTIME I SEE HIM ON THE SCREEN! But i prefer his looks in Boys Over Flower though.


i'm busy preparing and planning a few things. Hehe. Will tell you more when i'm confident enough to tell the world. For now, it's my (and a few other people)'s little secret ;) Doakan semuanya okay ya?

Hope it's note too late to wish you, my Muslim reader, Ramadhan Mubarak. Semoga segala amalan kita diterimaNya.

p/s: On the 7th day of fasting i found out i've lost 3.3kg! Gahaha.. 2 more kilograms and i'll get my desired weight. But knowing me, i'll gain all the kilos (and more) during Raya. Pschftttt!

3 comments on "*Insert Title Here*"
  1. teefa..jeles okkk skjap da lost 3.3 kg.haihh.
    happy ramadhan babe!

  2. 1 week 3 kgs?????? jeles, jeles!!!

  3. haihhh.. takde ape nak dijeleskan.. ni sume sebab puasa. nanti abes puasa aku gemok balik.. huhu

    korang pon mesti masing2 dah slim semenjak puasa ni..iman, mawai, keep up the good work of dieting ok. korang dah hot just the way u are.. takyah kurus sgt..


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