August 26, 2011

Victoria Beckham Sans High Heels..

Victoria Beckham and high heels are like isi dengan kuku. You can't see her without her at-least-4-inch heels (except for that ONE trip to Disneyland with her sons last year). Naturally, i was shocked seeing the headline "Victoria Ordered to Wear Flats" on Yahoo! Shine. It's practically the end of the world!

Heelly mommy

How can she walk in these heel-less boots?

When will i ever own a pair of Louboutins and Birkins?

Pregnant and being a soccer mom. Mrs. Beckham can do it in high heels.

It turns out that Mrs. Beckham has slipped disc. Man, years of being in those platforms and stilettos must've really taken a toll on her.

Hope she'll recover soon. Slipped disc is not fun. i've seen my friends suffered from it. Nau'zubillah Minzalik.

i don't know whether i've gotten older, wiser or pure malas-nak-berglam-glam, i've been laying off the high heels for the past few months. Paling glam pon wedges je lately. Kalau boleh gi keje pon pakai FitFlop je. Maybe sebab insaf tengok kawan-kawan and sedara-mara kene slipped disc, sakit tulang kaki, sakit pinggang, etc. In a way, it's good for my wallet too. Takde bernafsu sangat tengok kasut cantik. Huhu.

Back to Victoria, this is her latest photo, shortly after giving birth to her first daughter, Harper Seven Beckham:

Click here if you wanna know more

Photo sources: The Daily Mail and Google Image

p/s: How the hell did she get that skinny lepas beranak?? i think lepas beranak nanti i'll be one of those moms who'll take years to get the kilos off :(

1 comment on "Victoria Beckham Sans High Heels.."
  1. haha...teefa, aku la one of the moms who took years to shed off those pounds!!!

    there are ways to make you slim after pregnancy kalau u did not make it naturally....nak tak nak jerrr

    and.....sebab kite melayu, the traditional way sebernanye dah cokop kut....

    jeleskan tgk VB!!!


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