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October 20, 2014

i Want to Touch a Dog.. Or Maybe Not

Again, after the Octoberfest issue, Malaysians are shook with another religion/cultural sensitive issue.

To be honest, when i saw the promo for "i Want to Touch a Dog" event, i was tempted.

Because to be honest, i like them dogs, especially the ones that looks like fox. Siberian husky is it? And another one is Shiba Inu. So fluffy, so cute, so loyal and so friendly (at least that's how they look on tvs). Cats are not really my thing because.. well, after living with them for years, i found that they're boring. At least you can play fetch with a dog, take them for walks, and (again from tvs) they understand you when you talk to them. And they sit by your grave when you die (blame the tv). Cats just meow and ask for more food.

So there you have it. A confession for me. Yes, i like dogs. 

As much as i love this wonderful creature, i'm also a Muslim. Not only Muslim by name, i'm practicing Muslim. Part of being a Muslim is questioning and understanding why certain things are restricted/limited/forbidden in Islam. And being a Muslim, of course i refrain myself from getting near dogs.

So back to the "i Want to Touch a Dog" event. i'm sure whoever organized the event has a good intention at heart. The objective was something like to overcome people's fear of dogs, to show that dogs are not haraam, and to create awareness about samak/sertu. 

When i heard about that, i thought it was somewhat good idea and i also thought "Boy, this will be controversial"

i decided not to go anyway. Because..

1) i was unclear of  what the hukum is for us to pet dogs without reason (anjing sakit ke, nak kasi makan ke ape memang diharuskan..) 
2) if Afif likes them dogs, dah satu hal plak everytime nampak anjing dia nak pet. Besides, he's still so little he doesn't understand right from wrong. Kang tak pasal-pasal mintak anjing dengan alasan "dulu Mama tak ingat ke kite sayang anjing tewww"
3) i already love dogs. Takyah gi kempen segala to nurture my love for dogs
4) malas nak bangon pagi baahaha

On the day of the event,i was shocked to see people, especially Muslims, posting pictures of them not only touching/petting, but hugging and carrying the adorable dogs. My thought was "leceh nyaaa kene samak baju segala.." 

True enough, the event received mixed review. Ada yang sokong tapi banyaknya memang bash la those Muslims yang bangga bergambar peluk anjing. Lain objective, lain yang jadi. Hakak-hakak yang pelok anjing tu naik sheikh agaknya bergambar tak ingat siap ada caption bangga.

Answering my question on hukum memegang anjing untuk suka-suka, here's a fatwa by Jakim:

i love UAI's take on this:

Haa.. Moh peluk biawak!

In the end, i think that the event brings more harm than good. Ko nak pegang anjing ke peluk ke, sila lah. Tak perlu buat kempen camni. Ade je anak-anak dato', tan sri bela anjing. Lantak dia la. Tak ajak orang maka orang pon tak la bising. 

Benda camni menimbulkan pergaduhan. Last-last Muslim sama Muslim gak bergaduh and non-Muslims akan pandang serong kat Islam 'itu tak boleh ini tak boleh' katanya. Apa pon takbley..

Let's just live in peace and respect each other's belief.

p/s: bak kata kawan aku, benda yang dilarang la orang nak buat. Tapi bagi aku, sendiri kena ingat pada pegangan. Contohnya aku teringin nak ada tattoo. Tapi dah benda tu haram, kene la ikot hukum hoii. Sama la kisah pegang anjing ni. Tak payah nak liberal sangat la.

October 13, 2014

A Little Update

i seriously miss blogging.

The past two months have been eventful that i hardly have time to write. Work is crazy. personal life is also crazy. In a nutshell:

1) Shaf Got Engaged
- My bestfriend, Shaf, got engaged to her boyfriend Shafiq!

The bride-to-be & i
Please please notice that i'm wearing my wedding skirt. Happy mak sebab still muat walopon ketat sket. Muahahaha 

Bestfriends since 1999
Sebelom tu kawan je tak kawan baik. Baahaha.

2) Family + GF Vacay in Lombok
- Shaf, Shaq, Mr. Chenta, Afif and i spent 4 days 3 nights in Lombok. That place is so beautiful it deserves an entire post for itself. Will upload it sometime this week. i promise!

View at The Chandi Resort & Spa, Lombok.

3) Afif & Rotavirus
-Tak sempat habis rasa ke-best-an becuti di Lombok, Afif kene diarrhea yang dahsyat. It all started during our flight back from Lombok to KL. Lagi sejam nak sampai KL, dia start poo poo dalam flight. Ok fine tukar pampers. Ok je poo poo dia tak cair or anything. 20 minutes after that, kitorang bau lagi dia poo poo. Busok. Pastu nampak pampers dah nak bocor kat tepi tu. Cepat-cepat tukar kat lavatory. Sampai airport, poo poo lagi.
- We reached home at about 6pm. He continued poo poo yang cair. Kesian. Malam tu demam yang panas. Kasi PCM pon kejap je kebah. Pastu demam balik.
- The next morning, kami risau sebab demam tak reda and masih diarrhea. Bawak dia gi PCMC's ER. His temperature was 39.9°C! Doctor and nurse cecepat masukkan ubat bontot (first time ever for him) and lap badan dia ngan kain basah. Unfortunately, wad paedriatric was full. We chose to go to Columbia Asia Setapak (CAS) instead.
- Sampai CAS, jumpa paed nama Dr. Faizal. Dia check Afif. Thankfully he did not look dehydrated yet. Menangis still keluar air mata. Bibir only a bit dry. But he admitted Afif to the ward, just to make sure he's well hydrated.
- We spent 3 days at the hospital. On the second day memang confirm Afif kene rotavirus. Thankfully he didn't puke. Not even once. Tapi memang berbelas kali la kuar masuk toilet basuh poo poo dia. Kesian dengan bontot melecetnya. Dah la second day tu aku sorang yang jaga dia coz hubby had to go to work.
- Bila dah discharged, dia still cirit birit kat rumah. Thankfully the next day terus okay. Alhamdulillah.
- i honestly did not think that the food or water in Lombok caused the diarrhea. Coz we were pretty choosy of where and what we eat (except for on the third day makan kat warung. Tapi kalo kene kat situ, mesti la within hours dia dah start cirit). i think the baby changing room at the airport that we went to just before departing is the culprit.

It's crazy how much difference a day could make. 
One day he's at his healthiest, bersuka ria kat Lombok. The next day terlantar kat katil hospital.

 Time ni memang nak berkepit je la. 
Asalnya aku tengah in-training to wean him off the breast. But since he's sick, he only wants to breastfeed 24/7. Reject trus susu formula.

Kesian boring dok spital Memang ngadap Upin Ipin, Barney and Pocoyo je la kat iPad.
Ada hikmah jugak sakit. Dia tetiba pandai sebut 3 words in those 3 days. 
Ani = Barney
Air = Air (sebab tengok aku asik bancuh Ribena+garam ORS tu)
Ish = Fish

4) Sister-in-law Flew Off to UK to Further Study
- My sister-in-law, Farah, is now a postgraduate student at University of Surrey. She's Afif's favorite aunt, sebab memang dok skali pon. Dia yang gi study, aku yang excited. i now have a reason to go to UK again! Muahahaha..

Sending Kakak off to UK.
Yang bestnya, MIL pon ikot sebab nak settlekan dia kat sana. Ikot hati nak je ikot skali. Kalo la duit tumbuh kat pokok..

5) Mr. Chenta is Now a Temporary Stay-at-home Dad!
- Because Afif needs round the clock interaction with us, ideally i have to stay at home and be his speech therapist. i did that earlier this year (3-months unpaid leave). Kali ni, laki aku plak voluntarily offer diri nak jaga Afif. Nak merasa plak katanya. So he's on 3-months unpaid leave jugak. Is he a superdaddy or what? i'm one lucky girl!
- So far so good. Baru dia tau penatnya jadi full time househusband. Dr. Basha is so impressed seeing Afif's improvement after only 1-week hubby cuti. Sapa kata mak je yang pandai jaga anak?

6) Afif Turned 2!
- Last Saturday was Afif's second birthday! Time passes by just like that. Sebab tahun lepas takde any birthday celebration untuk dia (seketul kek pon takde wey), we decided to throw him a party. This too, deserve a whole post for itself. Will update later.

Okay that's all i got for now. Till next post!