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February 27, 2010

Back from Silence

It's been a long time since i last updated my blog. Walopon tak la ramai pembaca blog ini, i appreciate kamu-kamu yang baik hati membaca bebelan saya ini. You rock my world!

i just came back from a vacation. This time to Krabi! i had a blast bebeh!

Will tell you more about the beautiful piece of land called Krabi. This 4-day trip is a lot to write about you know :p

Hopefully this experience-sharing will fill you with more info you if you're interested to go to Krabi or it'll seduce you into going there (eceh-ceh).

In the meantime, here's a snippet of my Krabi getaway:

February 17, 2010

Of Broken Hearts..

Recently it seems that a lot of my friends are going through a break up.

Break up.

The two dreaded words.

It kills me seeing my friends post breakup. To see the tears and pain. Hear their miserable voices and tearful tales. And worst, seeing those assholes of an ex-boyfriend moving on with some chick less than 2 weeks after breaking up. Really, WTF???

i really feel for my friends. We love with all our hearts. With this thing called love comes along hope, dreams, plans, and longing. It's unfair a thing called breakup has the power to ruin it all. i really wish that relationships last forever, that they don't end just like that.

To my girls (if you're reading this), i'm sorry i'm not really good with words. i'm sorry if i fail to be there for you. There are things i want to say but somehow the words just wont come out the way i want it to sound.

Trust me, i mean it when i say they are not worth it. They're not worth the pain, the agony. You, my friends, are far too pretty, smart, kind-hearted, loyal, and waaaayyyyy too good for men like them. Then again, everything happens for a reason. This breakup is a test from the Almighty. He knows the best for you.

i pray with all my hearts that we girls don't have to go through any more breakups. Amin.

*praying for my very own happy ending too*
February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie Outing

Last Friday we went to see Valentine's Day the movie. Double date. Me+Mr. Chenta and his bestfriend+girlfriend.


i expressed my eagerness to watch this movie in my post Valentine's Day. i should say the movie almost-meet-expectation. Why i say almost? Because there were boring parts (i thought there wont be any yawn-let's-get-over-this part) but overall it's great! i'd give rating 7 out of 10 (Mr. Chenta gives 8 out of 10!).

And Taylor Lautner is hot, hot, HOT! The girls gasp in delight whenever he appears on screen! Although some critics dissed Taylor Swift's performance, but i think it's not that bad. The character requires her to be gedik and jumping around, so let it be.

What disappoint me is Jessica Alba's teeny-weeny appearance. Sekejap je kot! i'm a huge fan and i expected more. Tsk tsk.

It's a must-see movie, giving it's all-star qualities. Funny and touching at some points, definitely worth it!

Uh.. people keep asking where/how we celebrate Valentine's Day. The answer is no, we don't celebrate it. Not once in our 3-year relationship. Simply because it's against Islamic practice. i'm not saying that we're really religious people (i know i have many flaws and am sinned), but this is something we feel we don't want to get involved in. 

We have 365 days a year to celebrate and cherish our love, why do we have to make V-day special? Just my two cents! :D
February 7, 2010

It's REALLY nice when...

-i get hugs and kisses from my loved ones
-i find money in my jeans pocket/handbags/pencil case/gym bag.
-it rains early in the morning on weekends.
-i get to cook with Wan
-i stumble into old folders of pictures
-i get to spend time with my brothers
-He comes to me with ice creams in his hands
-i get to spend a whole day with girlfriends.. laughing, eating, gossipping.. simply catching up..
-seeing the happy looks on Wan and nenek's faces when i give them presents
-i hear from friends
-He tells me i'm beautiful and sexy when i'm a mess and smelly.

Life's too short to dwell on the past and worrying over petty things.

(even when it's a cloudy day and your hair's a mess!)
February 4, 2010

Gaga for Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga takes the world by storm. In 2 years she went from unknown to out-of-the-worldly recognized.

What captures the world is her sense of fashion. Seriously, no one can pull these off better than her:

Baju jalan-jalan

 During her Fame Ball tour. 
Literally bubble dress!

52nd Grammy Award

Strutting on the red carpet.

Extraordinarily weird. But I love it.

Not only i love her fashion unique-ness, i TOTALLY love her songs. i’m not a fan of dance music, but when it comes to Gaga, i’m hooked. i’ve been listening to her second album, The Fame Monster for weeks now. While working out, at shower, while getting ready for work, at work, all the time! Poker Face (from the album The Fame) is my must-sing song everytime i go karaoke!

It seems like each and every piece of her singles hit No. 1 in every English song charts. Total awesomeness.

To Lady Gaga, i heart you!

p/s: How i wish she could perform in Malaysia. Knowing the way she dresses and the Malaysian government, i bet that wont happen :(
February 2, 2010

Kes Pecah Kereta

It happened to me. Yes me.

Thankfully i wasnt the one driving. My brother came back to the car only to find the steering and airbags gone. WTF?

The missing steering
*ok, i admit i laughed at the sight of this. Too funny!*

Missing airbag at co-driver's seat

My poor Bella.

It was a hectic day for me. i took a leave especially to deal with all things for my new house. Deal with renovation forms and payment, went to TNB, shop for house stuff, ulang alik Wangsa Maju-KL-Sungai Besi-KL-Wangsa Maju-Melawati-Wangsa Maju. The traffic drove me nuts! Thank God for my brother, Redha. He's so patient, so not him.

Finally i reached home at 5pm, and Redha went out at 6pm to Wangsa Walk. At 6.45pm i got a call from him saying "Teefa... kete kene pecah. Stereng takde!" 

i laughed. 

i shut up. 

i think. 

i freak out.

i didn't know what to do. Mr. Chenta is not around. Full class today. Hilang tempat bergantung. i went to the crime scene with Apiz. Redha's gone to the police station.. There were only his friends at the crime scene. After inspecting the damages (i'm so CSI wannabe!), i called Perodua's towing truck and arrange for them to pick Bella up. They arrived more than an hour later. So slow!

It seems like this is common among Myvis these days. In fact, another car a few meters away from mine also got broken into. Apparently the thieves, muggers, penyangak, whatever you name them, are stealing airbags to be sold to service centres/workshop potong kereta/spare part dealers. Stupid assholes, these people. Menyusahkan orang! Kalo ye pon takde duit/nak kaye cepat, jangan la buat camni. People got better things to do than dealing with missing airbags.

To all Myvians (and all other car owners) please be careful. People will do anything for money. Gifted with good brains only make them steal things.

i hope the insurance company will cover these damages. Kalau tak mampos la aku nak bayar everything sendiri. Estimated cost is RM8000 ok. Tercekik aku. Boleh beli perabot rumah or a Marc Jacobs.

OK bye Bella.
i miss u already 

Hair-y Stuff

i've always been a long-haired girl. Ever since i was little, my mum and (especially) my dad like my hair long. Mama always dressed my hair up with all those cute,colorful little pins, clips, scrunchies, and ribbons and papa will be like "Cantik nye rambut budak ni.. Anak sape niiiiiiiii?"

Growing up, i always kept my hair longer than shoulder length except (i) when i was in Form 2 (i cut my hair really REALLY short that my junior, a guy, said "Wehh..rambut aku lagi panjang dari rambut ko!") and (ii) last year when i thought i needed a change and cut my hair really short like Olive's (Popeye's wife) hair.

i never fail to regret the moment the stylist cut my hair.It's like the scissors are stabbed through my heart.

Me+long hair:






Me+short hair






Can you see the difference? My face looks rounder and plumper with short hair.


i cant wait for my hair to grow longer. Cepat lah panjang rambutku sayang.

Current progress:

 *natural combed hair*

*selepas di-curl and processed*