February 2, 2010

Kes Pecah Kereta

It happened to me. Yes me.

Thankfully i wasnt the one driving. My brother came back to the car only to find the steering and airbags gone. WTF?

The missing steering
*ok, i admit i laughed at the sight of this. Too funny!*

Missing airbag at co-driver's seat

My poor Bella.

It was a hectic day for me. i took a leave especially to deal with all things for my new house. Deal with renovation forms and payment, went to TNB, shop for house stuff, ulang alik Wangsa Maju-KL-Sungai Besi-KL-Wangsa Maju-Melawati-Wangsa Maju. The traffic drove me nuts! Thank God for my brother, Redha. He's so patient, so not him.

Finally i reached home at 5pm, and Redha went out at 6pm to Wangsa Walk. At 6.45pm i got a call from him saying "Teefa... kete kene pecah. Stereng takde!" 

i laughed. 

i shut up. 

i think. 

i freak out.

i didn't know what to do. Mr. Chenta is not around. Full class today. Hilang tempat bergantung. i went to the crime scene with Apiz. Redha's gone to the police station.. There were only his friends at the crime scene. After inspecting the damages (i'm so CSI wannabe!), i called Perodua's towing truck and arrange for them to pick Bella up. They arrived more than an hour later. So slow!

It seems like this is common among Myvis these days. In fact, another car a few meters away from mine also got broken into. Apparently the thieves, muggers, penyangak, whatever you name them, are stealing airbags to be sold to service centres/workshop potong kereta/spare part dealers. Stupid assholes, these people. Menyusahkan orang! Kalo ye pon takde duit/nak kaye cepat, jangan la buat camni. People got better things to do than dealing with missing airbags.

To all Myvians (and all other car owners) please be careful. People will do anything for money. Gifted with good brains only make them steal things.

i hope the insurance company will cover these damages. Kalau tak mampos la aku nak bayar everything sendiri. Estimated cost is RM8000 ok. Tercekik aku. Boleh beli perabot rumah or a Marc Jacobs.

OK bye Bella.
i miss u already 

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