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December 31, 2010

Irreplaceable Dewi

i have a friend. A good friend.

Her name is Dewi.

When i first started working for The Company, i don't really know many people. Name pon budak baru kan? And it really annoyed me when people always said "Ehh.. You ni macam Dewi lah!" or "You and Dewi ni sedara ke?" or when they see me from afar they'll call out "Hi Dewi!". i didn't know who Dewi is. When i finally met her, of course i got more annoyed. We don't look alike at all!

i don't really know how we got close. Perhaps during the department's teambuilding in 2008? Or maybe it's our similar interest in pretty clothes, handbags, passion for good food, and insecurities of being fat. i honestly don't know. Maybe it's just the chemistry between us. Friendship is weird that way.

Dewi is an Indonesian working in The Company but if you have just met her, you wouldn't know she's not a Malaysian because she speaks really fluent Bahasa Melayu. Not the bahasa baku type, the bahasa pasar type. She amazes people. Even my brother adore her (i know this coz everytime i said i'm out with a colleague, he'll ask "Dewi ke??")

Anyway, she's married. Kitorang DGAs sume bersemangat gler gi wedding dier in December 2008. Beautiful wedding. And now she's heavily pregnant! Though it's not MY pregnancy, but i'm so excited! Tetiap hari mesti pegang perot dier. Tetiap hari tanya baby tendang ke. Tetiap hari tanya perot sakit ke? i remember when we first got to know she's pregnant, we went to Isetan to buy comfy shoes for pregnant woman. i was mortified to think that i can't wear heels when pregnant. We'll get to that part later.

And there's sumthing very SEXY about pregnant women. The shape of perot yang memboyot adalah seksi. Tapi dia sebok kata dia gemok. Like, so not!

Good things always come to an end. Last November, we received a sad news. Dewi had to be transferred to The Company's Jakarta branch. Bagaikan halilintar memecah bumi berita itu menusuk jantungku (ok, drama lebih). Seriously we were so sad. Sigh Sigh. It was hard letting her go. We threw her a Farewell-Cum-Baby-Shower Party. Had sleepover. We threw a farewell dinner. Gave going-away pressies. We threatened her to come back visit us or we'll kidnap the child. We even broke down and cried at Delicious. Peduli apa orang ramai, yang penting kami meraung. It was not pretty.

Now, it's been more than a month that she's gone. i miss her like crazy. DGA is not the same without her. We still talk through PingChat. But of course it's not the same as having her here. And to think that we won't see Little Dewi til September. Sigh.

The baby's gonna pop out on January 27, 2011, insyaAllah. Let's pray that everything will go beautifully for mummy and baby ok? 


 The start of it. Department's team building in Cameron Highland, 2008.

 Sebelom townhall, sempat posing!

 The four of us. Love!

 One of the happiest day. Makan-makan at Dewi's.

Dalam DGA memang kami berempat paling gedik dan nakal. Maybe that's why i'm closest to these three girls. Hehe.

Ahya's hen party.

On our way to Delicious for a last dinner with her. 

 Adegan meraung dan meleleh di Delicious Marc Residence.
Bler fikir balik, kelakar lak. Haha.

Ini pon kelakar jugak. Saya dan Kak Yulie ada beg DKNY yang sama! Sebijik!!

Her baby shower cum farewell party!

The glowing yummy mummy-to-be!

 Yeayyy but sobs.

 i miss her laugh.

The last time she set foot in our office. It was a sad day..

 The last time we saw her.
November 24, 2010.

Dewi & i semasa muda remaja.
Hope to see you again *cross fingers*

December 29, 2010


Hawt Louboutins!
Wonder when i'll be able to afford this.
Sebenarnye tujuan utama post ni adalah untuk try test post photo blog from iPhone. If you can read this, it means i succeded!
Sent from my iPhone
December 23, 2010

Our Forth Anniversary..

Approximately ten years ago, late one night, a girl and a boy at the age of 15 were intently talking on the phone. Their conversation flows easily. They talked about school, friends, family, and life in general. Kadang-kadang terdengarlah suara budak perempuan ni berdekeh-dekeh ketawa dek kerana kelawakkan budak lelaki ini. Yang mamat ni pulak memang dari kecik suka menyakat minah ni. They are cousins. They are good friends. It's as simple as that.

Suddenly the boy asked, "Weh, ko penah tak gi makan kat KL Tower? Kat restoran pusing-pusing tu.."

"Tak pernah la.. Pernah gi skali je tengok teropong-teropong tu. Apsal?" the girl answered honestly.

"Hurm.. Takpe. Nanti one day aku bawak ko. Kite gi makan kat sana," said the boy.

"Bukan mahal ke??" the girl asked skeptically. They were 15 afterall.

"Memang la mahal.. Takpe, nanti-nanti kite gi laa.." assured the boy.

A promise was made.

Little did they know that life has a plan for them. Ten years passed. At times they grew close to each other, other times they we separated, and sometimes they were even strangers to one another.

*  *  *  *  *

The boy and the girl are Mr. Chenta and i. 

He made that promise when we were young and naive. And though i tried to act cool about that, dalam hati selalu teringat je. Bler la nak bawak aku gi sane.KL Tower kot! Lupa kah dia? Haishh.. Hampeh! sampai lama-lama, aku pon lupe dah..

This year, as our forth anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend approached, i casually asked "So bibib.. Where should we celebrate this year?". i was thinking about Marche. Or Tony Roma's. God, i miss their ribs. With a smile, he turned to me and casually said "Hurmmm.. Kite gi KL Tower nak?"


Always takes me by surprise.

Good things come to those who wait eh?

 The view at our table when we got there.
On my date night pon i have to be reminded about work! Pscfttt!

 Pompuan gomok.

 Lelaki oncet!

 Posing gedik kene ade jugak kan?

 He's kinda afraid of height. Hehe.

(Almost) 25 years of being cousins, 4 years of being us.

About the dinner itself.. The dinner buffet is priced at RM155/pax. Asian and Continental spread was offered. Honestly, the Continental buffet was yummy but the Asian dishes were disappointing. Pelik jugak, caterernya adalah Sri Melayu. Tapi masakan Melayunya hampeh. 

But we didn't really mind because OH MY GODDD THE VIEW IS INCREDIBLE. Took my breath away. We were so jakun looking at the KL City lights and busy pointing out places like "Loooooook that's the Sungai Wang!" "Heyyy that's Penjara Pudu!" "Tu dierrr Maybank Tower!" "Heyyy.. Where's Wangsa Maju? i couldn't see Carrefour!". We couldn't take our eyes off the view (and each other, of course!)

The glass windows are a bit tilted so when you lean forward, kite rase macam tengah jatuh from KL Tower ke bawah. Sumpah la gayat mase mula-mula meniarap atas tingkap tu. If it's up to me, i'd like to bungee jump from there. Wahhh mesti rase cam nak mati!

But the worst part of the night is when tengah sibok-sibok amek gamba, tetibe bateri kameraku mampos! Arghhh.. Stress okeh!!! Terpaksa la meneruskan kejadian cam-whore dengan phone masing-masing.

Overall, i think it's the perfect night. i think it's perfect coz i get to spend it with him. ;)

Serious lah i waited 10 years for that.

December 16, 2010


Hello there!

Feel like it's been a loooooong time since i last updates my blog. Dah bersawang-bertaik-cicak blog ini. Reason being is i'm busy and wasn't really in the mood to blog. Heeeee..

Well, well.. A few things that happened these past weeks:

1) Ekin Getting Married!
- Ekin's my schoolmate. It's a mixed feelings seeing the people you grew up with tiba-tiba bertukar status. Tiba-tiba kawen. i was one of the bridesmaids. Hehe! Agak sebok menguruskan baju (last minute okeh!), pening2 fikir layout dewan, cara jalan, bridesmaid's bouquet bagai. Ok fine, tak la busy mana. Menyibok je! But i had fun with the girls. Girlfriends rule!!

2) Annual Technical Assessment
- Technical assessment datang lagi! This time it was tougher coz they reset all our previous results and assess us from scratch. Tak cukup dengan itu, saya pulak tukar sub-skill group. Adehh.. i didn't think i did well but i'm just thankful it's over!

3) In Getting Married!
- In is my coursemate. Again, i was one of the bridesmaids cum person-in-charge of flowers along with Linda (budak kecik ni is officially my partner in crime!). Seronok pegi wedding dia coz it's in Melaka and very traditional. Ada malam berinai segala.

4) Our 4th Anniversary! Yeayyyy!
- Hehe. 4 years and counting. Pray to Allah this feeling will last forever and dipercepatkan jodoh. Amin.

Nanti kalau rajin i'll write more about these..

p/s: Mr. Chenta is going back to his parents house in Kuching tonite for God-knows-how-long. i hate it when he's far away! *Sigh. Sigh. Cry*
December 2, 2010

My 15 Minutes Survey

My Countless Minutes Survey
Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the questions honestly. No lying or cheating.

Person who tagged : Zarith and Aliza
Starting time : 11.04pm

Name : Teefa
Full name : i choose not to reveal it here, for safety reason (haha.. ok, not funny)
Sibling(s) : 3
Eye colour : brownish-blackish
Shoe size : 8 sometimes 9
Hair : kinda long, wavy
Height : 157cm

What are you wearing right now : night tee
Where do you live : the cool Kuala Lumpur
Favourite number : 12
Favourite drink : coffee
Favourite month : December :D
Favourite breakfast : cheesy scrambled eggs with toast

******-Have you ever-******
Broken a bone : never
Been in a police car : never
Fallen for a friend : yeah
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : nope
Swam in the ocean : yes.. Swimming in the ocean is a privillage
Fallen asleep in school : nope
Broken someone's heart : err.. i guess i have
Cried when someone died : duh, of course!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nope
Saved e-mails : only the cool n informative ones
Been cheated on : nope.. and i don't wanna go through that, thank you.

Your room looks like : a crossover between a room and a store.
What is right beside you : cotton buds
What is the last thing you ate : dinner buffet at RedBox Sogo

******-Ever Had-******
Chicken pox : not that i know of
Sore throat : yup
Stitches : no
Broken nose : nope

******-Do You-******
Believe in love at first sight : no. i believe love grows from friendship.
Like picnics? : very much. wish i have time to do it often

Who did you last yell at? : my brother, last week.
Who was the last person you danced with? : you mean the PEOPLE i dance with? the EXPRO performance team :D
Who last made you smile? : the crazy people i karaoke-d with.

******-Final Questions-******
What are you listening to right now? : InsyaAllah by Maher Zain
What did you do today? : work, pay bills, karaoke
Are you the oldest?  : yeahhhh
Indoors or outdoors? : both

******-Today did you-******
Talk to someone you like? : all the time
Kiss anyone? : yeah
Sing? : a lot!
Talk to an ex? : God, no! His crazy new GF will kill me for that
Miss someone ? : yeah..
Eat? : a lot!

******-Last person who-******
You talked to on the phone? : my brother
Made you cry? : Septiana Dewi Nuggraeni :'(
Went to the movies with? : Linda, Pijan, Fadzlan and Mazlan
You went to the mall with?  : Linda, Lina, Chuna, Pijan, Apiz n Ijan
Who cheered you up? : the crazy people in my life

******-Have you-******
Been to Mexico? : no..
Been to USA? : nope.. i wish i have though. New York bebeh!

Have a crush on someone? : no
What books are you reading right now? : Re-reading HP The Deathly Hallow
Best feeling in the world? : being loved 
Future kids name? : we haven't finalize that yet
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : nope.. i need space in my bed
What's under your bed? : nothing
Favourite sport(s) : futsal
Favourite place : my room
Who do you really hate? : no one really. Leave no room for hatred and you'll be at peace.
Do you have a job? : Yes
What time is it now? : 11.19pm

p/s : With however long it took you to complete this, post as "My _____ Minutes Survey" and tag 15 people
i would like to tag Chuna, Mawai, Kumang, Amar, Khairul Nadiah, Iman, Nani, and whoever wishes to do it.

December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Today is Mr. Chenta's birthday!

My big guy is old.. 25 already. Sigh. How time flies. Before we know it, we'd be celebrating his 73rd birthday!

Unlike any typical birthday celebration, i didn't really plan any surprise party or non-surprise party, or made birthday card. The reason? Firstly, he's in the middle of his final exams, and his birthday falls on a Tuesday which means he's far too nervous to be thinking of celebrations (in fact he's been moody these past few weeks because of exams and his final year project. It's annoying!) . Secondly, well, i'm too busy.. Tak sempat buat card. Sorry bibib!

Butttttt.. i managed to get him something he's been lusting after.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez V72ECE Semi Acoustic Guitar


He's not expecting this at all. He was on the computer and there i came, carrying this huge guitar box with a blue ribbon on it and say "Hey BB, look what i got!!", grinning from ear to ear. And boy, his expression was priceless. At first he looked surprised, happy but uncertain like he couldn't believe his eyes. Blinked a few times, jaw almost hanging. "What's that?" He asked. i was like "Duhhh.. A guitar, of course!". "Where'd you get that?". "Turun dari langit, and i caught it!"

Seriously, i really thought he hates it.

Then he burst into this huge grin and laughed and laughed and wowwww and laughed and "This is so coooolllll!!" and laughed.

i was relieved.

Berlaku lah proses pembukaan riben dan kotak dan "Wowwwww..." and "i've been wanting this!!" and "It's shiny!!". He then examined the guitar, men-tune gitar itu, setting, bla bla bla whatever it is that guitarist do, then he played it. The sound is really music to my ears.

Happy Birthday, Bibib! Hope i bring joy and happiness into your life as you do to mine. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dan diberi kesenangan oleh Allah.May you pass all your exams in flying colors.


Nah, tengok pompuan ni memetik gitar. Ade gaya-gaya Hayley Williams tak?








November 24, 2010

Estee Lauder 2010 Blockbuster Set

i did something that is not quite me...

i bought a makeup set!!
  Estee Lauder 2010 Blockbuster Set

Memule tak heran sangat with this set. Ye lahh.. i'm not the type yang pakai mekap tebal-tebal gi office. On most days, i only wear moisturizer and lipbalm on my face. Kalau rajin sikit, tambah eyeliner and mascara. Kalau ade event luar biasa, baru bubuh compact powder and eyeshadow. Gi wedding je beriye-iye benar pakai foundation bagai..

But at second glance, this makeup set is sooooo cheap! 18-color eye pallette, 4-color blusher, 4 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 3 eyeliners, and a makeup remover with a big makeup case, a makeup pouch, and a mirror. Actual price or all of these is RM1580! But with a purchase of other Estee Lauder product, you can purchase this set for RM220! Murah bukan??

Mari kita tengok ape yang ade..

Deluxe Eye Shadow Compact
My favorite item in this set!
i've always wished i have more eye shadow colors because i love seeing people with beautifully made up eyes. But eye shadows are expensive (up to RM70 for ONE color) so i never really bought them. Sekarang ambik ko, 18 kaler terusss!

Deluxe Blusher Compact

 Lipsticks and Lipglosses

 Black, Brown and Grey Eyeliners.
And the makeup remover.

Makeup case, pouch, and face mirror!

And a set of four brushes! Gambar takde pulak :p

Banyak kan barang? At a cheap price too! 

When i told Mr. Chenta about these stuff, he said "Haa?? Banyak nyer.. Nak jadi badut ke pakai banyak-banyak camtu?"

Seriously, guys never get this huh?

But yeah, it is too much for a non-makeup wearer like me. So i decided to sell the lipsticks and lipglosses at RM40 each (Retail price is RM78) and the grey eyeliner at RM35. Drop a comment or email me if you are interested!

November 20, 2010

Thai Massage

Let's face it: we women love to pamper ourselves once in a while (even though we want moreeee).

If it's up to me, i'd like to have facials, massages, hair treatment, manicure, and pedicure every week, if not everyday. Sape tak suke beb, badan ini di telek dan dibelai tetiap hari. Apakan daya, gaji saya bukan RM5juta sebulan. Maka, haruslah menguruskan wang dengan bijak and self pampering takes backseat.

But that's not the case yesterday. i had a bad day. Tiada mood sepanjang hari. Maybe that got to do with the fact that i was wearing a kinda-new heels all day long and they're killing my feet! As soon as i got home, i called Thai Odyssey to make an appoinment for Thai Massage NOW! And yeayyy, they have a free slot for me.

So i dragged my brother and his girlfriend to One Utama, bribed them with dinner, and went to Thai Odyssey. Ahhh.. Heaven!

 Before going in the massage room, the masseuse will clean your feet. Obviously, for hygienic reasons.

What i love about Thai massage is that you don't have to strip to get the massage. You are given a big pyjamas to be worn. Perfect for those yang shy shy cat!

Selepas gambar diatas diambil, berlaku lah pengurutan Thai dimana krak-kruk-krak-kruk tulang kedengaran dengan kuatnya. Sakit tapi sedap. Lega sendi-sendi ini!

While being massaged, i made a mental note that someday when i'm rich, getting an in-house masseuse is a top priority!

Saya paling suka bler dier buat macam ni:

 Konfem berbunyi tulang belakang.
*from Google image*

 Krak kruk krak kruk..
*from Google image*

In terms of pricing, Thai Odyssey is affordable. RM85 for 90 minutes Thai massage, and RM75 for 60 minutes at most Thai Odyssey's centers. The price is slightly higher at Bangsar Village II outlet, maybe coz of the location.Tempat lain, tak tahulah bagaimana price range nya.

Err.. Why am i doing free promotion for Thai Odyssey? Oh well, sharing is caring right? Hehe..

November 19, 2010

Eva Longoria Splits from Husband

This is so sad.

After 3 years of marriage, Desperate Housewives hottie, Eva Longoria, filed a divorce from her hunky athlete husband, Tony Parker.

The reason? Tony cheats on her. Bermain kayu tiga dengan ex-teammate dier punya wife. Reportedly, the affair has been going on for a year. Haishh.. First Tiger Wood, now Tony Parker. Perempuan secantik, se-gorgeous Eva pon ditipu oleh hubby, apatah lagi perempuan kebanyakan macam diriku ini. Nauzubillah minzalik.

i gotta say, Eva is my favorite Desperate Housewife. She's petite, she's slim, she's skinny, rich, has a great husband (dalam cter tu).. Memang lah feveret kan? Sayangnya realiti tak seindah drama di TV.

Tony cheats on Eva with his ex-teammate's wife. Backstabber alert!
*image credit to*

November 16, 2010

Girls Are Like..

Well said!

November 15, 2010

Kursus Pra Perkahwinan


Alhamdulillah Mr. Chenta and i selamat mengikuti Kursus Pra Perkahwinan yang diwajibkan untuk para pengantin kat Malaysia ni.


It opened our eyes not only to marriage-related issues, it's also a reminder of how beautiful Islam is. We're human. We know these but we keep forgetting.

To those who haven't attended this course, it's a one-and-a-halfday course. It covers the topics that are related to the Islamic way of living, a guide to marriage and how to live happily ever after. Ada bab Aqidah, Ibadah, Hubungan dalam Keluarga, Merancang Keluarga, stress management, Prosedur Perkahwinan, etc. It's interesting.

We women would be GLAD to know that cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry are NOT our responsibility. It's theirs actually. Hehe. And the men are more than HAPPY to know that the wife wajib melayan 'kehendak' suaminya even though tengah period.

Husbands need to be okay with the fact that we the wifey need more than 50 pasang of baju kurung and 30 bags to be happy. *smiled smugly to him*

And the wife have to hold back the tears when the husband prefers to have Maggi goreng at the Mamak with his friends rather than eat the 5-course dinner we prepare. *at this point i glared at him furiously*

It won't be easy. Give and take is the key.

November 11, 2010


i watched this movie, MEGAMIND last night.

*image from Google*

OH-EM-GEEEEE it was hilarious!

i must say, i underestimated it. i didn't even consider to watch it. Tak ingin pon. But that's the only movie available at that time so my friends and i just went for it. Itu pon sebab Brad Pitt menyumbangkan suara dalam cter ni. But seriously, tak menyesal langsung.

The movie is about this blue alien, Megamind (coz he got a huge head, a total smart ass guy) he was transported to Earth when he was just a baby. Instead of crashing into a decent, wealthy family's arms, like his arch enemy (Metroman), he crashed in a jail and was raised by the prisoners. They teach him to be a badass guy since he was little. Even though he's actually a nice guy, he always got teased and picked on at school (yes, he went to the School for Gifted) so in the end he sees no point of trying to be good. Maka, memilih untuk menjadi orang jahat. What happens next? Silalah tengok ye.

In the meantime, meh tengok trailer dulu.

Isn't it funny?

Anyway, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow is almost out! Weeeeee.. Letih menunggu movie-movie Harry Potter ni nak kuar. Read the books ages ago and i have to admit that i forget the storyline hear and there. But this trailer makes me excited!

i bought the movie tickets already. Semangat lebey ni!
November 7, 2010

Long Weekend

It was one hell of a long weekend.

Took leave on Thursday to settle some family matters. Friday was a public holiday. Then came Saturday and Sunday.

i've been nothing but a good, almost-housewifey girl in these four days. Got up early-ish (10am is early right?), did the laundry, cook for the whole family, cleaned the house a little bit, watched TV...

And now, it's Sunday night and i'm thinking "What the hell happen to me? i'm behaving like a forty-year-old. i'm 24, shouldn't i be out there hanging with my girlfriends, waste money on clothes and shoes and do stupid things like they do in the movies???"

OMG guys, am i old?

Or maybe i've grown up.
November 1, 2010

Three Years

Today marks my third anniversary working as a geoscientist for The Company.

 *image is from Google image

Three years.. How time flies huh? Feels like it's only last week i stepped in the HR office in my all-new working-executive outfit, clutching the required documents, feeling nervous and excited all at the same time.

*nostalgic smile*

Three years of learning, making mistakes, learning, learning, and learning.

Three years of wondering "Am i doing this right? Can i make this better? Is my performance good enough?"

Three years of waiting excitedly on the 23rd of every month for payday and sort the bills out (and planning what to shop for).

Three years of waking up on weekday mornings and groan "Do i have to go to workkkk?? Why can't they start at 10am?"

Three years of getting to know my colleagues and discovering that hey, they're not only a colleague. They're my friends!

Three years of experience doing all kinds of work - managerial, technical, and even event planning - and still know that there's so much more to explore, so much more to learn.

In short, three wonderful years with their ups and downs.

i'm grateful to have such a great employer. Though sometimes they drive me nuts, they're still the best (because they hire me. Haha).

Let's hope and pray that there'll be many MANY glorious working anniversary from this year onwards.

October 31, 2010

You Bila Nak Kawin?

Hehe.. It's been more than 2 weeks i didnt blog. i'm kinda busy. Sebenarnye, taklah busy sangat pon. Just malas. Penyakit malas adalah pembantut segala aktiviti.

Anyway, i always get the occasional "Teefa, when are you getting married?" question. Orang akan tanya soalan ni especially during wedding season. But that's not the case this week.

This week is the let's-ask-Teefa-when-she's-getting-married! week. i swear i get this question almost everyday, up to three times a day. It's funny! Macam korang sume berpakat je tanye ramai-ramai secara berperingkat.

Dulu-dulu rasa annoyed jugak bila diajukan soalan ni. Tapi sekarang dah tak heran. Orang bertanya tandanya orang amik berat kan? Amek berat tandanya sayang! Hehehe..

Just to make things clear, of course i want to get married. Siapa lah tanak kawen kan? But so far there's no firm plan. Berangan sikit-sikit tu ada lah! Kami pon tanak la kecoh sana sini last2 tak jadi. Malu mak! Saya harap kamu-kamu yang membaca ni doakan jodoh kami smpai ASAP yea? Hehe..

My favorite photo of us.