December 16, 2010


Hello there!

Feel like it's been a loooooong time since i last updates my blog. Dah bersawang-bertaik-cicak blog ini. Reason being is i'm busy and wasn't really in the mood to blog. Heeeee..

Well, well.. A few things that happened these past weeks:

1) Ekin Getting Married!
- Ekin's my schoolmate. It's a mixed feelings seeing the people you grew up with tiba-tiba bertukar status. Tiba-tiba kawen. i was one of the bridesmaids. Hehe! Agak sebok menguruskan baju (last minute okeh!), pening2 fikir layout dewan, cara jalan, bridesmaid's bouquet bagai. Ok fine, tak la busy mana. Menyibok je! But i had fun with the girls. Girlfriends rule!!

2) Annual Technical Assessment
- Technical assessment datang lagi! This time it was tougher coz they reset all our previous results and assess us from scratch. Tak cukup dengan itu, saya pulak tukar sub-skill group. Adehh.. i didn't think i did well but i'm just thankful it's over!

3) In Getting Married!
- In is my coursemate. Again, i was one of the bridesmaids cum person-in-charge of flowers along with Linda (budak kecik ni is officially my partner in crime!). Seronok pegi wedding dia coz it's in Melaka and very traditional. Ada malam berinai segala.

4) Our 4th Anniversary! Yeayyyy!
- Hehe. 4 years and counting. Pray to Allah this feeling will last forever and dipercepatkan jodoh. Amin.

Nanti kalau rajin i'll write more about these..

p/s: Mr. Chenta is going back to his parents house in Kuching tonite for God-knows-how-long. i hate it when he's far away! *Sigh. Sigh. Cry*
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