December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang!

Today is Mr. Chenta's birthday!

My big guy is old.. 25 already. Sigh. How time flies. Before we know it, we'd be celebrating his 73rd birthday!

Unlike any typical birthday celebration, i didn't really plan any surprise party or non-surprise party, or made birthday card. The reason? Firstly, he's in the middle of his final exams, and his birthday falls on a Tuesday which means he's far too nervous to be thinking of celebrations (in fact he's been moody these past few weeks because of exams and his final year project. It's annoying!) . Secondly, well, i'm too busy.. Tak sempat buat card. Sorry bibib!

Butttttt.. i managed to get him something he's been lusting after.

Ibanez Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez V72ECE Semi Acoustic Guitar


He's not expecting this at all. He was on the computer and there i came, carrying this huge guitar box with a blue ribbon on it and say "Hey BB, look what i got!!", grinning from ear to ear. And boy, his expression was priceless. At first he looked surprised, happy but uncertain like he couldn't believe his eyes. Blinked a few times, jaw almost hanging. "What's that?" He asked. i was like "Duhhh.. A guitar, of course!". "Where'd you get that?". "Turun dari langit, and i caught it!"

Seriously, i really thought he hates it.

Then he burst into this huge grin and laughed and laughed and wowwww and laughed and "This is so coooolllll!!" and laughed.

i was relieved.

Berlaku lah proses pembukaan riben dan kotak dan "Wowwwww..." and "i've been wanting this!!" and "It's shiny!!". He then examined the guitar, men-tune gitar itu, setting, bla bla bla whatever it is that guitarist do, then he played it. The sound is really music to my ears.

Happy Birthday, Bibib! Hope i bring joy and happiness into your life as you do to mine. Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dan diberi kesenangan oleh Allah.May you pass all your exams in flying colors.


Nah, tengok pompuan ni memetik gitar. Ade gaya-gaya Hayley Williams tak?








1 comment on "Happy Birthday Sayang!"
  1. Siap dgn kaftan lg.....Teefa, ko boleh ganta ana rafali tu but, sing with a kaftan???kih kih kih


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