December 31, 2010

Irreplaceable Dewi

i have a friend. A good friend.

Her name is Dewi.

When i first started working for The Company, i don't really know many people. Name pon budak baru kan? And it really annoyed me when people always said "Ehh.. You ni macam Dewi lah!" or "You and Dewi ni sedara ke?" or when they see me from afar they'll call out "Hi Dewi!". i didn't know who Dewi is. When i finally met her, of course i got more annoyed. We don't look alike at all!

i don't really know how we got close. Perhaps during the department's teambuilding in 2008? Or maybe it's our similar interest in pretty clothes, handbags, passion for good food, and insecurities of being fat. i honestly don't know. Maybe it's just the chemistry between us. Friendship is weird that way.

Dewi is an Indonesian working in The Company but if you have just met her, you wouldn't know she's not a Malaysian because she speaks really fluent Bahasa Melayu. Not the bahasa baku type, the bahasa pasar type. She amazes people. Even my brother adore her (i know this coz everytime i said i'm out with a colleague, he'll ask "Dewi ke??")

Anyway, she's married. Kitorang DGAs sume bersemangat gler gi wedding dier in December 2008. Beautiful wedding. And now she's heavily pregnant! Though it's not MY pregnancy, but i'm so excited! Tetiap hari mesti pegang perot dier. Tetiap hari tanya baby tendang ke. Tetiap hari tanya perot sakit ke? i remember when we first got to know she's pregnant, we went to Isetan to buy comfy shoes for pregnant woman. i was mortified to think that i can't wear heels when pregnant. We'll get to that part later.

And there's sumthing very SEXY about pregnant women. The shape of perot yang memboyot adalah seksi. Tapi dia sebok kata dia gemok. Like, so not!

Good things always come to an end. Last November, we received a sad news. Dewi had to be transferred to The Company's Jakarta branch. Bagaikan halilintar memecah bumi berita itu menusuk jantungku (ok, drama lebih). Seriously we were so sad. Sigh Sigh. It was hard letting her go. We threw her a Farewell-Cum-Baby-Shower Party. Had sleepover. We threw a farewell dinner. Gave going-away pressies. We threatened her to come back visit us or we'll kidnap the child. We even broke down and cried at Delicious. Peduli apa orang ramai, yang penting kami meraung. It was not pretty.

Now, it's been more than a month that she's gone. i miss her like crazy. DGA is not the same without her. We still talk through PingChat. But of course it's not the same as having her here. And to think that we won't see Little Dewi til September. Sigh.

The baby's gonna pop out on January 27, 2011, insyaAllah. Let's pray that everything will go beautifully for mummy and baby ok? 


 The start of it. Department's team building in Cameron Highland, 2008.

 Sebelom townhall, sempat posing!

 The four of us. Love!

 One of the happiest day. Makan-makan at Dewi's.

Dalam DGA memang kami berempat paling gedik dan nakal. Maybe that's why i'm closest to these three girls. Hehe.

Ahya's hen party.

On our way to Delicious for a last dinner with her. 

 Adegan meraung dan meleleh di Delicious Marc Residence.
Bler fikir balik, kelakar lak. Haha.

Ini pon kelakar jugak. Saya dan Kak Yulie ada beg DKNY yang sama! Sebijik!!

Her baby shower cum farewell party!

The glowing yummy mummy-to-be!

 Yeayyy but sobs.

 i miss her laugh.

The last time she set foot in our office. It was a sad day..

 The last time we saw her.
November 24, 2010.

Dewi & i semasa muda remaja.
Hope to see you again *cross fingers*

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