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May 30, 2011

Original Bootcamp

i've always liked being active. i really do.

But in between work, love life, hanging out with friends, and spending time with family, being active has to take a backseat. Paling berusaha pon adalah memuatkan masa 3 kali seminggu gi gym (tapi slalunya tak smpai 3 kali pon). Berusaha jugak untuk menjalani outdoor activities, like paintball, jogging at the park and play futsal (memang jarang gilaaa), my Taman Negara trip, Gunung Kutu trip, Mount Kinabalu trip and whatever activity i can squeeze into.

As you can see on my lack-of-update, i haven't been active since my last Kinabalu trip.

So i decided to do something crazy. Something i only see in the Biggest Loser episodes.









i'm gonna join a BOOTCAMP, people!!

It's an outdoor based fitness training system. Whatever that means, it sounds scary. Looking at this video is even scarier.

i can't imagine myself doing those things!

My sessions are gonna start tomorrow. Twice a week after work at KLCC Park. i'm worried and excited at the same time. Will let you know about the bootcamp if i'll still be alive after tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

p/s: Click here to know more about Original Bootcamp.

May 22, 2011

Bruno Mars Live in Kuala Lumpur April 2011

i know. This is OLD story.

i was browsing through my computer and found my Bruno Mars folder. i couldn't help giggling and writing about it. It was a beautiful night. It was a crazy night for me.


Chuna yang menghasut saya membeli tiket Bruno Mars ni. At first i was doubtful. Camne kalo tak best? Tapi sumpah best. Thanks babe sebab menghasut!

Kitorang semangat gila buat banner besar gila from cardboard yang dibeli khas kat Kinokuniya. It was written "MARRY US!!!" dengan harapan Abang Bruno akan nampak dan terus ajak kitorang kawin. Hehe. We reached PWTC quite early. Tapi waiting and queuing hall dah penuh dengan orang beratur okay. Bila sampai turn kitoang nak masuk, tetiba banner yang aku pegang tu dirampas rakus oleh abang guard. "Takleh bawak masuk. Size A4 je boleh!". Seriously what the eff?? Kalo kitorang buat saiz A4 ko pikir Abang Bruno leh nampak ke? Malas nak argue, kitorang masuk je.

Anyway.. Did i tell you that Bruno was amazing?

He's entertaining. Great communication and interaction with the fans. 
He has got a BEAUTIFUL voice. Langsung tak pecah suara sepanjang concert.
He's energetic. Tidaklah duduk ternganga menyanyi. Dia siap joget ke hulu ke hilir pentas. Siap main gitar.
Satu je saye nak komplen: Apsal kejap sangat konsertnye, Abang Bruno?? Lagu Talking To The Moon tade ponnn!

Cakap banyak pon takde guna. Meh layan gamba and a few videos.

 The hall when we entered it. Baru separuh terisi.
*nampak tak Chuna lari2 tu?*

 Chuna. Teman tengok concert. Teman pi holiday. Teman bungee jumping.
*i love u babe!*

Sebelum concert start.
Sempat tweet-tweet, sempat dengar iPod. Sempat upload gamba. Sempat duduk mencangkung. Lama okeyyy tunggu!!

Kami berdua berhempas pulas membenamkan diri ke barisan hadapan. Sampai ke second row je. Tak berjaya menghalau mereka-mereka didepan sekali yang bertenggek kat pagar tu. Huhu.

Doo Wops and Hooligan World Tour!

Penuh perasaan okay.

 Sedapnyeee suara kau!

Selepas konsert. Rambut ngan eyeliner mesti maintain ye.

Sadly i couldn't upload my videos. Ape ntah error with server. This is a video from Youtube, uploaded by bellerawkx.

Ahhh.. Such a wonderful guy. Hope to see him again in KL :)

Tips Menyewakan Rumah

i bought my first house when i was barely 23 years old.

It was unplanned. Mr. Chenta and i were driving around in Wangsa Maju when i saw Villa Wangsamas showhouse. Immediately i yelled "Bb! Masuk sini.. i wanna see the house. Mana tau macam best and boleh beli.."

Looked at the showroom and i fell in love. It's spacious, accessible via LRT and various highways, 7km to city center, near my family home (3 minutes away pchfttt), and it's affordable with what i earn. It took me 15 minutes. Without thinking it long and hard, i went to the salesperson and say "i wanna book a unit!!"

i can be really unpredictable and gutsy sometimes.

Now it's been almost 3 years that i hold the title a House Owner. i'm not gonna lie. It's not an easy journey. It requires patience, it's time-consuming, and it's EXPENSIVE. But it's one of life's precious lessons. And i'm still learning.

Ramai kawan-kawan bertanya..
Berapa budget untuk siapkan rumah tu sampai boleh diduduki?
Camne nak cari penyewa?
Camne nak handle penyewa?

i'm gonna share my experience with you.

Firstly, ask yourself; "What's the purpose of me buying a house? For own or for investment? Am i ready to make sacrifices?" For me, owning a house is an investment. Being a landlord is even a greater investment as you are using other people's money to pay for YOUR loan. Another reason is that i'm such a shopper that i spent ALMOST all of my hard-earned salary went to shopping. So i thought being a landlord could help me be more disciplined and organized.

Anyway, i'll skip on the buying-house part as the process is almost the same for all Malaysian property. i'll focus on how to be a landlord.


Depending on your house type and target tenant, bende paling basic yang kene ade kat rumah adalah grille, lampu dan kipas. Kalau rumah condo, takkan nak bagi grille, lampu and kipas je kan? Usually condos are equipped with air conditioners and kitchen cabinet. Baru lah selesa diduduki.

Okay, rough budget for a condo's basic needs:

Grille : RM3500 (depending on berapa besar grille tu. Lagi banyak nak di grille, lagi mahal)
Air conds: Katekan lah RM1200 each. For a 3-bedroom condo=4*1200=RM4800
Kitchen cabinet: Around RM6000 (untuk dapur sekecil saya)
Lighting and fans: Around RM1700 for installation plus wiring. (developer tak bagi lampu and kipas ye. Kene cari sendiri)
TOTAL:  RM16,000

i'm lucky because my condo unit is equipped with 4 airconds (in every bedrooms and in living room), water heaters in the bathrooms, furnished bathrooms, kitchen cabinet and 2 carpark lots. So saya tak payah la beli aircond and kitchen cabinet. Save RM10,800 disitu.

Setelah basic needs ini dah diambil kira, sila tanya diri sendiri "Nak sewakan fully furnished kah half furnished ataupon sewakan kosong sebegini?" In my case, i decided to rent it out half-furnished. Saya hanya sediakan master bedroom set, sofa set, dining table, hood and hob in the kitchen and full curtain. Barang-barang dibeli adalah murahan sahajork sebab sayang beli mahal-mahal nak bagi orang lanyak pulak. Maka perbelanjaannya jadi begini:

Master bedroom set: Around RM1400
Sofa set: Around RM1300
Dining set: RM1000 (sebab Macy tengah sale time tu hehe)
Hood+hob: Around RM1300
Full-house curtain: RM800 (dibeli dan dibuat di Nilai. Kalo cari kat KL lagi mahal hoii)

Kalo uolls nak sewakan fullu-furnished lagi lah banyak belanja. Fridge, washing machine, TV, bilik tidur yang lain kene disediakan yeah. Saya tiada bajet makanya half-furnished je lah.

Getting a Tenant

Setelah rumah sudah dilengkapkan, maka misi pencarian penyewa bermula. Ini adalah part yang mencabar ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Kalau anda adalah first time nak sewakan rumah, lagi mencabar. You have two options; cari penyewa sendiri ataupon pakai real estate agent. In anything you do remember one thing; YOU MUST HAVE A TENANCY AGREEMENT! Ini adalah penting untuk mengelakkan kene tipu, sewa rumah tak berbayar, dan rumah hancur dek penyewa.

In my case, i chose to get a real estate agent as it was my first time and tak tau selok belok. Real estate agent memang memudahkan kerja kita. Cari agent yang senang nak diajak berbincang. Biasanya bila orang tau you nak sewakan rumah, ada 2-4 agent akan call. Pilih yang senang communicate. Yang tak best tu jangan layan. Agents have a database of clients who are looking for a place to stay so tetiap hari ada je orang datang view rumah. Bila dah ada orang nak sewa, real estate agent ni akan siapkan segala documents. Diorang yang buat inventory of the house, diorang buat tenancy agreement, diorang gi buat stamping, diorang yang handle kerenah client... All we landlords have to do was interview the prospective tenant a bit. If you have a good feeling about the tenant, go for it. Kalau ko tak suka tenant tu, you have the right to say "Aku tanak kasi ko sewa rumah ni. Get out."

For deposit, the standard procedure is tenant kene bayar deposit sebanyak 3.5 months (2 months deposit, 1 month for the first month and 0.5 month for utility). Ko jangan fikir ko dapat all 3.5 months deposit tu yer. Ko kene bayar real estate agent harga sebulan sewa. Kalau tak pakai agent memang semua tu ko punya lah.

Kalau tak pakai real estate agent, kerja ko susah sikit lah. Ko kene cari tenant sendiri, advertise sendiri. Agak susah la nak dapat sebenarnya. i am going through this at this very moment (sebab first tenant sudah move out).

Managing the Tenant

Bila sudah dapat tenant, memang senang hati okayh. Ko boleh recover balik segala duit ASB yang ko pakai untuk furnish rumah dulu tu. Tetiap bulan dah boleh shopping balik sebab dah ade orang bayarkan loan rumah.

TAPIIIIIIIII... It's not as easy as that okay. For me, i always send reminder-for-payment text messages 3 days before payment due date. Ini adalah untuk mengelakkan kelewatan mendapat duit dan mengelakkan tenant pijak kepala. Selain itu, ko hendaklah rajin bertanya "Is everything okay with the house? Does anything need repairing?". A good relationship with the tenant is important. Boleh la ko tengok-tengok dan bertanya keadaan rumah. But bear in mind not to get too close. Kalau rapat sangat nanti dia banyak songeh pulak.

Don't forget to check and ask the tenant if there's any mail for you.

In my case, tenant adalah okay sepanjang setahun. Cuma ada lah sekali cakap nak balik kampong, tapi tak bagitu exact date. Cukup bulan, dia tak bayar sewa rumah. Tak penah mamat ni camni. Aku call call tak dapat. i seriously thought they're dead. i went to the house, tengok-tengok takde orang (nasib baik furniture sume ade maksudnya tak bawak lari lah). Memang menyirap aku time tu. Bila ingat balik maybe dia balik kampong. A few weeks after that dia balik, bayar sewa cam bese. Pastu buat muka tak bersalah. Geram aku!

End of Tenancy
2-3 months before the actual tenancy ends (seperti tertulis dalam tenancy agreement), sila tanya tenant, adakah dia mahu sambung contract or mahu berpindah. Kalo nak sambung contract, sila lah. Biasanya untuk tahun kedua takyah buat contract baru sebab tempoh sewa adalah 1+1 year. 

Pada waktu ini lah tenant saya buat dajal ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. Dia dapat offer to further study overseas two weeks before tenancy period ended. So memang last minute lah. Kami datang check rumah 1 week before dia pindah. Tujuan check rumah ni adalah untuk evaluate kerosakan, kehilangan, dan kehancuran barang-barang dalam rumah. Check bersama dengan penyewa so that you could agree on the cost. SILA CHECK BETUL-BETUL APA YANG ROSAK/HILANG SEMASA BERSAMA PENYEWA. Bawak seorang yang berpengalaman in evaluating the cost to repair broken things. In my case i brought my uncle to evaluate. Kerosakan yang besar adalah dinding rumah. Habis diconteng dan dikotorkan oleh anak-anaknya yang 4 orang itu. Memang satu rumah kene cat balik. So, the cost to fix things can be deducted from the 2 months deposit that you received when the tenant first moved in. In my case, kerosakan yang berlaku membulehkan saya mendeduct sebanyak RM3200.

i thought the dirty walls was the only major problem. i was wrong. Lagi sekali SILA CHECK BETUL-BETUL APA YANG ROSAK/HILANG. Lepas tenant tu pindah, baru kitorang perasan yang kitchen cabinet sink area sudah hancur. Ini adalah kerana paip bocor berbulan-bulan dan dia tak inform dan tak dibaiki. Air yang mengalir sudah menjahanamkan kitchen cabinet saya. Habis hancur siap ada cendawan tumbuh. Nak cari dia dan mintak bayar adalah mustahil sebab dia memang pindah oversea. GERAMMMMMM!! i ended up installing a new kitchen cabinet. Sigh.

Anyway, the moment you know the tenant is moving out, start advertising your condo online, via flyers, to friends, etc. As soon as the current tenant move out, you can start the repair work. Basic repair work is tukar mentol lampu-lampu, repair kusyen sofa yang lembik and kemas and mop rumah. Kalau keadaan teruk, mungkin kene cat balik rumah, pakukan apa-apa yang patut (in my case i have to re-drill the curtain rail sebab tercabut and pakikan katil sebab longgar), etc. Depends on the severity of the damage. Selalunya rumah akan vacant for a month. Agak rugi di situ.

Begitu lah serba sedikit pasal menyewakan rumah. Harap sharing session ini berguna. Ok bye.
May 21, 2011

Movie of The Week... Something Borrowed!

i LOVE this movie!

It's funny, the hero is HOT, the female characters are bitchy and the other one is nice, it got city life and a bit of beachy fun. A lil' bit of everything.

It's a typical chick lit movie, a break that we need from all this car-racing, ghost-hunting, pirate-killing movies that are so hot right now. Even Mr. Chenta likes it.

And my favorite moment is this









Aren't they cute?
God, i miss dancing.

May 5, 2011

This Made Me Smile..

This was uploaded in Facebook by Faez. An edited photo of Mr. Chenta and i during our visit to Stonehenge, UK. Never fails to bring smile to my face :D

May 3, 2011

Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Tadi masa tengah godek-godek wallet, terjumpa resit cervical cancer vaccination. i took the vaccination package a few months ago. Alhamdulillah dah habis amek all three dosage of the vaccine. Tiba-tiba rasa nak membebel pasal Cervical Cancer or kanser pangkal rahim dalam bahasa Melayu nya. i hope you girls who are reading this post will be influenced to take this vaccine. It could help save your life. InsyaAllah.

*i don't get anything by saying this, just purely for sharing. Sharing is loving gitewww..*

So here goes:

Did you know that cervical cancer is second to breast cancer in causing cancer deaths in women worldwide and is the 2nd most common cancer in Malaysian Women? 

Did you know that cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women worldwide with approximately 471,000 new cases diagnosed each year?

Did you know that a woman dies of cervical cancer approximately every 2 minute?

So what is Cervical Cancer?
Cervical cancer is a cancer that starts in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus (womb) that opens at the top of the vagina and it's mostly caused by sexually transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV). Over time, the cervical cancer can invade more deeply into the cervix and nearby tissues.The cancer cells can spread by breaking away from the original (primary) tumor. They enter blood vessels or lymph vessels, which branch into all the tissues of the body. The cancer cells may attach to other tissues and grow to form new tumors that may damage those tissues.

It is usually a slow-growing cancer that may not have symptoms but can be found with regular Pap tests (a procedure in which cells are scraped from the cervix and looked at under a microscope).

You are at a greater risk of having cervical cancer if you:

  • Started having sex at an early age
  • Have multiple sexual partners
  • Have not undergo Pap smears
  • Have sexual partners who have multiple partners or who participate in high-risk sexual activities
  • Are a woman whose mother took the drug DES (diethylstilbestrol) during pregnancy in the early 1960s to prevent miscarriage
  • Are a smoker
  • Have many children
  • Have weakened immune system

Now i know most of you thought "Aku belum kawen, so takde risk pon nak dapat kanser servik ni.." or "i'm a virgin, impossible of me getting infected by HPV and get cervical cancer". i know, because i once thought of the same thing. But married or single, virgin or not, it is better to have ourselves vaccinated. Because sooner or later you are gonna get married, you are gonna have sex. If you are vaccinated, you'll have one less thing to worry about. Think of this vaccine as an insurance. Bak kate orang Melayu, sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

I'm sure many of you have heard that the Malaysian government has started given cervical cancer vaccinations for all 13-year-old girls starting last year. This is a good measure taken by the government to help reduce the risk of Malaysian being infected by this disease. Tapi masalahnya, wanita-wanita yang berumur 14 tahun ke atas tahun lepas are not given this vaccine by the government. We have to take our own initiative to get vaccinated.

i'm lucky because The Company had held a Health Day in the office last year and a woman health clinic came and gave us a long, long lecture about cervical cancer. The talk was scary okay! Diorang tunjuk macam-macam gambar pasal cervical cancer ni. Paling sedih bila diorang cakap "Bayangkan.. You ada anak.. Kecik-kecik lagi. Tapi umur you tak panjang sebab ada kanser serviks ni. Tak kesian ke anak-anak you takde mak?" Yes, this vaccine is expensive (around RM600-RM750 in Malaysia). Tapi apalah sangat RM600 untuk kesihatan sendiri kan? Baik amek vaksin daripada beli handbag/sunglasses/shoes/jewelries/pegi holiday. Syukur jugak we were offered little discount (a pay-twice installment package) by the women's clinic so my colleagues and i took this opportunity to get vaccinated.

Now i'm not saying that this vaccine is a warranty for a cervical cancer-less life. No one can guarantee that. But it HELPS to lower the risk of us being infected by the HPV.

 There are two cervical cancer vaccine; Cervarix and Gardasil. Cervarix is the one we were vaccinated with.

Ini lah rupa saya mase kene cucuk. Selekeh jugak laaa. Agak sakit sebab jarum dia agak besar. Lepas kene cucuk tu tangan memang akan lenguh la sehari dua.

Tangan lenguh pon kene kontrol macho beb. 
*kitorang kene cucuk ni kat opis. Sebab amek pakej beramai-ramai maka mereka datang opis mencucuk beramai-ramai*

So women! Go to your nearest clinic to enquire about this vaccine today. Some clinics do have this vaccine but most woman health clinics offer a package on this. Jangan malu bertanya. Kalau berani (lagi-lagi yang dah kahwin) sila lah buat Pap Smear to check your cervical health. Kepada orang yang belum berkahwin seperti saya ni, amek je la vaksin dulu. Hehe.

Info sources:
-PubMed Health
May 1, 2011

My Mount Kinabalu Tale (Part 2)

The Climb

The next morning i woke up refreshed. Walopon i aku ni seorang yang sangat susah nak tido (especially at a strange/new place) tido malam ini memang sangat nyenyak. Penat agaknye. The bathrooms here don't have water heater, maka AIR NYE SEJUK GILER! Pagi tu mandi ala kadar je sebab dah mandi beriya sebelum tido (heh, alasan).

We took our breakfast at around 7.30am, took some photos, then got on the bus to Timpohon Gate. The bus ride took about 10 minutes. Everybody is required to attend a short briefing by the mountain guides at the Timpohon Gate.

i had nasik lemak with omelette for that extra energy. They also offer toast, cereals, variety of breads and buns.

 Mount Kinabalu from; the view Kinabalu Park. This view kept me going.
The start: at Timpohon Gate.

Ini lah rupe Timpohon Gate dalam Google Map iPhone.
In the middle of nowhere!

We were lucky that the weather was good that day. Tak panas sangat, tak sejuk sangat masa mula-mula mendaki tu. As we get higher, the tempreture dropped. It rained a bit in the afternoon. That time memang sejukkkk dan penattt.. 

 And the journey begins!

Endless big stair-like trek.. Penat!

The trek goes up and down like this.

We started climbing as a group of maybe 9 people but two hours into the climb, our group was left with 4 people. The others are either too fast or too slow for us. Only Mariah, Ali , Abang Isnin and i. berjalan mengharungi bukit-bukit itu. It's funny, dulu mase naik Bukit Kutu pon kitorang jalan sama-sama. Now pon stuck together. i'm grateful for these people. We didn't walk in silence. We chatted, debated, laughed and SING throughout the climb. It made me forget that i'm tired. Biler kitorang start nyanyi lagu Isabella, terus hujan. Memang betul-betul katak panggil hujan. Huhu.

 Meet my companions; Ali, Mariah and Abang Isnin. We call ourselves The Fellowship of The Elwood. (don't ask me why)
These people made my journey fun and more than bearable.

It's gonna rain! The boys are helping cover my bag with a plastic bag.

Climbing up, we can see many changes of type of plants around us. Near the bottom, the trees are like any other tropical trees - tall, leafy, and huge. As we go up, the plants gradually changes to bamboo-type, bonsai-type and lastly, moss-type. Ah-ma-zing!

 Started off with tropical, leafy trees. (ignore that purple girl please)

 Some pretty flowers

 Delicate leafy-moss. Errr.. sorry dunno their scientific names.

 Gorgeous neon-green moss.

This type of moss looks like corals in the sea!

As we get higher, lagi banyak this bonsai-like trees.

Enough about plants. It took us almost 7 hours to get to Laban Rata, where the pit stop and accommodation  hostel is located. That is 6 kilometers climbing up, people! Oh boy, sangat la bersyukur dan happy sampai situ. At this points my legs were so sore that i can't feel them anymore! Not to mention the cold weather and our wet clothes. My 7 hours of climbing dikira sangat lembap okeh. Ade mamat salleh ni 2.5 hours dah smpai.
 Laban Rata at 4pm.
The sight that made me squeak with joy.

i shared a room with 7 other girls. It's more like a dorm actually. Sampai je bilik, kitorang sume melepet kepenatan. Bilik tak rupa bilik dah. Our things were sprawled all over the place.We were too tired to care.

Selepas mandi (yes, i took a bath. The water was ICE COLD but the thought of going to bed without shower after 6 hours climb is unbearable) we went to the canteen for dinner. Dinner was yummy. Bila lapar nak mampos memang semuanya yummy kan? Tapi sebab penat sangat, tak selera nak makan banyak.

My dinner!

A gorgeous sunset at Laban Rata. Priceless!

Miss this moment :'(

We went to bed at about 8pm that night coz we have to get up at 1am to resume our climb. Despite being ultra super-duper tired, i can't sleep coz BISING! Ade penghuni asrama bilik sebelah-sebelah memekak. Stress gila dah penat takleh tido pulak. i fell asleep at about 11.30p, kol 12.30pm dah kene bangon. Sigh.

The journey continues: Laban Rata to Low's Peak

Sumpah sejuk! For this journey i wore a thermal t-shirt, a sweater and a windbreaker with khakis and 2 layers of socks. Glove pon yang waterproof (lesson learnt sebab first time dulu tak waterproof habis basah tangan and sejuk sampai tulang). i think i'm one of those people yang tak tahan sejuk. Memang berbungkus habis. 

After a light breakfast/supper, we started our journey at 2am. It was cold. Initially there were stairs, endless stairs. Then it changed to a rocky path. At some points the path got more challenging, more vertical, that we had to use ropes to climb. But most of the time the path is only slightly inclined. No matter how challenging or how easy the path might seem, it was not an easy journey for me. About an hour into the climb, i felt sleepy and nausea. Sumpah la kalau boleh nak berenti dan tido je. i didn't care if i don't get to the top, as long as i can sleep. But i can't simply sleep. Kalo tido memang takkan bangon dah wehh.. This are symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Makanya memang aku menahan diri daripada berhenti terlalu lama. Even though penat, i just kept on walking. Biar lambat dan lembab, jangan berenti dan tido.

 Semasa masih segar, bertenaga, belum mengantok dan belum rasa nak muntah. Sempat posing!

Ni la contoh keadaan dah nak give up.

First ray of sunshine. The sun is rising and we haven't reached the top!

The last few meters to the top is the hardest. Sebab dia extra inclining. Ali, Abg Isnin and i memang tak larat sampai kitorang berpuas hati utk hanya duduk di situ dan tengok je sunrise, tak payah pegi puncak. We told Mariah, "Babe, ko pegi la. Aku nak dok sini. Same je view sunrise kat sini and kat atas tu. Ko pegi la, kitorang tunggu ko kat sini". But she didn't buy it. "i'm not going without you guys" she said. Reluctantly, we got up and mencuba sedaya upaya untuk sampai ke puncak. I WAS PRACTICALLY CRAWLING, I SWEAR! Mariah's an angel. If it's not for her, i wont reach the top.

 Ko nampak tak perempuan pakai serkop opah tu? Haa... That was me practically crawling.

 Muke takleh blaaa..

i'm finally there!!
Penat lelah berhasil juga.

i can't resist putting up this photo:


















i didn't notice i did this. i guess this is my true feelings. Happy but why-the-eff-did-i-do-this kind of feelings.

Once i was there, hilang segala kepenatan. i came here for THIS. For all the great view. Allah is great.

And Then We Went Down..

Harus lah cam-whore banyak-banyak kan kat atas nunnn? 


 Happy nak turunnn..


 Gamba profile Facebook. Hikhik.

 Baru boleh ceria.

 Donkey's Peak

Seringgit Peak
(sebab ade gamba bukit ni kat duit seringgit)

 Way above the clouds

 Berhati-hati lah!

 Beautiful Mariah!

We returned to Laban Rata to get our stuff and continued our way to Timpohon Gate. The way up was exhausting, but the journey down is a pain in the bottom, literally. Lutut sakit yang amat. walaupon malu, tapi saya mengaku yang the four of us (The Fellowship of Elwood!) are the last ones to reach Timpohon Gate. Masing-masing sakit kaki. Mariah injured her knees, poor girl.

 My favorite Kinabalu girls.

 Nenek kebayan nak turun.

 Penceria perjalanan saya. Terima kasih!

 Off we go.

So.. There goes my Kinabalu Tale. i wasn't the fastest to reach the top, but i'm not the last either. Tapi masa turun memangggg the last. Muahaha.. Regardless of time, i'm proud of myself to made it up and down for the second time. It was one hell of a journey for me. When i was there, i swore that i won't do it for the third time but now that i think about it, why not? Aku nak pegi third time kalo Via Ferrata. Hihi.

Okay, roger and out!