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September 27, 2011

Never Mind My Life, SAVE THE HANDBAGS!

Here's a funny news i found on The Star today..

A WOMAN risked her life merely to save three branded handbags when fire gutted her home in Hong Kong, Nanyang Siang Pau reported.

The woman was asleep in her apartment in Sham Shui Po when she was awakened by thick smoke in her bedroom.

She managed to overcome her shock and look for a way to escape, but not before dashing into another room and “rescuing” three Louis Vuitton and Gucci handbags that belonged to her and her daughter.

She then climbed out a window and climbed down the building with a fire- man's ladder, carrying the handbags with her.

The paper said the woman decided to save the handbags because she and her daughter cherished them so much.

Psychology experts said that it is human nature to save valuable goods. “But this instinct is usually more common in women as they treasure valuable goods more than men.”

It might sound funny and downright crazy. i laughed when i read this.

But then i put myself in her shoes.. What would i do if my house is on fire and i only have three designer bags that i bought using my hard-earned cash? What if the bag is my MJ's Mini Stam in Green that i love so much?

Those who know me knows that it's hard for me to buy those expensive bags. Sebab tu la sampai sekarang saya tiada satu pon designer bag. Yup. Saya tiada satu pon designer handbag!

So.. i would definitely go to the other room and grab my designer bags.

As crazy as it sounds, i will.

For details on this news, click here.
September 22, 2011

Weekend Agenda: Jakarta Trip!

We bought the tickets December last year. The initial intention was to visit Dewi who is now a mom.

Now, my primary objective have changed: i'm going for wedding shopping! And to spend quality time with Dewi and Azka, of course.

We'll leave on Airasia flight 7.00am tomorrow morning.

My main goals:
1) Beli kain for aunties.
2) Beli flower girl dresses.
3) Survey/beli doorgift.
4) Jahit manik+patching baju nikah.

Side goals:
1) Spend time with Dewi and little Azka
2) Quality spa time with the girls

Harap lah yang di rancang menjadi. Amin.
September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Bila Office PC Buat Hal

.. i sketch whatever comes to mind.
PC kat opis buat hal lately. Banyak org kene virus. Not so bad.. Boleh rehatkan otak. Hehe.
September 18, 2011

Wedding/Engagement Ring Checked!

A few months ago, i wander around in a kinda-high-end jewellery shop in KLCC. Ye lah hari Jumaat kan panjang lunch hour.

Accidentally, i fell in LOVE with this gorgeous ring the first time i laid eyes on it. Let's call it Ring A. Cantekkkk! It sits perfectly on my finger, like it belongs there. Tapi harga bak datangggg! Mahal pada mata saya yang tak berapa nak mampu ni. Tu lah sapa suruh masuk kedai high-end?

Decided it was lust, i went away and tried to forget about it. After a few months (and dah firm plan nak kahwin), i surveyed around for a wedding/engagement ring. Ntah la kenapa, pergi mana-mana kedai pon, high end ke low-end ke Tomei ke Selberan ke Sri Pinang ke memang akan terpikat kat cincin ala-ala Ring A ni.

Being a husband-to-be, Mr. Chenta ada certain budget untuk cincin. Di akui, budget dia tak lah tinggi melambung. Memang susah nak dapatkan cincin macam jenis Ring A within his budget. But i don't mind lah. Sebagai bakal isteri yang mithali understanding, i understand that i can't have everything that i want. Memang kahwin adalah seumur hidup sekali but being married to him is the thing that matters the most. InsyaAllah ada rezeki boleh je beli cincin grand sebagai hadiah anniversary, tak gitu?

Anyway, sejak tahu budget sebenar, saya survey cincin within that budget la. Terpikat kat Ring B. Cantek berkilau, paling best, within budget. Ring A dilupakan.

As planned, today is the day that we're supposed to buy the ring. Bila Wan dapat tahu kami nak beli cincin, memang nak ikot lah dia. So there we go again, Mr. Chenta, Wan and i jalan-jalan cari cincin. 

Wan excited. First time bawak dia gi 1Utama. Selalu gi KLCC, GE Mall or Ikea je.

Sampai di kedai yang dituju ( i identified the ring beforehand, masa jalan-jalan ngan Ucu ), terus lah saya mintak SA keluarkan 2-3 cincin yang menjadi pilihan hati. Try 2-3 cincin tu, and tunjuk kat diorang muka Wan macam nak tak nak je. Tanya Mr. Chenta, dia kata okayyyy je semua ( that's why la kalo shopping malas nak bawak dia. Semua cantik and okay je).  

Tetiba Wan kata kat SA, "Tolong keluarkan cincin yang ituuuu...". SA pon keluarkan lah cincin yang Wan mintak.

i was bursting with delight!

It's Ring A!!

Once again, it sits beautifully on my finger. Wan tersenyum puas. "Haaa... Ambik yang ni lah!" she said, eksaited lebih.

"Errr.. Wan, ni out of budget la Wan," i said. Suka memang suka. Tapi duit laki aku jugak yang nak membelinya.

"Oh ye ke.. Okay, tengok lah lain dulu," she said.

So i tried other cincin. Semua dia bangkang. Ring A jugak cantik di mata Wan.

Sudah berputus asa di situ. Siapa yang nak kahwin ni Wan hoiiii?

"Bb.. i like Ring A better too.. Lagi cantek compared to Ring B. It suits you.." Tiba-tiba Mr. Chenta pulak mencelah. Then he smiled. Terkedu pulak aku.

"Yeah.. i like it too. Ingat tak i told you i want something like this? Tapi out of budget lah Yang.. It's okay. i like Ring B too. Cantik jugak ape.."

"Takpe lah, B. Gurl suka, Wan pon suka, ambik je lahh.." Mr. Chenta memberi kata putus. Ntah la dia cakap camtu sebab dah malas nak convince Wan, or dia nak happy kan kitorang or dia memang rasa cincin tu cantik.


That permission was THE permission. 

Alhamdulillah, dapat cincin idaman. The best part is, i didn't even have to ask for it!

Wan senyum je puas hati dapat cincin yang DIA nak. Macam dia pulak nak kawen. Pschftttt!

Moral of the story is, we have to accept the fact that we can't have EVERYTHING we want. BE GRATEFUL with what we have. InsyaAllah when you REDHA, unexpected rezqi will come your way, directly or indirectly. i have witnessed that today. It's an eye opener.

So, wedding/engagement ring for me and wedding band for Mr. Chenta CHECKED! Cincin Mr. Chenta saya pilihkan and dia pon sangat sukaaaaa! :D

p/s: Sampai sekarang tak tahu adakah patut buat upacara bertunang di pagi hari nikah? Or masa batal air sembayang tu sarung both cincin and gelang? Or what? How do people do it? Please advice kalau-kalau pernah korang bertunang di hari nikah. Konpius dah ni.

p/s lagi : Tak sangka kami bertiga ada taste yang sama pasal cincin ni.

p/s lagi lagi : Cincin dah over-budget. Saya kena save on other things pulak. More DIY!

September 16, 2011

Blogger for iPhone

Just downloaded this Blogger for iPhone app. Punya lah ketinggalan zaman!

So far okay la kot. But you couldn't moderate comments or see blog's statistics. Even dashboard can't be viewed. It's designed mainly for posting new blogposts.

Let's try uploading a photo..







September 14, 2011

Original Bootcamp: Second Month

If you remember in these posts, i joined this outdoor-based military style fitness program (basically a bootcamp) organized by Original Bootcamp.

i first joined in June, chose KLCC Park afternoon session as it's convenient for me to go to (after office hour sessions and very near to my office). Then i had to stop going to the bootcamp for two months because i had to undergo a minor surgery (story here) and then it was Ramadhan month (gila hengkau time-time puasa nak berbootcamp bagai).

Now that i'm healthy and free, i re-join the bootcamp! Dah la nak kawen ni, lagi harus lah bersungguh-sungguh kuruskan badan.

My first session started last week on Tuesday. As usual, we had to do the fitness test. 

i thought my fitness level is still okay. Ye lah, baru 2 bulan berehat and tak workout langsung, takkan la teruk sangat ye dak? Besides, i lost 3.5 kgs, mesti lah lagi fit. Turned out i was dead wrong! My latest fitness test time was worse that the first fitness test! First test i was at 10 mins 39 secs, second test was 10 minutes flat. This latest one sudah mencorot jadi 10 mins 42 secs! Agak down di situ. 

Lesson learned: kalo ko hengat ko dah fit selepas lama bersukan, jangan stop. Once you stop exercising, fitness level will decrease. 

Maka cekalkan hati gi bootcamp bersungguh-sungguh nak fit balik.
Second session last Thursday was hell. Think i did 70 push ups, God-knows how many burpees, thrusters, and all the other intense exercises. My arms were sore from Friday til Monday. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL!

Third session yesterday was more bearable. Did push-ups (tapi tak la sampai 70!), thrusters, planking, scissor-something, some sprinting, etc. Sekarang otot di perut pulak sakit-sakit *imaginary six-packs*

My June session bootcamp didn't make me lose any weight, so i expect the same from this session. Malas nak berharap. i just want my body to be toner and firmer.

Let's see what tomorrow's session brings. Wish me luck!
September 12, 2011

Dilema Hiasan Bilik Pengantin

i'm having problem with this.

My room already has brown-and-white build-in wardrobe and desk. With brown parquet for flooring, it is clear that i don't have many choices in decorating our bilik pengantin. Nak tak nak, the theme is fixed to brown-white-cream.

While i think that brown-cream combination speaks cozy and homy, i can't help but think that it will look a bit dull in photos.


Memandangkan sudah begitu keadaannya bilik saya (brown-white), saya surrender saja menjadikan cream and brown as the basic theme. Will add a splash of blue and maybe peach or purple to make it less dull in photographs. Mr. Chenta and i have shopped for duvet cover (white with brown lining. Sogo ada SALE! Then again bila je Sogo takda sale? :p) and the room's curtain (brown). Will paint the currently-purple room cream in the next one month.

So i Googled some images for bedroom decoration ideas...

 Cream-brown with hints of purple. Cantek ennnn?

 Cozy cream-brown.

 Cream-brown with hints of gold. Cantek and serene mata memandang.

 Ini nampak sangat cozy and comfy. Rasa tanak bangon je dipagi Ahad. Just imagine the wall is in cream.

Currently this room looks more like what we have. The quilt cover and the curtains are very similar to ours. Except our walls will be in cream. i'll have to add a few blue cushions and buy mattress' sheet.

Looking at these photos made me feel a bit more optimistic. Bilik kami takkan extravaganza. Comfort is the key!

*photos credit to Google and*

September 11, 2011

Dugaan Pertama..

This week is one hell of a week. 

It's hell for me because Mr. Chenta and i had a mighty big fight. The kind of fight that involves silent treatment, us yelling at each other, door-slamming (not surprising if the neighbour heard us), one of us leave the other in the lari-dari-rumah type, the other cried like a baby. It was ugly.

Memang betul mereka kata, niat kita nak berkahwin tu baik, maka syaitan suka datang menghasut sampai kita tak jadi kahwin. Lucky for us, bawak bertenang, bawak berbincang. Dua-dua memang salah. We realized that we love each other too much to let petty things get in our way.

i'm sorry for everything i did wrong, bb. 

In a way, i'm glad we had the fight. It teaches us not to repeat the same mistake later in our marriage. i don't wanna go through that again. Ever.

After the storm, come sunshine and a beautiful rainbow. Sama jugak dengan kami. Dah penat-penat gadoh, kami made up dan pergi shopping beli barang-barang kahwin. Kedua-dua tersenyum happy. Maka wedding list can be updated. Alhamdulillah.

Still more to do. Only 104 days to go. Adoiyai!

September 7, 2011

Our Checklist

Semenjak dah meng-announce pasal nak kawen ni, beriya-iya benar update blog. Heeeee.. Excited sebenarnya. These days all i can think of is my wedding. 3 months to go and i feel there are still SO MUCH TO DO!

i think about it too much that last night i had a nightmare about my wedding. *GASPPPP!*

To get my head in order, i've listed down our checklist. Bride-to-be's and ex-brides yang membaca harap-harapnya boleh la membantu tambah-tambah any points that i've left out ya..


-Kat rumah. Decided
-Curtains. Done.
-Cat rumah. Pending.
-Carpets. Half done. Kene beli lagi sket.
-Pelamin. Booked and deposit paid. Pelamin design to be finalized.
-Deco. Still in discussion. Pending.

-Caterer. Pending
-Canopy. Pending
-Doorgift. Pending
-Extra foods like candies and kuih muih. Pending
-Entertainment (pasang lagu/zikir masa tetamu makan-makan). Considered done.

-Photographer. Booked. Deposit paid.
-Videographer. Verbally booked. Deposit pending.

-Bride's :  -Kain dah beli. Belum tempah.
                -DIY Veil. Pending
                -Shoes. Pending
                -Makeup. Booked.
                -Henna. Booked. Deposit pending.
-Groom's: -Kain baju Melayu dah beli. Belum tempah.
                -Sampin. Done
                -Shoes. Pending.

-Kursus Kahwin. Done
-Borang nikah lelaki & perempuan. Dah ambik, belum isi/hantar.
-HIV test. Pending. Tentatively early October.

For Him:
  -Watch. Done
  -Gadget I. Pending
  -Gadget II. Pending
  -Shoes. Pending
  -Sejadah & al-Quran. Pending
  -Sirih junjung. Pending.
  -Wallet and Belt. Pending
  -Wedding band. Pending
  -Cake or Chocolate. Pending

For Her:
  -Watch. Done.
  -Telekung. Done.
  -Handbag. Pending
  -Wedding bracelet & duit hantaran. Done.
  -Sirih junjung. Pending
  -Cake or Chocolate. Pending
  -Perfume or skincare. Pending


-Reception Hall. Booked, deposit paid.
-Pelamin.  Booked, deposit paid.
-Walkway decorations (included in pelamin package)  Booked, deposit paid.
-Other decorations such as photobooth, guest book corner, etc. Still indecisive.

-Caterer. Booked, deposit paid.
-Desserts. Still surveying. Pending

-Doorgift. Pending
-Bunga pahar. Need to reconfirm whether included in the package. Pending

-Baju Bersanding : Currently being made. Fitting tentatively in October. Pending
-Bride's Shoes. Pending
-Groom's Shoes. Pending
-Makeup.  Booked, deposit paid.

-Invitation cards. Pending
-Road signage. Pending
-DIY Guestbook. In progress. Pending

-Bridesmaids. Done
-Family. Pending
-Best Man. Pending
-Flower girls dresses. Pending

-Kompang. Verbally booked. Need to reconfirm again.
-Gamelan (nenek's request. Heee).Pending
-PA system (dewan provides. Considered done, need to reconfirm.
-DJ and songs. Pending

-Photographer.  Booked, deposit paid.
-Videographer. Verbally booked. Deposit pending.


*Some time in March 2012. Exact date has not been decided. Will start planning once date is confirmed*

109 days to go and still banyak lagi yang MERAH. Harus usaha lebih!

p/s: Kan best kalau duit turun dari langit. Or grows on trees :p
September 6, 2011

Dewan, Merisik & Bertunang

We are weird in the way we are doing this whole wedding thing.

We plan the wedding first.

It started off when i called Dewan Komuniti Bukit Damansara for my friend. It was December last year. She asked me to find out the hall's rate and availability on her wedding date (dunno why people ask me to do that all the time). Sadly, the hall is not available for her. 

Out of nowhere my big mouth blurted out "Err.. Agak-agak dewan tu available tak on 24th December next year?". Just because it's my birthday (-_-) "Sorry miss, 24 haribulan tu dah ade orang book" the guy said. i was about to say thanks and hang up when he suddenly said "Tapi available on 25 haribulan. Miss nak saya book kan dulu?"

Big grin.

"Okay. Book kan je la dulu. Letak nama i"

But i never told Mr. Chenta.

Until a few months after that. i think it was in April. We were discussing about weddings, marriage, kids.. i told him i booked a dewan already. He was like "What???"

"Book je.. Kalau tak kawen December cancel je laaa. Kalau nak kawen date tu, takyah cancel.." i said.

Dia agak terkejut. Who wouldn't kan? So we went on like that, unsure.

We discussed more about it. Tanya kat Wan. Tanya my family. Tanya parents dia. Alhamdulillah. They agree. Although sampai skang i kene perli "Ni laaa Teefa ni pandai-pandai je book dewan. Bukan nak tanya-tanya dulu. Dah la orang nak gi haji nii..."

Ouch! Sorry Acik, Uncle!

Sampai lah bulan June. Sebenarnya dah nekad kalo dewan tu dah booked and paid by others, maksudnya itu bukan rezeki and jodoh kami. Tup tup bila i call, it's still available. Diorang tak cancel nama i even though dah 6 bulan i still tak bayar deposit. i feel it's meant to be. Mungkin itu tandanya we should go on with the plan.

So our wedding preparation evolves from there. Bulan December 2010 book dewan, June 2011 baru bayar deposit.Pastu baru lah book pelamin, tempah baju, caterer, bagai. So far, things are good.

We decided tak mahu bertunang. Kalau bertunang pon, on nikah day. Alasan-alasannya adalah
  1. Tanak membazir. RM3-7k kos bertunang tu baik kami buat belanja kahwin.
  2. The fact that we're cousins. It's kinda weird. Family pon dah kenal-kenal. So kurang lah fungsi bertunang tu..
  3. Mr. Chenta's parents live in Kuching. Tak nak la susahkan diorang nak ulang-alik and fikir pasal majlis tunang dan persiapan kahwin.
  4. Orang kata time bertunang banyak dugaan. So we thought maybe kalau takde status tunang, kurang dugaan. Gitu ke? Hehe
Untuk tidak membelakangkan adat, family dia datang merisik. Semalam. Hehe. It was a really simple majlis. It's not even a majlis. Diorang datang beraya, and sarungkan cincin. No fancy dishes, no fancy decorations. 5 orang dari wakil dia datang dan 4 orang dari pihak perempuan. Atok and Nenek siap pakai kain pelekat and kain batik je. Gaahahaha. Sangat sederhana.

Alhamdulillah. That's all we need.


p/s: remember awal Ramadhan i lost 3.3kg? i found out i lost another 200gram. Wuahahaha. 100gram pon berharga, maksudnya tak gain balik masa raya. Need to lose at least 2 more kilograms. Baru cantek pakai baju kawen. Kalo boleh turun lagi 4kg lagi bagus! ;)

September 5, 2011

Ada Rahsia Saya Nak Bagitau...

Sebenarnya dah lama teringin nak cakap pasal benda ni.

Dah lama nak blog pasal peristiwa best ni.

Tengok kawan-kawan lain seronok blogging about their journey.

Best je.

But i'm the kind of person who's afraid of being too sure.

Afraid of being too confident.

Takot, dah excited lebih tiba-tiba tak jadi.

Takot, dah canang satu dunia tiba-tiba ada aral.

Takot, happy-happy nanti menangis.

After a long time thinking about it, after berbincang dengan Mr. Chenta, selepas bertanya pendapat keluarga, baru lah yakin.

Masa pun tak banyak lagi ni.













*dance around happily joget-joget lompat-lompat sambil dengar lagu I Do by Colbie Callait*

So friends, save these dates:

December 24, 2011 untuk dinikahkan.

December 25, 2011 untuk disandingkan.

Doakan semuanya lancar dan dipermudahkan ya

110 days to go!