September 12, 2011

Dilema Hiasan Bilik Pengantin

i'm having problem with this.

My room already has brown-and-white build-in wardrobe and desk. With brown parquet for flooring, it is clear that i don't have many choices in decorating our bilik pengantin. Nak tak nak, the theme is fixed to brown-white-cream.

While i think that brown-cream combination speaks cozy and homy, i can't help but think that it will look a bit dull in photos.


Memandangkan sudah begitu keadaannya bilik saya (brown-white), saya surrender saja menjadikan cream and brown as the basic theme. Will add a splash of blue and maybe peach or purple to make it less dull in photographs. Mr. Chenta and i have shopped for duvet cover (white with brown lining. Sogo ada SALE! Then again bila je Sogo takda sale? :p) and the room's curtain (brown). Will paint the currently-purple room cream in the next one month.

So i Googled some images for bedroom decoration ideas...

 Cream-brown with hints of purple. Cantek ennnn?

 Cozy cream-brown.

 Cream-brown with hints of gold. Cantek and serene mata memandang.

 Ini nampak sangat cozy and comfy. Rasa tanak bangon je dipagi Ahad. Just imagine the wall is in cream.

Currently this room looks more like what we have. The quilt cover and the curtains are very similar to ours. Except our walls will be in cream. i'll have to add a few blue cushions and buy mattress' sheet.

Looking at these photos made me feel a bit more optimistic. Bilik kami takkan extravaganza. Comfort is the key!

*photos credit to Google and*

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