September 14, 2011

Original Bootcamp: Second Month

If you remember in these posts, i joined this outdoor-based military style fitness program (basically a bootcamp) organized by Original Bootcamp.

i first joined in June, chose KLCC Park afternoon session as it's convenient for me to go to (after office hour sessions and very near to my office). Then i had to stop going to the bootcamp for two months because i had to undergo a minor surgery (story here) and then it was Ramadhan month (gila hengkau time-time puasa nak berbootcamp bagai).

Now that i'm healthy and free, i re-join the bootcamp! Dah la nak kawen ni, lagi harus lah bersungguh-sungguh kuruskan badan.

My first session started last week on Tuesday. As usual, we had to do the fitness test. 

i thought my fitness level is still okay. Ye lah, baru 2 bulan berehat and tak workout langsung, takkan la teruk sangat ye dak? Besides, i lost 3.5 kgs, mesti lah lagi fit. Turned out i was dead wrong! My latest fitness test time was worse that the first fitness test! First test i was at 10 mins 39 secs, second test was 10 minutes flat. This latest one sudah mencorot jadi 10 mins 42 secs! Agak down di situ. 

Lesson learned: kalo ko hengat ko dah fit selepas lama bersukan, jangan stop. Once you stop exercising, fitness level will decrease. 

Maka cekalkan hati gi bootcamp bersungguh-sungguh nak fit balik.
Second session last Thursday was hell. Think i did 70 push ups, God-knows how many burpees, thrusters, and all the other intense exercises. My arms were sore from Friday til Monday. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING AT ALL!

Third session yesterday was more bearable. Did push-ups (tapi tak la sampai 70!), thrusters, planking, scissor-something, some sprinting, etc. Sekarang otot di perut pulak sakit-sakit *imaginary six-packs*

My June session bootcamp didn't make me lose any weight, so i expect the same from this session. Malas nak berharap. i just want my body to be toner and firmer.

Let's see what tomorrow's session brings. Wish me luck!
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