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October 29, 2009


My cat, Snowbelle died this morning.

I’m depressed.

I tried everything I can to cure her. I bought her to the vet twice. She was even warded on both occasion.
When she’s home, she slept with me.
When she can’t/won’t eat I force feed her with her favorite can of tuna.
I gave her her medication, her vitamins.
I didn’t go out on the weekend just to look after her.
I cared for her as if she’s my own baby.

But she left anyway.

I miss her.

Miss the way she’d greet me every single day when I get home from work.
Miss the way she pleads for food.
Miss the way she chase the toy rope when I play with her.
Miss the way her tail wiggles whenever I stroke her.
Miss how she purrs when I manja-manjakan dier.
Miss how she’ll miaow and miaow whenever my attention diverts from her.

I miss her.

You’ll always be loved, Snowbelle.

October 27, 2009

Date Day

It’s been weeks since Mr. Chenta and I last had our real date.

He’s busy with school (midterms, quizzes, assignments) on weekdays and on the last 3 weekends, he’s busy spending it with his best friend who’s home from London. Being the understanding girlfriend that I am (ahem), I let him be a guy and do all the guy stuff with Faiz while Faiz is still here. I know how much he misses his best friend when Faiz is abroad. Besides, I can spend time with my friends and doing me-things.

But it’s been more than 3 weeks and I miss my boyfriend. Yes, we see each other most days but even then we’re busy doing our stuff or run errands. I want a real date.

So I scheduled a no-one-can-disturb date. Just the two of us. A traditional dinner-and-movie date. Yayy!

We went to the Curve.

First destination: Italiannies!

We were starving.. Tummy-first is always our policy. Hehe..

I was craving for their Stuffed Mushroom for weeks but didn’t have the time to get around to it. Now I can have my revenge! We ordered Stuffed Mushroom for starter, and Chicken Parmag-something to share as Italiannies’ portions are always big.

As always, the Stuffed Mushroom is ravishing.. It’s a plate of 8 heavily-stuffed-with-delicious-things mushrooms, that were surrounded by cheese. *drool* I practically asked for a second serving of it *drool* (but stopped when I did calorie counting..damn calories!). Came our main dish. It’s spaghetti drenched in tomato sauce with two chicken patties on top. The taste is as disappointing as the way it looks (sobs). Now I know for sure that I can’t really trust Italiannies’ pastas. Lesson learnt: next time we’ll have dinner elsewhere and come to Italiannies for the Stuffed Mushroom only.

Stuffed Mushroom
i can taste it in my mouth just by looking at this.

Chicken Porma-something
An utter disappointment :(

Before the movie starts, we went jalan-jalan. I let him wander into the music stores, he let me wander into the boutiques. We went to the bookstores and IT stores. Suddenly my eyes caught this store:

Daiso - the 5 Ringgit stuff store!!

5 Ringgit shop! I love shops like this..We’ll never know what good stuffs we’ll find in such place. It's on the 2nd floor, The Curve. I was shocked when I entered the store. It is HUGE and has EVERYTHING! Really EVERYTHING! From foods, to kitchenware, to toys, to stationaries, to beauty supplies, to calculators, to lingeries (ahaha!)… all at the price of 5 Ringgit! Memang rambang mata laa… We were like Hansel and Gratel in a candy house. He went that way, i went this way.. Bumped, in the middle of the shop, grinned, and went the opposite sides again. In the end, we ended up buying only these:

His and Hers mugs and his mesh pencil case!
We didnt know what else to buy :p

Happy with these cheap purchases, we made our way to Cineleisure to watch PAPADOM. At last! I’ve been wanting to watch this for a long time… Yes, saya agak terlambat dan ketinggalan. Hehe.. Since most people have already watched this, there’s no need for me to elaborate on the movie. Yes, it is an insanely-funny-but-deeply-touching movie. Well done, Afdlin Shauki!

There goes our date. Short and sweet and I love every moment of it.

October 22, 2009

A Day Off = Bliss!

As usual, my alarm clock went off at 6.30am today. On a normal day i would give up on snoozing it, get up at 6.40am, mandi-mandi lalalala, get my clothes on, dab on moisturizer and sunscreen, mascara on both eyes and voila! i'm ready to go..

But today is not a normal day. I totally ignored the annoying sound of alarm clock. Tried to open my eyes but they didn't obey. Tried to move my feet but they're rooted in position. Tried to think but my brain freeze in time. So i did what any sane person does - I SLEEP ON.

Finally woke up at 12.35pm (thanks to my brother...not!) and frantically thinking "Shit oh shit oh shit... How can i be sleeping when i got tons of work at the office??". The other voice in my head was like "Chillex darling.. the damage is done.. it's almost lunchtime anyway.. Kalo gi office pon tak gune.. Might as well take the day off"

I like the sound of my second voice. So i decided to follow her advice.

Here i am, savouring the freedom!

First thing i did was taking Snowbelle to the vet.

Snowbelle is my cat..err.. The family cat. She's a mix of Persian-Siamese-kucing kampung... White fur and fluffy grey fur for tail.. Really cute. For some reason she's not herself these past 3 days, she's sick.. At first i wanted to just let her heal on her own (cats always do that right?). But after 3 days, she's still static in the same spot. She didn't eat, drink, pee, or poop. She didn't move or be nosy as she always was. She didn't even miaow! I got worried. Off to the vet we went. Turns out that she's having a very high fever (40.5 degree celsius!). A possible virus infection. The doc take her blood for test, gave her IV drip (can u believe cats also need IV drips????) and warded her for at least a day. My poor baby! As much as i want her to get well and be her bubbly self again, i'm also panicking over the fees i'll have to pay. GULP!

 Poor Snowbelle.. So weak. See the IV drip on her arm/leg? Get well soon, baby!

After dropping Snowbelle off, i decided i need a new book to fill the day.So i dropped by at Alpha Angle to go to MPH. As i browse around, i found myself completely uninterested in the books. There was Mitch Albom's new book, Have a Little Faith, Cecilia Ahern's new book, A Book of Tomorrow and a couple of other books. I dunno why but i'm not interested in them. Then i saw this cute book for mummy and mummy-to-be. It was sooooo cute and informative (i think) but i'm not pregnant nor a mum (hell-o0o0o0o0..i'm not even married!). So i left it all alone on it's shelf. (Note to self: Get this book when you're preggie. InsyaALLAH)

The Fabulous Mum's Handbook.
I'm totally gonna get this the minute i find myself pregnant.

Bored, i'm ready to leave the store when suddenly i crossed the Islamic books section. Then it hit me:  i've been busy reading english, fictional (usually chic-lit) books that i forgot to nurture my inner-spiritual-Islamic side of me. A part of me that needs constant reminding and guidance. I mean yes, i pray, pay Zakat, fast, but there are so much more than that in being a Muslim. And let's face it, the last time i read an Islamic book was 6 months ago. Insaf sekejap di tengah-tengah kedai buku. Then i know this is the right book to read at this very moment:

Hadiah Buat Muslimah : Panduan Asas Fiqah Wanita
by Siti Nor bayah Mahamood and Ida Ezyani Othman

Yes, it's basic Fardhu Ain. But it's exclusively dedicated for women. We learnt all this when we were in school but it's no harm in learning it over and over again right? There are always rooms for improvement.

OMG... i'm sooooooo growing up, suddenly membaca buku-buku dan menasihatkan orang tentang agama. My parents would've been proud of me *pat on the shoulder and wipe tears from eyes*

There goes my day.. With these last few hours left, i'm gonna watch Dollhouse, lipat kain, and chillex. And oh, read the Islamic book i just bought.

October 21, 2009

The Month When i Found Myself Broke (i mean, REALLY BROKE)

In the recent month, I found myself struggling to manage financially.. What with Raya coming, an emergency that required me to buy a new (chic) bed, cheap holiday packages that are hard to resist, an irresistible sale at one of Malaysia’s leading jewelers.. Now I’m totally broke to the bones and i can’t barely live till my next paycheck!! This is soooo not me..

Usually every month, I give myself a pat in the back for my good behavior in managing my spending. Everything gets paid accordingly and within budget.
But what oh what happened to me this month?

Let’s reminisce…

1) Raya
Maybe this is the main culprit.. now that I’m officially an (young) adult (mind u, I’m just 23.. just because I have a job doesn’t make me an adult right?), I have this urge to provide things for Raya. Langsir baru, duit Raya, a few pasang of baju raya, kueh raya.. Nasib baik lah Raya setahun sekali..

2) New Bed
My old rickety bed is broken (retak menanti belah kah?). Without much hesitation I went to this furniture shop that I’ve been eyeing (but didn’t have any excuse to go to coz nothing was broken..haha!) and purchase this new black leathery bed with its leathery treasure chest friend. Now I have a nice bed to sleep and jump on and a chic treasure chest to store my handbags.. Pure genius right?

3) Cheap holiday packages
Now these are my favourite purchase so far.. I bought a holiday package to Krabi, complete with return flight tickets, accomodation for 3 nights, tour package and airport shuttle. It’ll be an all-girls trip with my collegues in February! Another trip that I bought is a 3-nights trip to Bangkok, scheduled for April-May 2010. They’ll be 7 of us (insyaAllah!), also an all-girls trip. I hear SHOPPING bell!

4) Irresistible sale at one of Malaysia’s leading jewelers
Now this is quite a story.. To cut long story short, let’s just say that I’m pissed with Tiffany & Co.’s salesperson and it led me into buying at Habib’s instead ( my Habib’s pendant is cuter, is a gold pendant instead of silver, and cheaper..and yeah, THE SALESPERSON TREATS ME THE WAY A CUSTOMER SHOULD BE TREATED! )

5) Cuci The Musical
Yup… I’m sooo going to watch Cuci The Musical.. I missed the movie, now I couldn’t afford to miss watching the 4 funnymen ( especially Afdlin Shauki..he’s hilarious!) live in action, could i? I’m sure this’ll be awesome.. Support Malaysian Showbiz industry ya’ll! (oke.. I’ll shut up now )

Wow..seeing this list, I’m surprised why I couldn’t figure out where have all my money ran to. This is what happened when I got carried away.. Hurmpf!

When all of these are over, expect me to return to my old cheapskate, think-10-times-before-u-buy self.

Heart-shaped pendant, Bangkok trip, Cuci the Musical tickets, my new bed (and tresure chest), Krabi trip.

October 16, 2009

Friendship and all things in between..

Like romantic relationship, friendship requires a lot of work. Just because you have a best friend whom you know since practically at birth, do not assume things are all pretty in the friendship land.

Yes, having a best friend means we have someone to talk to. To gush about the hot guy you just got to know. To cry to when life gets tough. To bitch with when your collegue is being a pain in the ass. To whine to when you're too broke to have that hot pair of heels.

But let's face it, it's not all pretty with best friends. On rare occasion (or very rare occasion) things happen to shake a friendship. Friendship, no matter how strong it is, will be tested. Long distance, career, money, men and other friends are some of the things that come between best friends. Sometimes, it is the differences of the two best friends itself are the friendship-killer.

I have a few best friends. Ones who know my life story, seen me thru all stages of my life. But i have to admit, as much as i love these girls, we do have our rough patches.

I'm having one of those rough patches right now. And i really hate it.


Yeah, friendship requires loads of work.
October 14, 2009

Office Gossips!

Let's be honest..

We don't really like going to work. Even the most dedicated, motivated, hard-working, strong-willed career people would never look forwad to deadlines, long office hours, bosses from hell, ad-hoc presentations and God-knows-what-else that comes daily in our job.

That's why in all of these office tension and chaos we will always find EXITEMENT and feel a sense of BELONGING when we merrily GOSSIP with our friends.

i admit, when i'm feeling lost in my mountains of work, or get tired of racking my brain, my feet will automatically find their way to my nearest, ahem, gossip buddy (or gossip buddy available online) and say " hey...ape cter baru?" or "ade gossip tak??????"

Usually our gossip topics are boring. Who's dating who, who's going out with who, who wears what, who's fighting with who, who says what, recent  celebrity scandals... *yawn*yawn*

These small gossiping session tho harmless and useless, gives a rush of adrenaline that gets us energized enough to resume our never ending jobs.

So i guess in some ways, office gossip is beneficial for our jobs huh?

p/s: There are differences between GOSSIPING and BITCHING. Gossiping is more like sharing news while bitching adalah sesi kutuk-mengutuk orang-orang tertentu yang kite tak suke. I like gossiping but i don't bitch. Coz takde orang yang aku tak suke. Sekian terima kasih :p

p/s lagi: Don't think that only we girls gossip. i KNOW the male species gossips more than we girls do.
October 10, 2009

5 Beauty Products You Can't Leave Without

A few weeks ago I had to go on an assignment on a rig in Sabah. Going offshore means I have to minimize my luggage. I really mean MINIMIZE.

I’m telling u, after two years of minimizing things to bring, I still can’t do it! I always  get a this feeling that I have to bring everything or I’ll die (well, wouldn’t u? Floating on sea in the middle of nowhere!)

On that trip I discovered that I can’t live without mascara. How? Coz I ran to a nearby mall at 9.45pm from my hotel room coz the next day I have to take the chopper offshore and my mascara isn’t in the bag and I was scared I can’t SEE without mascara. Like I’ll go blind or something.

 Yes, bimbotic, I know.

If I have to list only 5 beauty products I can’t live without, it’ll be these:

1)     1) NY Skin Solution Moisturizer
2)      2)NY Skin Solution Sunscreen
3)      3)Lancome L’Extreme Mascara
4)      4)Eyelash curler
5)      5)Soap & Glory Hair Supply Hair conditioner+mask
6)      6)Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot cream (I even use this on my hands!)
7)      7)Palmer’s Lip balm
8)      8)Clinique’s Eye cream (coz I have these permanent under eye’s hereditary or something. sigh!)
9)      9)Benefit Posie Tint Blusher 
            10)Kerastase Shampoo
11  11)   Loreal hair serum
12  12)   I. can’t. do. This. 5-things-list. Anymore…..

Oh well, I’m sure u girls are like me, no?
I mean, my best friend needs her straightening iron every single day or she won’t get out of the house.
My other friend can't live without her eyeliner.
My aunt can't sleep without her SK II stuff.
i rest my case.
October 4, 2009

2 am in the morning..

i'm hungry...

Scratch that.


But it's almost bedtime... How can i eat??

It's better to go to bed hungry than to wake up fat .
- my official motto -

Nanite people!

Makan-makan... @ San Francisco Pizza Restaurant

Last few nights we - Mr. Chenta, Wan (nenek terchenta), my brother Faizal, and i - went to San Francisco Pizza @ Wangsa Maju..

Faizal was craving for their Linguine Salmon (and they say only we girls have cravings.. hurmpf!)..

It's not my first time there.. i like their linguine salmon too!

Check out what we had..

Mr. Chenta's favourite: Iced Cappucino (more like blended actually)

i wasn't very hungry so i just had an appetizer: Mushroom Bruchetta..
Yummy! A slice of baguette covered in Mushroom+onion+God knows what in creamy sauce.

And then there was our Quattro Stagione Pizza
It was cheesier n yummy-er than ur average pizza..

Faizal's Linguine Salmon
Linguine in cream-based sauce with chunks of juicy salmon.. *drool*

Mr. Chenta's Carbonara
Sedap jugak.. i ate all of the olives! hehe...

Wan's Mushroom Chicken..
Wan makan separuh je.. selebihnye cucu-cucu nye yg kebuluran makan :p

The outcome: Pinggan2 yg licin bergelimpangan..

Ini lah makanan yang dimakan malam tu.. i must say, the pastas and pizzas are delish.. i even think that the pastas are yummier than Italiannies'..

But dont even bother to try their steaks and grilled stuff.. Coz they'r not as nice as the pastas+pizzas.. Their Italians je la yang sedap...

Our bill.. makan utk 4 orang.. ok la kan? Food pon sedap..

Then head over to San Francisco Pizza, Wangsa Maju.
It's in KLSC, nearby Gulati's..
If i'm not mistaken they have a branch in Bangi but i dunno the exact location.

October 1, 2009

New Month, New Job...

Not new job at a new company...i'm still with The Company but i've been given a new project. i've always loved challenges and being challenged but this new task is crushing me inside!!!

Before i babble on, let me tell u a little bit about my job.

i work with a company in oil and gas industry.. i'm a geoscientist. Or geologist to be general. yea,yea..boring i know..

Basically what we petroleum geologist do are finding hydrocarbon (EXPLORATION) and when we found it, figure out ways to bawak segala minyak dan gas itu ke atas utk dijual (DEVEOPMENT). As i'm new in this thing (i started working almost two years ago..sounds long right? but my experience and knowledge are like 5% of the oil & gas industry), i thought exploration n development geologist have almost the same jobscope n skills. Boy, i was DEAD WRONG!!

U see, i was seconded to exploration department before, n i must say, i'm kinda good at it. Now that i'm back in the development department and have to do the development jobs, i find myself LOST. REALLY LOST. i dunno how to use the softwares, i suck at geophysics, i dunno all the shortforms and terms, i dunno static model and stuff, and most of all, I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!!!


ok..ok..calm down..i can do this *menyedapkan hati*

Ya Allah, please guide me through this, give me ability to learn fast, and please let this go smoothly for everybody's sake. Amin.