October 1, 2009

New Month, New Job...

Not new job at a new company...i'm still with The Company but i've been given a new project. i've always loved challenges and being challenged but this new task is crushing me inside!!!

Before i babble on, let me tell u a little bit about my job.

i work with a company in oil and gas industry.. i'm a geoscientist. Or geologist to be general. yea,yea..boring i know..

Basically what we petroleum geologist do are finding hydrocarbon (EXPLORATION) and when we found it, figure out ways to bawak segala minyak dan gas itu ke atas utk dijual (DEVEOPMENT). As i'm new in this thing (i started working almost two years ago..sounds long right? but my experience and knowledge are like 5% of the oil & gas industry), i thought exploration n development geologist have almost the same jobscope n skills. Boy, i was DEAD WRONG!!

U see, i was seconded to exploration department before, n i must say, i'm kinda good at it. Now that i'm back in the development department and have to do the development jobs, i find myself LOST. REALLY LOST. i dunno how to use the softwares, i suck at geophysics, i dunno all the shortforms and terms, i dunno static model and stuff, and most of all, I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL!!!


ok..ok..calm down..i can do this *menyedapkan hati*

Ya Allah, please guide me through this, give me ability to learn fast, and please let this go smoothly for everybody's sake. Amin.
2 comments on "New Month, New Job..."
  1. betul tu..
    aku pun dlu lost jugak.. skang pun same je
    sampai penah rase nak quit at one time
    perlahan-lahan princess....
    aku bantu sket2 ape yang aku tau
    dah invite ko to view blog aku tapi tak tau betul ke tak email add ko yang aku invite

  2. haha...tengkiu zarith..ko la idola aku kat prd..
    kalo ko takde mmg aku lagi lost..
    thanks for being patient with me..
    jap aku check email..


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