October 10, 2009

5 Beauty Products You Can't Leave Without

A few weeks ago I had to go on an assignment on a rig in Sabah. Going offshore means I have to minimize my luggage. I really mean MINIMIZE.

I’m telling u, after two years of minimizing things to bring, I still can’t do it! I always  get a this feeling that I have to bring everything or I’ll die (well, wouldn’t u? Floating on sea in the middle of nowhere!)

On that trip I discovered that I can’t live without mascara. How? Coz I ran to a nearby mall at 9.45pm from my hotel room coz the next day I have to take the chopper offshore and my mascara isn’t in the bag and I was scared I can’t SEE without mascara. Like I’ll go blind or something.

 Yes, bimbotic, I know.

If I have to list only 5 beauty products I can’t live without, it’ll be these:

1)     1) NY Skin Solution Moisturizer
2)      2)NY Skin Solution Sunscreen
3)      3)Lancome L’Extreme Mascara
4)      4)Eyelash curler
5)      5)Soap & Glory Hair Supply Hair conditioner+mask
6)      6)Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot cream (I even use this on my hands!)
7)      7)Palmer’s Lip balm
8)      8)Clinique’s Eye cream (coz I have these permanent under eye circle..it’s hereditary or something. sigh!)
9)      9)Benefit Posie Tint Blusher 
            10)Kerastase Shampoo
11  11)   Loreal hair serum
12  12)   I. can’t. do. This. 5-things-list. Anymore…..

Oh well, I’m sure u girls are like me, no?
I mean, my best friend needs her straightening iron every single day or she won’t get out of the house.
My other friend can't live without her eyeliner.
My aunt can't sleep without her SK II stuff.
i rest my case.
2 comments on "5 Beauty Products You Can't Leave Without"
  1. hey there!

    do u have the S&G hair supply?? I need that!!!

    hehee..if u have, let me know k!


  2. same cam aku la princess babble... hihihi
    klu nak gi offshore tu, ade je beauty product nak kene bawak... huhuhu. aku yang paling penting moisturizer la kene bawak ngan lip balm ..


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