October 22, 2009

A Day Off = Bliss!

As usual, my alarm clock went off at 6.30am today. On a normal day i would give up on snoozing it, get up at 6.40am, mandi-mandi lalalala, get my clothes on, dab on moisturizer and sunscreen, mascara on both eyes and voila! i'm ready to go..

But today is not a normal day. I totally ignored the annoying sound of alarm clock. Tried to open my eyes but they didn't obey. Tried to move my feet but they're rooted in position. Tried to think but my brain freeze in time. So i did what any sane person does - I SLEEP ON.

Finally woke up at 12.35pm (thanks to my brother...not!) and frantically thinking "Shit oh shit oh shit... How can i be sleeping when i got tons of work at the office??". The other voice in my head was like "Chillex darling.. the damage is done.. it's almost lunchtime anyway.. Kalo gi office pon tak gune.. Might as well take the day off"

I like the sound of my second voice. So i decided to follow her advice.

Here i am, savouring the freedom!

First thing i did was taking Snowbelle to the vet.

Snowbelle is my cat..err.. The family cat. She's a mix of Persian-Siamese-kucing kampung... White fur and fluffy grey fur for tail.. Really cute. For some reason she's not herself these past 3 days, she's sick.. At first i wanted to just let her heal on her own (cats always do that right?). But after 3 days, she's still static in the same spot. She didn't eat, drink, pee, or poop. She didn't move or be nosy as she always was. She didn't even miaow! I got worried. Off to the vet we went. Turns out that she's having a very high fever (40.5 degree celsius!). A possible virus infection. The doc take her blood for test, gave her IV drip (can u believe cats also need IV drips????) and warded her for at least a day. My poor baby! As much as i want her to get well and be her bubbly self again, i'm also panicking over the fees i'll have to pay. GULP!

 Poor Snowbelle.. So weak. See the IV drip on her arm/leg? Get well soon, baby!

After dropping Snowbelle off, i decided i need a new book to fill the day.So i dropped by at Alpha Angle to go to MPH. As i browse around, i found myself completely uninterested in the books. There was Mitch Albom's new book, Have a Little Faith, Cecilia Ahern's new book, A Book of Tomorrow and a couple of other books. I dunno why but i'm not interested in them. Then i saw this cute book for mummy and mummy-to-be. It was sooooo cute and informative (i think) but i'm not pregnant nor a mum (hell-o0o0o0o0..i'm not even married!). So i left it all alone on it's shelf. (Note to self: Get this book when you're preggie. InsyaALLAH)

The Fabulous Mum's Handbook.
I'm totally gonna get this the minute i find myself pregnant.

Bored, i'm ready to leave the store when suddenly i crossed the Islamic books section. Then it hit me:  i've been busy reading english, fictional (usually chic-lit) books that i forgot to nurture my inner-spiritual-Islamic side of me. A part of me that needs constant reminding and guidance. I mean yes, i pray, pay Zakat, fast, but there are so much more than that in being a Muslim. And let's face it, the last time i read an Islamic book was 6 months ago. Insaf sekejap di tengah-tengah kedai buku. Then i know this is the right book to read at this very moment:

Hadiah Buat Muslimah : Panduan Asas Fiqah Wanita
by Siti Nor bayah Mahamood and Ida Ezyani Othman

Yes, it's basic Fardhu Ain. But it's exclusively dedicated for women. We learnt all this when we were in school but it's no harm in learning it over and over again right? There are always rooms for improvement.

OMG... i'm sooooooo growing up, suddenly membaca buku-buku dan menasihatkan orang tentang agama. My parents would've been proud of me *pat on the shoulder and wipe tears from eyes*

There goes my day.. With these last few hours left, i'm gonna watch Dollhouse, lipat kain, and chillex. And oh, read the Islamic book i just bought.

1 comment on "A Day Off = Bliss!"
  1. hey same to me princess... pagi tadi tak laragt sangat nak bangun. tapi kene bangun gak sbb ade 2 meeting kene attend.. klu tak, sure dah sambung tido tadi. macam besh je buku princess bli tu =)


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