October 4, 2009

Makan-makan... @ San Francisco Pizza Restaurant

Last few nights we - Mr. Chenta, Wan (nenek terchenta), my brother Faizal, and i - went to San Francisco Pizza @ Wangsa Maju..

Faizal was craving for their Linguine Salmon (and they say only we girls have cravings.. hurmpf!)..

It's not my first time there.. i like their linguine salmon too!

Check out what we had..

Mr. Chenta's favourite: Iced Cappucino (more like blended actually)

i wasn't very hungry so i just had an appetizer: Mushroom Bruchetta..
Yummy! A slice of baguette covered in Mushroom+onion+God knows what in creamy sauce.

And then there was our Quattro Stagione Pizza
It was cheesier n yummy-er than ur average pizza..

Faizal's Linguine Salmon
Linguine in cream-based sauce with chunks of juicy salmon.. *drool*

Mr. Chenta's Carbonara
Sedap jugak.. i ate all of the olives! hehe...

Wan's Mushroom Chicken..
Wan makan separuh je.. selebihnye cucu-cucu nye yg kebuluran makan :p

The outcome: Pinggan2 yg licin bergelimpangan..

Ini lah makanan yang dimakan malam tu.. i must say, the pastas and pizzas are delish.. i even think that the pastas are yummier than Italiannies'..

But dont even bother to try their steaks and grilled stuff.. Coz they'r not as nice as the pastas+pizzas.. Their Italians je la yang sedap...

Our bill.. makan utk 4 orang.. ok la kan? Food pon sedap..

Then head over to San Francisco Pizza, Wangsa Maju.
It's in KLSC, nearby Gulati's..
If i'm not mistaken they have a branch in Bangi but i dunno the exact location.

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