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December 31, 2009

The Best Day


This year’s birthday is the BEST birthday of my life.

I’d like to thank everybody for the warm wishes through phone calls, text messages and Facebook wall posts (took me some time to reply all 50 plus wall posts..huhu). Especially I’d like to throw a big THANK YOU to my colleagues, The DGAs.

Me and some of the girls in my department call ourselves DGA - Diva, Gedix, Angel. Yea, gedik, I know. But that’s what we do best. Sometimes we’re bitchy Divas, most of the time we’re Gedix, and all the time we’re an Angel in our own ways. *okay, sila menyampah*

And yes, angels they are coz they threw me a surprise birthday partay right here in the office. I was shocked beyond imaginable when I walked out of the loo to find a bunch of girls screaming Happy Birthday song with a big cake. Shocked, touched, teary, happy, embarrassed (coz the whole office was staring at us)… All sort of feelings rushed to me. After singing, blowing the candles, making wishes (I got my own shooting star courtesy to Yati), we ate in the pantry. They even bought KFC, Pizzas and all sort of drinks. We ate, we gossip, we laugh. Can’t ask for more. :)

To the DGAs, you’re not just colleagues, you’re my friends. And sisters. Love u all.

Ok, enough babbling. Here are some pictures:

My happy face selepas terkejut

Tidak sabar! 
(With Shim, Nad, and Zarith)

Most of the DGAs.

Majlis penyampaian kad utusan oleh ketua kumpulan, Kak Yulie

Card full of sweet messages

Funny moment : cleaning the mess we created - confetti and party spray stuff

Birthday girl tidak terkecuali oke
(With As)

Princess of the day dibuli oleh dayang-dayangnya
(With Kak Yulie and Chuna)

And of course, last but so not least I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to my beloved Mr. Chenta. That dinner was divine and I totally love the gifts. You’re the best! 

Reminiscing the family dinners i used to have here

Busy eating

Thanks to you nice, gorgeous people for making my day beautiful. You know who you are.

p/s: Thanks Chuna n As for the "naughty" pressie.. *wink*

Two is Better Than One

Mr. Chenta's away.

He's in Kuching, going home to his mom and dad.

It's been 6 days already.

*sad face*

So yeah, i agree with the song. Two is Better Than One.

Chilling with Siblings is COOL

i love hanging out with my brothers. We're actually quite close but as we grow older, we grow apart. What with me working, Faizal studying and Redha doing only-God-knows-what. But we try to spend time with each other; watching tv together, cook together, go out for dinner, movies together, go back to our grandparents place in Damansara..

Our latest hanging out activity is bowling at WangsaWalk Mall. It was Wednesday evening. The initial plan was to have dinner and bowl but then we're not hungry so we went straight to the bowling alley. Crowded okeeee! We waited for half an hour for our turn. Weeknight pon ramai org :p

We played two rounds. First round; Redha first place, me second place and Faizal third place. On the second round Redha first place, Faizal second place and me third place. Redha sangat terer oke. Asyik2 strike. It's not fair! *sila jgn bagitau Redha saya memuji. Nanti dier bangga diri selama 2 tahun*

Penat tggu turn

Awesome threesome!

Si kidal yang pandai main bowling

Pissed off sebab tak strike

Faizal yang bola dier selalu laju

Diriku yang pakai bola paling ringan

Pissed gak sebab tak strike

Bottom line is i like spending time with my brothers. Yea, i there are times when i just wanna hit them with a KUALI but most of the time i'm glad i have them.
December 25, 2009

24 on 24th!!

It's December 24, 2009.

I turned 24 today!

Alhamdulillah.. i’m grateful for the chance i’ve been given. The chance to live, to love, to give, to receive, to work, to earn, to learn, to explore, to be happy, to be sad, to experience the ups and downs of life. i don’t have the perfect life. But i’ve never regret any of the misfortunes I have. It’s all part of life right?

i hope being 24 will transform me into a better person. i wanna be a better friend, better employee, better daughter, better granddaughter, better sister, better Muslimah, better cousin, better cook, have a better body (those fats really need some ridding!).. Everything better lah! Oh, and be a better girlfriend to Mr. Chenta. Hehe (agak-agaknye ade ke chance nak jadi Mrs. Chenta? Wuahahahaha)

Gosh… that’s a lot of goals huh? Well like the saying says, “Dream of reaching the stars. If you can’t reach the stars, you might at least reach the moon”. 


p/s: will babble more about birthday activities :P

December 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

i love watching movies. On a good week, i'd watch as much as 4 movies. On a so-so week, i'd watch 1.. Or no movie.

Like any other girl, i'm a sucker for romantic comedy movies. Call me cheesy or jiwang. i don't care. Romantic comedy is THE BEST!

Among my favorites are The Notebook, What Happens in Vegas, 50 First Dates, Just Like Heaven, The Ugly Truth.. and many more.

Right now, i can't wait for Valentine's Day. Not the day of Valentine's Day (we don't even celebrate the overrated Valentine's Day), but Valentine's Day the movie. Many of my favorites actors and actresses are featured. The trailer looks yummy with the right dose of romance, humor, and cheesiness. The movie will hit cinemas on February 12, 2010, just in time for Valentine's Day. Hope it premieres in Malaysia on the same day as the USA.

i can't wait!!!
December 19, 2009

What do you do on a girls day out?

1) Fill in your friends with the latest schoolmate gossips and make them squeal/scream/sigh/shout/laugh/eyes pop with surprise.

2) Order a minimum of 4 rounds of dimsum sets as big as this:

3) Finish all the dimsum and gather for a group photo

4) Go to Pavilion and decide on movies OR karaoke. Or both. Jangan lupa buat kutipan duit.

5) Cuba mengawal ke-excited-an untuk berkaraoke. And fail.

6) Menyanyi bersungguh-sungguh sambil berdiri untuk mendapatkan mutu suara yang mengagumkan.

7) Be camera ready at all times. Or pretend not to care about the camera.

8) Beli ice blended kegemaran setelah kehilangan suara selepas melalak.

9) Jangan lupa ambil gambar kasut-kasut flats. Don't even think of wearing heels for a whole day out like this.

10) Untuk hasil yang menceriakan, jangan window-shop aje. Do some REAL shopping.

11) Oh.. don't forget to drag your little sister along. And pout together for the camera.

12) Have supper. Order the most fattening and delicious dish in the restaurant and pass it around the table for everybody to eat. That way, you won't get fat alone.

13) Upon reaching home, blog about it. You're sure to laugh and cherish this rare girls-day-out moments. Priceless.

December 16, 2009

Serious Problem (s)

i have a serious problem. Ok, make that plural. i have various problems!

1) i can't sleep.
It's been 3 nights. On Sunday night i only managed to get 2 hours of sleep. On Monday i couldn't sleep despite the lack of sleep the night before, hectic working day, and a crazy futsal game. On Tuesday i still can't sleep despite popping SLEEPING PILLS. Who the heck can't sleep after swallowing freaking sleeping pills??? Now it's Wednesday. i'm tired beyond tired. My eyes are puffy and i have DARKER eyebags. My head is pounding every second of the day. i couldn't concentrate at work. And i heard people are dying because of lack of sleep!

2) My annual ass-essment is next week
i'm so panic. i planned to study this whole week but my freaking sleep problem is in the way. i can't do this!

3) i'm old
i noticed wrinkles on my forehead. And i bet my eyes are starting to get wrinkly too. i'm barely 24 and i have wrinkles on my forehead??

4) Sakit-sakit badan
Probably it's a result of my sleeping problem and the futsal session i had. i walk like a 9-months-pregnant lady with stilettos and i can barely laugh coz my tummy muscle hurts everytime i laugh or cough. Damn, i am old right?

i probably sound like a bimbo in this entry. Or a sad, sad old lady. It's just not my finest week :(
December 14, 2009

Furniture Hunting at Macy

As you probably know, my earn-with-blood-and-sweat house is almost ready (who am i kidding? My closest friends ears are practically bleeding hearing babbling about this house!). All left to do is waiting for key-giving letter to come and i officially have my own house. Yayy!

In my attempt to be a real estate investor, i'm gonna rent it out. (hahahaha...poyo tak?). i'm so excited to decorate, furnish, style, paint, and renovate it. So far, i haven't done much research on home appliances. It freaks me out when my soon-to-be neighbors cum friends (ahem.. Hamim and Ayu+Hafidz) are busy preparing for their units. They practically know where to get good quality, good price stuff and which shop sells what and they've already bought things. Me? Nada! Some real estate investor i am. :p

So yesterday i decided to go furniture hunting. i dragged Mr. Chenta to Macy (poor him). i'd like to humbly share my findings..

Sofa/Couch Sets:
  • L-shape sofa: i've always liked L-shape sofa. i think it's space-saving, chic and practical for a condo like mine. Price range for L-shape sofa at Macy is around RM3000 to RM6500. Of course the price depends on size, material, and design of the sofa. They come with 5-year warranty. A full-leather L-shape sofa costs around RM3500 (after discount) and a fabric L-shape sofa costs about RM2200 after discount.
  • Sofa sets: Macy has a wide range of 3+2+1 sofa sets. The price range from RM3000 to RM6500 depending on size, material, and design of the sofa.
  • i found my ultimate sofa goddess. It's a 3-seater chesterfield purple velvet sofa. i've seen it in Impiana magazine before but seeing it face to face took my breath away. The price? RM6500.
  • i like Macy's sofa and couch collection. They offer a wide variety of fabrics and colors, come with 5-year warranty and they're very comfortable.

The full-leather L-shape sofa.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Bedframes and Mattresses
  • Macy's bedframes are nothing to shout about. You can get the same designs from ordinary furniture outlets. What differentiate Macy's bedframes and the others are the quality. Each bedframes come with 5-year warranty. The materials used are of oak (or other hard woods.. i'm not sure). You can see the difference in their workmanship. Tak payah risau katil patah :p The price range is around RM2200 up to RM4500.
  • As for mattresses, i only saw King Coil mattresses with price range of RM1500 to RM4500.
Dining Table
  • They sell dining tables and chairs separately. The price range for dining table is around RM2000 up to RM5000 while dining chairs cost about RM180 to RM400 each. (Yes..each..sebijik oke..).
  • As they're having Year End Sale right now, i'm lucky enough to grab a 7-piece dining table+chairs. The Munich dining set costs RM2499 but for the Year End Sale, they sell it for RM999! i wasted no time and purchased one. very first dining table set! The only downside is that they only come in one color (creamish color instead of black that i've always wanted). But what the heck?

The newly purchased Munich dining table. Quite a steal huh?
Of course it excludes the Christmas ornaments and the male "model".

  • They have lots of fabrics and designs to choose from and i really like their chic designs! They sell at about RM10/m to RM45/m. They even have curtain-making service. For the time being, Macy is having a promotion. For a 3-bedroom house, you only have to pay RM499. But of course T&C applies.
Bottom line is, Macy offers a huge variety for home accessories and furniture. They offer over-the-top quality products. That's why they are slightly pricier than the average furniture stores. As much as i like the stuffs, i can't afford to buy now (especially the L-shape sofa and the chesterfield baby). What's the point of buying expensive furniture when you're renting it out for your tenant to use (and destroy!!). But really, the Munich dining table is a good bargain! :)
December 11, 2009

Period Pain

i have insanely intense period pain. Every month, when "my best friend comes to visit", i have to be on the bed all day long (or two if i'm really unlucky), curled up on my side to nurse the pain. When i can't take it anymore, i use the iron and place it on my tummy to warm it, but of course my tummy is covered with the blankie.. (dah gler ke meletakkan seterika di atas perot? bercop-cop la beb)

For this reason, i really have to be on medical leave on the first or second day of my period. Every month. Once, i tried to endure the pain and stay in the office and the result is aku melepek di atas lantai di bawah kubikel sambil berkerut-kerut menahan kesakitan. Not a pretty sight.

i did some research on period pain and i think it won't hurt to share it with you:

-Period pain or period cramp is no laughing matter. It is surprisingly a cause of acute hospital attendence. It needs to be identified as a cause of lower abdominal pain in women of child bearing age(11 - 45 yrs of age).
-For some, it leaves them totally incapacitated for two to four days every month, resulting in considerable time loss from work or school.

Imagine that girl is me and that blue thing is my Panasonic iron. Not a pretty sight.

What is Menstrual Pain?

Period pain, also called dysmenorrhoea or mentrual pain refers to cramping lower abdominal pain occurring a day or two before menstruation and continuing for another one or two days after the onset of menses.
About four out of every five woman do experience some degree of pain during menstruation, and this is normal.
There are two types of menstrual pain. These are Primary dysmenorrhoea and secondary dysmenorrhoea. The difference between the two types relates mainly on the cause of the menstrual pain.

Period Pain Type 1: Primary Dysmenorrhoea

This is period pain not due to any disease or abnormality in the womb or female reproductive tract.
It is as a result of excessive or high sensitivity to normal hormones produced after ovulation. This hormone called prostaglandins reach their highest level just before menstruation starts.
This causes the uterus to contract, which in a way, help to expel the menses. When the amount of hormone is more than need, or the uterus is over sensitive to a normal amount, the woman could come up with severe pain.

Excessive contraction of the uterus from the action of the prostaglandins cause the pressure in the uterus to rise above normal blood pressure, so blood flow to the uterus is reduced.

It is the kind of menstrual or period pain found in younger woman.

So, if there is no ovulation, there can be no period pain of this kind.

Primary dysmenorrhoea in it self is thus not an illness. Things that can predispose a woman to having this kind of pain include

• Similar pain in mother or sister

• Obesity

• Smoking

Symptoms: The pain typically starts a day or two before the period, and may continue for another day or two.

There may be associated headache, back ache, diarrhoea, constipation feeling like vomiting, or actually vomiting [okay i have all of these symptoms. Dah macam org pregnant pulak] . A few women may have such severe pain that they may actually pass out (faint)! The pain continues till after child birth or birth of second or third child [third child baru hilang period pain?? OMG! that is like 7 years away..] 

Period pain Type 2: Secondary Dysmenorrhoea

This is period pain commonly found in older women above 30 years of age. It is less common than primary dysmenorrhoea.

It is usually caused by some disorder in the reproductive tract of the woman which could in fact combine with excessive prostaglandin production too.

Common causes of secondary dysmenorrhoea include:

Abnormalities of the reproductive system present from birth
Adhesions of the Uterus
Intrauterine device (IUCD)
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Uterine Displacement

Symptoms: It commonly occurs after the age of thirty. It may start as lower abdominal pain, a few days or weeks before their menses. They may be showing some signs of some illness, reflecting the underlying disorder.

Natural Ways to Avoid/Reduce Period Pain
For me, my period is always perfectly on time so i know the exact day i'm due to have my menses. A week for my period, i'll avoid coffee, carbonated drinks (not that i'm a carbonated drinks drinker), acidic foods and i try to reduce salt intake. Seeing the state i'm in now, i can safely say these things don't really work. Other natural remedies include:
  • Take a long leaf of aloe vera. Wash it well and put it into a mixer to extract the juice. Strain and filter this juice. Take a tablespoon of this with honey 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days. It has an added laxative effect. So vary the dose as required. Make fresh juice every day.
  • Papaya aids menstrual flow. Have a large bowlful daily during your periods. Papaya also has a laxative action, so monitor the amount taken. It is supposed to have oestrogen-like prapiraties.
  • A cupful of carrot juice drunk once a day is also beneficial.
  • Carrot and parsley soup help in combating period pains

Oleh itu, mari lah kita bersama-sama membanteras kemunculan period pain atau senggugut di bulan-bulan mendatang. Terima kasih.

December 10, 2009

My December

Hello Miss December.. i've been missing you for 11 months. At long last, we meet again!


i do not know why but December has always been my favourite month of the year. Maybe it's out of relief that the year is almost over. Maybe because most happy memories i have mostly happened in December. i honestly don't know... Okay fine, it's my birthday month *huge grin*


i've been busy this past week. What with work... Okay, not exactly busy with work. But tied up with things...

1) Mr. Chenta's Birthday

- i'm not really one of those girls who go all out for her bf's birthday. i've never thrown a party, bawak makan gi tempat mahal-mahal, that kinda thing.. i'm kinda boring that way. i prefer to do something deeply meaningful and doesn't involve loads of people.

- So what i did was took a leave on his birthday, treat him dimsum buffet for lunch (our favourite!) and then dragged him shopping for some shirts ( he's not the kind of stylo guy who dresses up-to-dately and he dreads shopping even for his ow i really need to do this! ). Before u get pictures of us berromantik-romantik suap-suap dimsum and pegang tangan bershopping, i'd proudly inform that we go makan and shopping with Wan, our grandma. Threesome oke.. Pernahkah anda berdating with nenek in tow?

- i wanted to surprise him with a dinner with his closest friends but that didn't happen on the birthday - delayed for two days due to his friends' unavailability. Regardless, we pulled it off. He was really, absolutely surprised when he walked in on a restaurant blasting with birthday song and 6 (or was it 8?) of his closest friends waiting with a cake. Seeing him on-top-of-the-worldly happy was priceless!

Birthday boy bersama dimsum-dimsum nya.. Menjilat jari okee..

Burstday boy sudah kenyang

Our 86-year-old Wan


2) Weddings

- Which i attended a lot these past few weeks (and will continue to attend in the future)..i LOVE weddings and i CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MINE. There i said it. It's not like i'm desperate or something. i have goals to achieve before being a wife. But really, i heart weddings.

3) Visiting Babies

- Yes for real.. 4 of my friends gave births to their respective babies in the past 3 weeks. i swear i've become a regular visitor at Prince Court Medical Centre. But the funny part is i'm not tired of it at all. How can you get tired of cooing over beautiful babies? i can't get over the feeling of wanting to pick up the precious little angel from the cot and hold them in my arms and never wanting to return them to their parents (ok, i'm starting to sound like a lunatic here). But really, i CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MY OWN BABY!

-Iman, Yati, Etty, Wir, i love your babies. And oh, i love u girls too!

 With baby boy Rayyan

 With baby girl Batrisyia

Baby boy Muhammad Altamis Idraki

3) Shopping Trips

- Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe *hugest grin on my face*

- The first weekend of December was spent with my girlfriends doing what we do best - SHOPPING.

- Not the over-the-top branded/designer shopping. After Ina's wedding (which was beautiful by the way) on Saturday, we (Fizzy, Linda, In+bf and i) went to FJ Benjamin warehouse sale. i grabbed two of Raoul silk shirts for RM150 (which i've been wanting for so long coz of the bubble-like sleeves.. but too exepensive for my liking: RM350 normal price) and a few La Senza thingy.

- Rupa-rupanya they have Nestle warehouse sales too. So i bought yogurt drinks, La Cremeria ice creams, chocolates and cereals in bulk! Can u believe it? Going crazy over food warehouse sales. i was in heaven!

-On Sunday Shaf and i had a girls day out. We went furniture/house thingy shopping in Ikea, makan-makan, and watched Couples Retreat. i bought things for my new house! Excited oke.. Even though they're just wall shelf. OK for introduction aight?

See that lustful i-wanna-buy-it-all grin?

She certainly has that unique way of carrying things, no? My bestie, Shaf.

The these-are-all-i-could-carry smile

Cam whoring in Ikea is a must. The only thing missing is Shaq. Sobs.

 Bottom line is... I LOVE DECEMBER. There'll be lots more interesting events/things to come. i know.
December 7, 2009

Random Facts #2

Selamat datang ke Random Facts siri ke-2.

 i'm so generous that i wanna share some interesting facts with you. Okay, sebenarnye saya malas bercerita dan meng-update. Ape-ape laa.. Here goes...

  1. Men don’t begin purchasing their own undies until around age 18, leaving the dirty work (so to speak) prior to that to their mothers. Most women, on the other hand, pick out their own panties by age 13 [who's the needy ones now?]
  2. One out of 20 people have an extra rib.
  3. Humans are born with 300 bones in their body, however when a person reaches adulthood they only have 206 bones. This occurs because many of them join together to make a single bone.
  4. Of married couples, 70% of men and 60% of women have cheated on their spouse.
  5. When Queen Elizabeth I of England died she owned over 3,000 gowns. [ That's a LOT! i don't like gowns but i'd like to own 3000 shoes when i die. Or handbags. Or clothes ]
  6. You share your birthday with at least 9 other million people in the world [ So i'm not special anymore? Sobs! ]
  7. Smile is the most frequently used facial expression. A smile can use anywhere from a pair of 5 to 53 facial muscles [ If my muscles are exercising that much, why am i still chubby?]
  8. Someone on Earth reports seeing a UFO every three minutes. [Those lunatics!]
  9. Men have more blood than women. Men have 1.5 gallons for men versus 0.875 gallons for women.
  10. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.
  11. A passionate kiss uses up 6.4 calories per minute. [ Good exercise heh? haha]
  12. Your thumb is the same length as your nose.
  13. Your are sooooo measuring your thumb against your nose! [Gotcha!]