December 10, 2009

My December

Hello Miss December.. i've been missing you for 11 months. At long last, we meet again!


i do not know why but December has always been my favourite month of the year. Maybe it's out of relief that the year is almost over. Maybe because most happy memories i have mostly happened in December. i honestly don't know... Okay fine, it's my birthday month *huge grin*


i've been busy this past week. What with work... Okay, not exactly busy with work. But tied up with things...

1) Mr. Chenta's Birthday

- i'm not really one of those girls who go all out for her bf's birthday. i've never thrown a party, bawak makan gi tempat mahal-mahal, that kinda thing.. i'm kinda boring that way. i prefer to do something deeply meaningful and doesn't involve loads of people.

- So what i did was took a leave on his birthday, treat him dimsum buffet for lunch (our favourite!) and then dragged him shopping for some shirts ( he's not the kind of stylo guy who dresses up-to-dately and he dreads shopping even for his ow i really need to do this! ). Before u get pictures of us berromantik-romantik suap-suap dimsum and pegang tangan bershopping, i'd proudly inform that we go makan and shopping with Wan, our grandma. Threesome oke.. Pernahkah anda berdating with nenek in tow?

- i wanted to surprise him with a dinner with his closest friends but that didn't happen on the birthday - delayed for two days due to his friends' unavailability. Regardless, we pulled it off. He was really, absolutely surprised when he walked in on a restaurant blasting with birthday song and 6 (or was it 8?) of his closest friends waiting with a cake. Seeing him on-top-of-the-worldly happy was priceless!

Birthday boy bersama dimsum-dimsum nya.. Menjilat jari okee..

Burstday boy sudah kenyang

Our 86-year-old Wan


2) Weddings

- Which i attended a lot these past few weeks (and will continue to attend in the future)..i LOVE weddings and i CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MINE. There i said it. It's not like i'm desperate or something. i have goals to achieve before being a wife. But really, i heart weddings.

3) Visiting Babies

- Yes for real.. 4 of my friends gave births to their respective babies in the past 3 weeks. i swear i've become a regular visitor at Prince Court Medical Centre. But the funny part is i'm not tired of it at all. How can you get tired of cooing over beautiful babies? i can't get over the feeling of wanting to pick up the precious little angel from the cot and hold them in my arms and never wanting to return them to their parents (ok, i'm starting to sound like a lunatic here). But really, i CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE MY OWN BABY!

-Iman, Yati, Etty, Wir, i love your babies. And oh, i love u girls too!

 With baby boy Rayyan

 With baby girl Batrisyia

Baby boy Muhammad Altamis Idraki

3) Shopping Trips

- Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe *hugest grin on my face*

- The first weekend of December was spent with my girlfriends doing what we do best - SHOPPING.

- Not the over-the-top branded/designer shopping. After Ina's wedding (which was beautiful by the way) on Saturday, we (Fizzy, Linda, In+bf and i) went to FJ Benjamin warehouse sale. i grabbed two of Raoul silk shirts for RM150 (which i've been wanting for so long coz of the bubble-like sleeves.. but too exepensive for my liking: RM350 normal price) and a few La Senza thingy.

- Rupa-rupanya they have Nestle warehouse sales too. So i bought yogurt drinks, La Cremeria ice creams, chocolates and cereals in bulk! Can u believe it? Going crazy over food warehouse sales. i was in heaven!

-On Sunday Shaf and i had a girls day out. We went furniture/house thingy shopping in Ikea, makan-makan, and watched Couples Retreat. i bought things for my new house! Excited oke.. Even though they're just wall shelf. OK for introduction aight?

See that lustful i-wanna-buy-it-all grin?

She certainly has that unique way of carrying things, no? My bestie, Shaf.

The these-are-all-i-could-carry smile

Cam whoring in Ikea is a must. The only thing missing is Shaq. Sobs.

 Bottom line is... I LOVE DECEMBER. There'll be lots more interesting events/things to come. i know.
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