December 16, 2009

Serious Problem (s)

i have a serious problem. Ok, make that plural. i have various problems!

1) i can't sleep.
It's been 3 nights. On Sunday night i only managed to get 2 hours of sleep. On Monday i couldn't sleep despite the lack of sleep the night before, hectic working day, and a crazy futsal game. On Tuesday i still can't sleep despite popping SLEEPING PILLS. Who the heck can't sleep after swallowing freaking sleeping pills??? Now it's Wednesday. i'm tired beyond tired. My eyes are puffy and i have DARKER eyebags. My head is pounding every second of the day. i couldn't concentrate at work. And i heard people are dying because of lack of sleep!

2) My annual ass-essment is next week
i'm so panic. i planned to study this whole week but my freaking sleep problem is in the way. i can't do this!

3) i'm old
i noticed wrinkles on my forehead. And i bet my eyes are starting to get wrinkly too. i'm barely 24 and i have wrinkles on my forehead??

4) Sakit-sakit badan
Probably it's a result of my sleeping problem and the futsal session i had. i walk like a 9-months-pregnant lady with stilettos and i can barely laugh coz my tummy muscle hurts everytime i laugh or cough. Damn, i am old right?

i probably sound like a bimbo in this entry. Or a sad, sad old lady. It's just not my finest week :(
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