December 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

i love watching movies. On a good week, i'd watch as much as 4 movies. On a so-so week, i'd watch 1.. Or no movie.

Like any other girl, i'm a sucker for romantic comedy movies. Call me cheesy or jiwang. i don't care. Romantic comedy is THE BEST!

Among my favorites are The Notebook, What Happens in Vegas, 50 First Dates, Just Like Heaven, The Ugly Truth.. and many more.

Right now, i can't wait for Valentine's Day. Not the day of Valentine's Day (we don't even celebrate the overrated Valentine's Day), but Valentine's Day the movie. Many of my favorites actors and actresses are featured. The trailer looks yummy with the right dose of romance, humor, and cheesiness. The movie will hit cinemas on February 12, 2010, just in time for Valentine's Day. Hope it premieres in Malaysia on the same day as the USA.

i can't wait!!!
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