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March 21, 2018

My New Post in Zalora Malaysia's THREAD Online Magazine

You know how i have not been writing much in this blog for the past year? i also neglected my role as Zalora's online magazine (THREAD) contributor.

Recently (last week, to be exact) i got my writing mojo back and i wrote an article about staying grounded in the world full of Insta-famous. If you don't know, Insta-famous is (as described by Urbandictionary) what is defined as:

"A person who is famous on Instagram because they have thousands of followers. Person is usually a pretty girl who posts a thousand pictures of her face or whatever food she's eating. May include other people's food."

It all started when i realized that i've been sighing with longing when looking at celebrities' or Instafamous' Instagram profile and had thoughts like "i wish i could be prettier/travel more/cook fancy dishes/be a supermom/have designer shoes and handbags/etc like her". 

i mean, come on, please don't tell me you never had these thoughts. But when i rethink about it, people only post and show what they want other people to see and that usually means they'll show the best highlights of their life. Nobody will openly show the mess in their house, the arguments they have with their spouse, the videos and photos of their kids throwing tantrum, the bulge of fat on their tummy and other not-so-ideal REAL things in their life. Right?

So i think it is okay to feel less pleased with your reality, what's not okay is to believe that those Instafamous have it all together all the time and have a perfect life. We're all human, after all.

Check out THREAD by ZALORA here and scroll down a bit until you see my article: