March 5, 2018

Dhani Goes To School!

It's March.

Wow.. Time flies so fast huh? In my mind i have written this super long blogpost about Dhani going to playschool. i thought i have written it and published it. But when i go to the Blogger homepage and saw that my last post was actually dated last November, i came to a realization that "Man, you are not a blogger anymore!"

Anyway, yes, my baby Dhani is a playschooler!

Initially my husband and i did not plan to send Dhani to school. He's barely 3 for God's sake!

But my SIL has to go back to Kuching for like, almost every month and we can't leave Dhani with my 97 years-young Grandma and 70-plus years young aunt at home (both live with us) so we thought why not just send Dhani to playschool together with Afif.

In December we started telling him wonderful stories about school - about the fancy toys they have, about the wonderful teachers he'd meet and about the fun friends he'd make. Hearing all these and seeing that Afif loves going to school, he got so excited to go to school himself. Everyday telling us "Adik nak pergi sekolah!" He even didn't wanna take his school uniform off when we first asked him to try it on.

First Week

So on 3rd January 2018, the school life of Dhani Nur Iman began.

We woke up bright, early and excited. The boys ate their breakfast obediently and skipped off the ground into the car and off to school. We dropped Afif at his class on the ground floor first. Holding Dhani's hand, we made our way up to the first floor to the playschool class.

 First day of school!

 Senyum paksa ke Dik?

Upon reaching the door, i saw his face changed. His smile vanished and he hid behind me.

"Oh God, don't let him cry. Please don't cry.." i remember praying in my head.

i smiled encouragingly at him and said things like "Oooo look at the class! Ada toys!"

A friendly, smiley teacher then greeted us and took Dhani's hand and distracted him with oooh and ahhh and "What is your name?" and "Cantiknya beg".

And just like that, without looking back at me, his first day of school began. i followed him behind walls (dengan sedikit menyorok-nyorok) and looked at him through a glass window. He sat down at a table with a couple of boys and started playing blocks.

Yes! No crying! No looking back!

i went out the school and went for a date with my husband.

At 3pm we picked the kids up from school. Afif is okay with scool already so nothing to report la. But Dhani told us that he cried at school.

2nd day no drama at school drop-off.

3rd day no drama at school drop-off.

But fourth day he started crying at the school door. Same goes for the fifth and sixth day.

*insert emoji menangis sambil ketawa disini*

Anyway.. Lepas tu okay la. Takda drama depan pintu sekolah dah. But for the rest of January when they pick me up at the LRT in the evening, Dhani would report "Adik nanges kat sekolah sebab Mama takde.." *pastu about a drama king*

Then miraculously in February when i asked "Adik buat apa kat sekolah hari ni?" he would say "Adik tak nanges kat sekolah!"

Alhamdulillah. Yay!

Dhani at School

He loves going to school. Everyday he would be singing nursery rhymes that they sing at school. His favorite teacher is Teacher Marwan (lately it changed to Teacher Amy). When asked about friends' names he would say "nama dia kawan" (-___-). Every Thursday the teachers would bring the playschoolers to a playground and naturally it's the day Dhani most look forward to. On Fridays they do food-related activities (there were cookies making, pizza baking, smoothie making..) and those are his favorites too.

 Yayyy pizza!

Choc rice krispies cookies!

Teachers reported to me that Dhani kuat makan. BAHAHAHAHA. Tak lama lepas sampai sekolah dia mesti pergi kat one of the teachers, one hand rubbing his belly and he would say "saya lapar.. Nak makan biskut!" and when asked kat rumah tak makan ke? He would say "Tak!" padahal dah makan telur separuh masak/french toast/cereal with milk/waffle/etc sebelum ke sekolah. Bertuah punya budak! For that reason i always pack some food for his school snack.

Recently he also started to speak in English. His usuals are "Mama.. Where are you?", "Mama what is that?" "Mama, it's a pink car! (pointing to his toy car)"

One night we were preparing for bedtime.. Out of nowhere, he took his pillow with 4 owls on it, he pointed a finger to the furthest owl and say "Mama.. Ni teacher Zuzu. Pastu ni (the furthest owl to the left) teacher Siti. Ni (two owls in the middle) teacher Marwan dengan ni teacher Amy!" i was so touched and i asked "Adik sayang ke teacher?" to which he replied "Betul. Adik sayang sume teacher.."


*uncontrollable sobs*

Anyway, that's Dhani for you.

On a totally non-school related note, Dhani talks a lot, MashaAllah. He is at the stage where he asks questions, loads of sometimes questions that maked you go "Whattttt?"

Like he would ask over and over again "Mama kenapa mama achooo?" "Mama masak apa?" "Daddy pergi mana?" to which i replied "Daddy jumpa kawan" and he would ask back "Napa jumpa kawan?"(about 50 times in a minute).. Sometimes he would ask "Sapa beli baju/mainan/cawan/kuih/pinggan ni?" another 39 times.It's all new to me as before this Afif didn't talk this much (with his hearing loss and everything..) so sometimes i'm so amused with his questions but other times i'll be like "Kan mama dah cakap Mama yang beli baju niiii". Even Afif get annoyed with Dhani potpet potpet. Haha. But i'm so thankful. Dr. Basha (Afif's speech therapist) said that Dhani's speech and language is advance compared to peers his age, perhaps to the way we talk to Afif. Or maybe it's just because of the fact that each kids are different.

Penat main pon potpet potpet

Afif telling him to shut up "Adik diam la.. Dengar tu ada azan Allahu Akbar!"

Dhani if you're reading this, Mama apologizes for not writing more about you. i'm busy raising you and your brother, playing with you guys, teaching you guys and holding you guys that i barely have time for blogging. But please know that Mama loves you and i believe that you will become a smart, wonderful, and loving man.

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