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March 28, 2014

MH370: Stand Tall Malaysia

Today is the 21st day that MH370 airplane went missing. 

Vanished into thin air. Literally.

I have never posted my thoughts or opinion on social media. I'm no expert and with everybody posting a piece of their mind on it, mine doesnt matter.

But that doesn't mean i dont care.

Everyday i pray for MH370 to come home safe, with all 238 people onboard. My heart aches for their family.. How horrible it must've been to not know what happened to their loved ones. How crazy i'd be if my husband/child/parent/family/friend was onboard.

Most of all, i'd like to know; what the hell happened?

All kinds of stories, rumors and speculation (or speculashit, as my girls and i call it) swirl around the internet. It was hijacked, technical problem, cockpit on fire, pilot suicide, planned hijacking to get stolen item by the USA.. All kinds of thing.

Like everybody else, i have opinions. All kinds of scenarios. They made me lose sleep. They gave me nightmares. In the end i concluded "F- it! I'm not gonna have opinions anymore. Even if i do, i cant bring back the darn plane" I've gotten my sleep back since taking that approach. Calmer and not so paranoid.

Now the biggest thing that's bothering me is that MY COUNTRY AND RELIGION ARE BEING ATTACKED.

They say we Muslims kill the 150+ Chinese onboard.

Our government is pathetic at handling the situation.

Malaysians are murderer.

Our government hides information.

We are terrorist.

We are liars.

All these Malaysia bashing by the people of China, its close-minded celebrity and the stupid CNN. 



I'm lost for words. 

These things are suppose to happen in movies, not to my country.

Oh Allah, please protect this country that i call home from harm. Please give us peace and keep us away from war and danger. Please help us unite and stand tall amidst trials. Please help our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world be strong in facing fitnah. Please give us the answer for the mystery of MH370. Please..

P/s: pray for Syria, Palestine and Egypt too. Life is too fragile nowadays.

March 5, 2014

Balik Kampong

Last week kitorang plus Wan balik rumah in-laws aku kat Kuching. Balik ni pon aku yang ajak sebab alang-alang aku tengah unpaid leave ni boleh la balik lama sikit. Plus aku rasa Afif jarang jumpa atok nenek dia tu. Nak harap laki aku ajak memang idok ler dier heran nak balik Kuching tu haa..

We took a noon flight to Kuching on the 26 February, ngam-ngam lepas Mr. Chenta abes shift dia. Honestly i was unsure of what to expect bila Afif dalam flight. Ye lah dah dapat kaki ni. Turned out dia nak berjalan je. Had to distract him with his book, toys and my phone. Pastu dia tido kejap. Masa nak dekat landing tu baru bagi dia jalan-jalan.

Flight delay setengah jam.

Dia dok vroom sana sini.
Kantoi daddy tido hikhik

Takmo diam.

We spent 6 days in Kuching. The in-laws baru renovate rumah, diorang baru buat a detached car garage. They now have a sun room which is my favorite part of the house; an area with floor-to-ceiling glass as walls. Siap ada lepak area and ping pong table. Langsir tak siap lagi which is why i so love it sebab nampak bilik tu terang and airy. A perfect place to read. Tapi memang siang hari panas la sebab kaca kan. Macam green house effect. (hint for husband nanti ada rezeki nak jugak sun room gini, panas tak panas belakang cerita)

Beskal ni sejak dari pregnant dulu aku teringin nak naik. Sekarang Afif dah setahun lebih baru dapat naik.

Amek Adeq kat sekolah, pastu stop kat post office jap. Dia tengok uncle dia buat homework, dia pon sebok nak buat homework.

Kat sana aku banyak dok umah je. Plannya nak gi dating supaya Afif boleh bonding ngan atok nenek dia tapi the first 2 days tu dia demam (i saw 2 red spots on his gums and a sprout of molar. Yeayyy gigi geraham nak keluar!) maka memang tak sanggup la tinggalkan dia yg cranky ngan in-laws. Pastu dah weekend pulak di mana kitorang keluar gi Serikin and also buat bbq makan-makan. Isnin tu dah nak balik KL. Memang idok ler berjalan berdating. Tak sempat jugak makan mee kolok and white lady huwaaaaaa!

The sun room i talked about. Afif pon suke main kat sini. Sebab lapang agaknya.

Penat la Atok kejar dia.

BBQ night. 
Kembang jap orang puji kat MIL yang ayam & kambing aku marinade sedap and home made black pepper sauce pon sedap.

Sakan main kejar-kejar.

Kesayangan saya.

Btw, Afif is in the phase where his separation and stranger anxiety are peaking. Dia takmo kat atok nenek dia okay.. Kat adik-adik ipar aku pon dia taknak. Stress jugak aku sebabnya aku tau mak n pak mertua aku rindu kat dia. The only cucu (so far) katanya. Adeq (youngest BIL) pulak emo bila Afif tanak kat dia ("he hates me.. i'll never be his favorite uncle" he says). At times aku tinggalkan je Afif dengan diorang. Dia okay la tapi bila nampak aku je bye bye atok nenek! Takpe la, jarang jumpa. Nanti besar sikit dia nak la tuuu.. Kan?

Selfie ngan Atok & Wan kat airport sebelom balik.

We came back to KL on March 3. Flight delay sejam lak tu stress aku. Nasib baik Afif good mood and tak meragam. Dalam flight dia dah boring main toys, kitorang bagi je tengok Barney kat iPad. Either that or letting him loose on the plane. Hehe.

Aircraft nerds.