March 28, 2014

MH370: Stand Tall Malaysia

Today is the 21st day that MH370 airplane went missing. 

Vanished into thin air. Literally.

I have never posted my thoughts or opinion on social media. I'm no expert and with everybody posting a piece of their mind on it, mine doesnt matter.

But that doesn't mean i dont care.

Everyday i pray for MH370 to come home safe, with all 238 people onboard. My heart aches for their family.. How horrible it must've been to not know what happened to their loved ones. How crazy i'd be if my husband/child/parent/family/friend was onboard.

Most of all, i'd like to know; what the hell happened?

All kinds of stories, rumors and speculation (or speculashit, as my girls and i call it) swirl around the internet. It was hijacked, technical problem, cockpit on fire, pilot suicide, planned hijacking to get stolen item by the USA.. All kinds of thing.

Like everybody else, i have opinions. All kinds of scenarios. They made me lose sleep. They gave me nightmares. In the end i concluded "F- it! I'm not gonna have opinions anymore. Even if i do, i cant bring back the darn plane" I've gotten my sleep back since taking that approach. Calmer and not so paranoid.

Now the biggest thing that's bothering me is that MY COUNTRY AND RELIGION ARE BEING ATTACKED.

They say we Muslims kill the 150+ Chinese onboard.

Our government is pathetic at handling the situation.

Malaysians are murderer.

Our government hides information.

We are terrorist.

We are liars.

All these Malaysia bashing by the people of China, its close-minded celebrity and the stupid CNN. 



I'm lost for words. 

These things are suppose to happen in movies, not to my country.

Oh Allah, please protect this country that i call home from harm. Please give us peace and keep us away from war and danger. Please help us unite and stand tall amidst trials. Please help our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world be strong in facing fitnah. Please give us the answer for the mystery of MH370. Please..

P/s: pray for Syria, Palestine and Egypt too. Life is too fragile nowadays.

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