April 5, 2014

In a Blink of an Eye

Just like that, my 3 months leave had passed.

April 1, 2014. I have officially returned to work, people!

2 weeks before returning to work, memang aku meroyan habis. Everyday membebel kat laki "how am i gonna leave Afif at homeeee? He needs meeee"

It was hard to return to work after 3 months of spending every minute with my baby. Suddenly those tiring moments of running after him, those bathroom visit with him dangling on my leg at the toilet bowl, those cheeky i-did-something-u'r-not-gonna-like smile.. They didn't matter. Coz the point is i watched my baby grow with my very two eyes. The satisfaction of  knowing he is well fed, he got enough attention, and he's happy. It's every mom's dream..

The doctor suggested my husband or i to stay at home and care for him full time as that's the best for Afif's hearing and speech development. At least until he can combine two meaningful words like "nak makan" or "naik kereta". Sampai umur dia 3 tahun camtu lah. 

Admittedly, we are still unsure of what to do. Do i take more leave or is it better if he takes the role of stay-at-home-dad by taking unpaid leave? Do i get a full-time maid to look after Afif at home where Wan could supervise? We're still figuring it out.

For now, i found a new babysitter for Afif. She cares for Afif and another girl aged 2. Hopefully he could have more attention compared to when he was with the last babysitter who has too many kids on her hands. We'll see his progress. If he progresses well, takyah la aku or husband amek cuti. If not, we'll think of something. Whatever's best for him. 

Afif's first day at the babysitter, a day before i return to work. My heart weeps everytime we left him there.

P/s: April 1 is also the first anniversary of me donning the hijab, alhamdulillah.
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