April 6, 2014

To Pack Up and Leave

As i'm typing this, i'm actually in the deepest shade of green with envy. It seems like lots of my friends are on vacation/bussiness trip all over the globe. Japan, Paris, Milan, Yangon, Krabi, Mabul, Kota Kinabalu, Melbourne..

And here i am. Dealing with work and water rationing.


I'm becoming restless. 

My heart is longing to pack up and board the next plane ANYWHERE.


I have always been a (self-proclaimed) traveller. I dont mind not having designer bags or shoes. Barang kemas tak banyak. Rumah pon tak cantik. Baju pon jarang bertukar (ok this one is not entirely true). 

But one thing i've always always made sure: i go travel. Paling kurang setahun sekali. Tak kisah la jauh ke dekat (tapi lagi jauh lagi best). Yang penting get out there. See new places and faces. Spend a bit of that hard earned money for a dose of the world. Embrace their culture. Just.. Be.

It's already April and we have no plans whatsoever to go anywhere. The biggest reason for that is, of course, money. We have to save up in case me OR my husband has to take more unpaid leave to look after Afif. And this time, if either of us take unpaid leave, it's gonna be for a long time as the goal is until Afif can talk.

Dah la kenduri kawen adik-adik aku bulan 6 ni. Takkan la akak diorang ni tak sponsor sikit pon kan?

So.. Yeah. 

Sabar je lah. At least for this year.

Bangkok and Pattaya. Our last trip with the in-laws in November 2013.

Tapi tetap berdoa supaya ada unexpected rezeki untuk melancong. 

1 comment on "To Pack Up and Leave"
  1. Hello Teefa. First time singgah ni. I pun sama macam you. Suka travel jugak tapi yela kalau duit berkepuk-kepuk, every month pun boleh. Tapi, apekan daya kan? Anyway, selamat berkenalan. Nak exchange link boleh? Let me know ye? ayuni-stories.blogspot.com


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